The eye patch

2449 Words

In the training spot behind the palace. 'What you’re up to? Jack…!!’ - King Kain *** Flashback *** At king Kain’s office. Jack screams and hits the desk Jack: Dammit, I did tell you about the possibility of that happening, I did!!! Jack (continues): Now, there’s no doubt that the emperor has known about him, and as a consequence, he’ll seek for him. The king Kain: For that reason, I brought him here in order to protect him. Jack: Come on, Kain, didn’t you say that he went with your son to Urloss city during the attack of Killos’ gang!? The king Kain: Well, that was unexpected….! Jack sighs Jack: Haaah! Kain, you know that we lost a lot in the previous war, 10 years ago, and believe me, I don't acknowledge winning that war, it’s the opposite, because without the intervening of th

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