Malignant fibers

2611 Words

Somewhere in Urloss city Hiro is standing next to some alley. Hiro: So, you’ve woken up. Leo holds his head. Leo: Aah… But… What happened… I mean, after I defeated that person, you guys were still fighting the hedgehog and… Hiro: Don’t worry, Leo… We’ve won. Hiro turns towards Leo. Hiro: After we ended the fight, you and Miles have used a lot of your powers, then both of you lost conciseness, so I had to bring you here, how do you feel now? Is your body okay? Leo: It’s all right, sorry though, you had to do all this by yourself. Hiro shows a light smile. Hiro: Heh, It’s okay. Leo: By the way, where’s Miles!? Hiro: He told me that he will go find the group of Milton while both of us head to the meeting spot. Leo: But, it’s dangerous to go alone!! Hiro: I tried to stop him but

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