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‘’Sir Ethan, what are we going to do!!?’’ ‘’Aaaaaaagh!!!’’ There are too many bodies of the swoax gang followers and the royal guards on the ground here and there. Only three guys were standing, Ethan with a royal guard while in front of them Gray who’s one of swoax gang. Gray launches a big hand made of smoke towards the royal guard. The smoke hand captures him. ‘’Deputy commander Ethan!!!’’ The hand throws the royal guard away. Gray: This is the end for you, Ethan the Swordsman. Ethan: Tsk! Gray launches the same attack… Suddenly! Joseph jumps above Ethan. Joseph: 《Water Magic》- The sea Fist Through his fist, Joseph launches a wave of water till Gray’s smoke hand has vanished. Gray: Hmmm… You… The ruler’s son… Ethan is surprised! Ethan: P-Prince Joseph!! Joseph: Yoo!! M

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