Mysterious magic

1614 Words

Zooe: Just give up, you won’t defeat me!! Leo: Heh… Heh… Heh… Shut up. Zooe: Okay then, brat, you’re strong, I admit it, so, I’ll fight you with all that I’ve got. 《Animal Skin Magic》- The hybrid monster Zooe’s body is changing. He has now the head of a rhinoceros, the left arm of a bear, the right arm of a tiger, the legs of a leopard, and an abdomen and chest of a gorilla, besides, in the back he has a long tail. Zooe: Haaah… This is my strongest form, and no one has lived after seeing it. Zooe grabs his ax. Zooe: Brat, let’s finish this. Leo: … In less than a second, Zooe rushed towards Leo speedily! ’Too fast!!’ - Leo Before Leo knew it, Zooe has become in front of him. Leo: Hah!? Zooe: That’s it, Haaaaaah!!! Zooe tried to strike Leo with the ax, but speedily, Leo has ju

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