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Somewhere in the city. Evan: Luna!! Luna: All right. 《Seeing Magic》… Luna sees through her hand. Luna: Evan, there, in that direction, there are two bad guys and a boy. Luna: Hurry up!! Evan, they may kill him!!! Evan: Okay, okay… Evan: Yeah, I can sense them. 《Mind control Magic》- Awareness exchange ‘’Get the hell out of our city, you filthy killers!!’’ ‘’Hahaha… Or what, haa?’’ ‘’Brother, let’s finish him and go join the others, it’s… Aaah… What the…’’ ‘’What happened to you brother? Does your head hurt or what?!!’’ ‘’Brother…!?’’ ‘’Aaah, nothing happened, don’t worry.’’ ‘’Phew! I thought that someone has attacked you or something like that, so brother, what do you think about… Hey, what are doing, hey…!!!’’ Luna: And? Evan: Don’t worry, that boy is safe now. Luna: Let

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