Killos appears

2240 Words

The Royal city The camera shows a scene with too many dead bodies of swoax gang followers. Quinn: Hmm, so, it has started. Lucas: Ah. Aeizo: Saï, do you think we should do this? Lucas: I heard that morons are always ignored. Quinn: Pffff!!! Quinn is laughing. Aeizo is upset. Aeizo: You…!!! Saï: Sophia, what do you think? Sophia is always closing her eyes. Sophia: I can feel… Many of them… In… That direction. Saï: All right, let’s go, and don’t worry Aeizo, we’re just having some fun, and don’t forget, do not use your magic. … The shelter where they heal injured people in the Royal city. ‘’HaHaHa! Here where they hide.’’ ‘’Let’s kill them all.’’ The royal guards are defending the entrance of the shelter. ‘’Defend this place with all what you’ve got!!’’ ‘’Don’t let them c

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