The fights begin

1630 Words

At this moment, that guy has turned the air into a red color, it was like a red storm that rushed towards Nixon. ‘’Hahahahaha, you’re so unlucky when you’ve chosen to face someone like me, I’m Ove, or as they call me; the red storm, I can increase the temperature of anything.’’ Ove (continues): You should’ve run when you had the chance because I'm about to heat you up. Then, the red storm has stopped. ... Ove: What the… Nixon is just standing there in front of Ove. Ove seems concerned. Ove: How-how can that be possible?! Nixon: | Defense law | - Air wall Ove: Defense law, what is this bullsh*t. 《Heat Magic》- Ultimate hell-storm The color of the air turned red, but this time, the storm was too powerful than the previous one. Ove: Hahaha, this attack is like the double of the pr

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