The Alpha King's Rebellious Queen

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**Book One of the Children of Fury Series.***

Jemma MacKenzie is the daughter of Phillip MacKenzie, Alpha of Zephyr Moon Pack, one of the largest and strongest packs in the kingdom. Jemma isn't the typical alpha's daughter. She curses and listens to heavy metal. She doesn't always obey her parents. Jemma also doesn't care about the notion of mates. So when she turns eighteen she chooses a mate resulting in a son. Three years later and her chosen mate has moved on and Jemma has to go to the mandatory Royal Mating Ball. What will she do when she discovers her fated mate?

Cassius Fury is the newly crowned king of the Werewolf Kingdom. He is a strong and fair ruler like his father before him. He has everything a king could need except for his queen. Now time is running out. He must find his mate and produce an heir before he turns 25 or his family will lose the crown. Which is in 6 months. At the Royal Mating Ball he meets his fated mate but she is not what he expected and everything he needed. He makes a nearly fatal mistake in their new relationship that almost costs him her love.

Will Jemma and Cassius get past his mistake? Will they survive the enemies in lurking in the background to take down Cassius and steal the crown?

***Story is rated 18++ explicit so it has s*x scenes and violence***

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First Shift
  Jemma's POV "I'm not wearing that," My arms were folded as I glared at my mother. She was holding up some awful pink dress she insisted I wear tonight. It was mine and my twin brother's sixteenth birthday. The night we would shift into our wolves the first time. My mother, Melinda, Luna of the Zephyr Moon Pack, was determined I looked like a proper alpha's daughter for once. I hate dresses or makeup. When all of the other alpha's daughters were learning how to be proper ladies, I was out training with the males. I had started training alongside my twin at the age of seven. I was able to kick the asses of almost every warrior in our pack. Zephyr Moon Pack is one of the strongest packs in the kingdom. My father, Alpha Phillip MacKenzie, is one of the most respected alphas. A close friend to the King. He once served in the King's personal guard. He saved the King's life and thus earned himself high status among the kingdom's united packs. His prowess on the battlefield was legendary. I wanted to be that. But daughters don't train. They stay home and learn to arrange flowers and put on makeup. Luckily, my father saw my potential as a warrior and indulged my desire. So here I was, a deadly warrior, and my mother was insisting I wear a dress. "Please, Jemma, just for once, indulge me." My mother pleaded with me. To say that I am a rebel is an understatement. I mostly wore black everything. Black jeans, black shirts, and black boots. I kept my blonde hair dyed black or sometimes purple. The only makeup I wore was my black or dark purple lipstick and black nail polish. "Why couldn't you get me a black or purple dress?" I whined. My mother sighed. "Because I am tired of seeing you in nothing but black." I rolled my eyes at my mother. Over the years, I had become hard to handle. Even my Alpha father had trouble getting me to obey. He said I was the reason his once black hair was now nearly white. I was always getting into trouble. "I pray to the Moon Goddess that your mate is patient." He would say to me. I didn't want a mate. Being an Alpha's daughter with strong alpha lines, I was most likely to be stuck with some asshole Alpha. I was too strong for any other male. But I didn't want to be controlled. I was not some prize to parade around at parties. Nor was I willing to pop out pup after pup. No, I wanted to train until I could prove myself to become one of the King's elite warriors. I wanted to fight for the kingdom and show them I was as good or even better than the males. 'That dress will make us look like fairies,' My wolf Leonora scoffed in my head. She was a rebellious spirit, just like me. She was as determined as I to become one of the King's finest warriors. "I'd wear the dress, Mom." My younger sister Tiffany said to our mother. She was every bit the proper Alpha daughter. Dressing in frilly little dresses and attending Luna training, where she learned flower arranging and planning silly parties. "It's Jemma and Iain's night. They need to look the part." My mother smiled at my sister. "Kiss ass," I mumbled to her. My mother slapped my arm. "What have I told you about your foul mouth Jemma?" "That I cuss like a drunk sailor." I sighed. She smiled. My mother, a beautiful woman. Long blonde hair and big blue eyes. She walks with elegance and grace. As pack Luna, she was well-loved. Fair-minded and gentle. Everyone is treated like family, even the omegas. "Please just wear the dress. It just for a couple of hours, Jemma. Then after you and your brother shift, you can wear whatever you want." I sighed. After our shift, my parents had to travel to the palace. The rest of the party would take place under the supervision of my father's beta Mark. Another highly respected warrior in the kingdom. His eldest son Jeremy was mine and my brother's best friend. The three of us get into a lot of trouble together. I looked into my mother's blue eyes. I knew the argument was lost. I was going to wear the frilly pink monstrosity for my mother. "Fine, I'll wear the stupid dress," I mumbled. My mother smiled and clapped her hands. "I knew you would. Now get dressed. I have to go check on the party arrangements." She kissed my cheek. "Tiffany, help your sister with her hair and makeup. No black." "Yes, Mom." My sister beamed as our mother left my bedroom. She put her hands on her hips. "Hurry up, Jem. You heard mom." I glared at her. "Shut up, Tiff," I said to my sister as I skulked my way into my bathroom to shower. I am covered in dirt from my earlier training session. The hot water felt good on my sore muscles. I had a few bruises from where my brother Iain landed punches. He was the only one who could match me in training. Being the future alpha, he had to train harder and longer than the others. This summer, he would be sent to the King's pack to train with the finest warriors. He would learn everything he needed to become a strong alpha. I was jealous because I was not allowed to go. There were female warriors in the kingdom but not female alphas. I was stuck doing regular training. I felt it stifled me. After my shower, I dried off with my towel and wrapped it around my body. I walked out of the bathroom. My sister Tiffany was sitting on my bed watching the Bachelor. "Must you watch that crap in my room?" "I missed the episode last night. I had to see who got kicked off." I walked into my large closet and glared at the ugly pink dress my mother insisted I wear. I dropped the towel and slowly put it on. It was a satin-like material with short sleeves and no back. The plunging neckline accentuated my ample breasts. It enhanced my tannish skin. I sighed and walked out of the closet. "Oh, wow, Jem. You almost look like a girl." My sister mocked me. She walked over to me and pointed to my vanity. I sat in a huff as she got to work. Then she curled and styled my long black hair. I scrolled through my phone while she did her magic. I had to admit my sister was adept at makeup. When she was done, I hardly recognized myself. Luckily she had kept the makeup to a minimum. The light pink eyeshadow made my violet-colored eyes pop. My hair was done up in a braid. "See, you look beautiful, Jem." My sister squeezed my shoulder. I took a deep breath. "Thank you, Tiff." My sister and I could not be more different. I was a gothy rebel while she was the proper cheerleader type. But I loved my sister. When no one was looking, I would often watch romantic comedies and Disney movies with her. "I have to go get dressed now." She smiled while walking out of my room. I stood up and looked at myself in my floor length mirror. Never thinking I was a vain person, I checked myself out in the mirror. Tall for a female, I stood nearly six feet. My body was well-toned and muscular like a warrior should be. I knew the males would be drooling over me. Even though I wasn't thin like the other females, I had to admit I was kind of hot. I walked over to my bed and sat down. I turned off the TV and turned on my stereo. Heavy metal poured out. I had to resist the urge to headbang. I would hate to ruin my sister's efforts on my hair. A knock on the door made me jump slightly. My father stood in the doorway. "Is that my Jemma?" He beamed as he walked in. My father is an intimidating male werewolf. He stood six foot six inches tall with large hulking muscles. He could make Hercules look like a weakling. He wore his finest Armani suit. His greying black hair was slicked back, and his green eyes sparkled at me. I sighed as I stood up. "Hi, Daddy." He stepped towards me with arms out. "Your mother has gone through a lot of trouble for your party tonight. The least you can do is behave." I had the resist the urge to roll my eyes. Despite my rebellious spirit. I respected my father. He is my idol. Even as one of the deadliest warriors in the kingdom, he still was a fair and just alpha. He hadn't allowed himself to succumb to greed and the thirst for power. Being a trusted friend of the King, he didn't need it. He had everything he needed. "I'll behave, Daddy." He moved his head to the music. He was the reason why I loved heavy metal. It annoyed my mother and sister to no end. They were into sucky pop music. "Is this new? I love it." My father asked. "Yeah, it's a band called Avatar." I smiled as we headbanged together. "Come on, Jemma." My mother said from the doorway. She was dressed in one of her finest dresses. White satin with gold trim. Her blonde hair was done up in a bun. "Phil, must you encourage her with this atrocious music." My mother, the only person besides the King that could order my father around. My father stopped the headbanging and smoothed out his suit. "Come on, Jemma." I sighed and turned off the music, and followed my parents out of my room. We walked through our large packhouse and to the ground floor where my twin brother was waiting. He stood nearly as tall as my father. He was wearing an Armani suit that matched our father's. His short black hair was slicked back, and his green eyes matched our father's. I was the only one in our family with violet eyes. My father said I inherited them from my grandmother. She, too, had been a fierce warrior that had been respected by the kingdom. Beside my brother stood Jeremy, my best friend. He was a hair shorter than my brother having blonde hair and blue eyes. I had to resist the urge to stare at him. His mouth fell open as I walked towards them. "Holy s**t Jemma." My brother narrowed his eyes. "What the hell, Jeremy? Are you drooling over Jemma?" "No, I'm not drooling." Jeremy shook his head. "I'm just shocked. It's been a long time since I saw Jemma in a dress." He explained. I laughed as I watched my childhood best friend check me out. He stopped at my chest. "Jerm. My eyes are up here." He smirked. "Sorry, Jem." His eyes tried leaving my breasts. "When did you get t**s?" My brother smacked the back of his head and growled. "Mention my sister's t**s one more time." Jeremy rolled his eyes and turned away from me. I just laughed as my mother approached us with my sister. TIffany was wearing a short purple dress. "Why do you get to wear purple?" I whined. My father, who had been talking to his Beta Mark, looked us over. He smiled at his mate and Luna. "You did a good job, my love." He kissed her on the lips. My siblings and I groaned as our parents deepened the kiss. My father smirked against my mother's lips while he wrapped his arms around her. "Come now, my children. If it weren't for this passion I have for my beautiful mate, none of you would be here." He and my mother parted. "Let us greet our pack." He held out his arm to my mother, and they lead us out of the foyer and outside to the large garden. A large tent was set up in the large garden. Balloons and flowers lined the walkway. The alpha family walked onto the stage. My mother stood beside my father while my siblings and I stood behind them. My father approached the podium. The pack quieted as he held up his hands. "Good evening, Zephyr Moon Pack." He spoke with confidence. "I am proud that you all came out to celebrate the sixteenth birthday of my eldest children." He beckoned my twin and me forward. "Iain Lance MacKenzie, your future alpha will make us all proud. And Jemma Skye MacKenzie, who will one day be one of the fiercest warriors in the kingdom." He turned to us and beamed. "The Moon Goddess blessed us the day you were born. You two will one day make this pack proud and the envy of the kingdom. I, as your father, could not be more proud of you both. Even if one of you caused my hair to become prematurely grey." He directed that comment at me, eliciting laughter from the pack. I rolled my eyes at him. "Really, Daddy?" I said quietly. He turned his attention back to the pack. "Now, let us celebrate. Your Luna, my beautiful mate, has prepared this elegant party. Let us rejoice." The pack cheered as my father lead my mother off the stage. My siblings and I walked off the stage. We mingled among the pack. "Wow, Jemma, you look great." My other best friend Lewis said to me. The son of the pack Delta. He was shaping up to be a fierce warrior himself. I smiled at my friend as we hugged. "Hands off, she's mine," Jeremy growled. I rolled my eyes and punched him in the arm. "I am no one's," I growled at him. Jeremy held up his hands. "Oh, come on, Jem. You don't feel a pull towards me?" Admittedly I was attracted to Jeremy. I have had a crush on him ever since I first noticed boys were not icky. "I feel the pull to kick your ass." He smiled as my brother walked over to us. "Why are you going to kick Jeremy's ass now, Jem?" "He's all stupid and possessive over me." "No, I'm not. I just don't think all of the guys should be hanging off of you." Lewis scoffed. "It was one hug, Jerm." He looked at me. "Right, Jem?" I nodded. "Right, Lew." I held out a hand to Lewis. "Let's go eat." He grabbed my hand and escorted me to the elaborate buffet. I stuck my tongue out at Jeremy as we walked away. I groaned as pop music played over the speakers. "I asked the mother to at least play classic rock. Why does she think I would like Taylor Swift?" Lewis laughed. "I'm surprised you know this is Taylor Swift." "Well, Tiff is always listening to it." "I bet you know all the lyrics," Lewis teased. "No," I exclaimed. He laughed as we grabbed plates. "I know you and Tiff watch rom-coms with my sisters." He referred to his younger sisters Rachel and Ashley, who were Tiffany's friends. When I was feeling girly urges, I indulged them and played feminine for a few hours. The truth was I loved everyone in my pack. Well, almost everyone. "Who told?" I fake scowled. He shrugged. "I heard." I piled meat and potatoes on my plate. My mother knew how to throw a party. She picked only the best caterers. Nothing was too good for her precious children. I glanced over at my brother as the pack slut Roselind hung on his side. She was pawing his chest through the suit, and my brother was letting her. She and her two minions Lillian and Fiona were the only pack member I wouldn't mind seeing ripped apart by rogues. Rosalind was always trying to get into my brother's pants. She would go around telling everyone that she was the future Luna. I knew my brother only used her for s*x. I looked at Lewis. "I don't know what my brother sees in that skank." "She is good at blow jobs," Jeremy interjected from my other side. "Ew. I don't want to hear that, Jerm." He shrugged. "I only heard that. I haven't experienced it. I wouldn't let her touch my dick." We walked to one of the decorated tables where my sister Tiffany and her friends were sitting. They were dancing to the music. The guys and I sat with them. "Hey, Jem." My sister smirked at me. "Don't you just love this song." I rolled my eyes. "Eat your food, Tiff." She laughed. Jeremy leaned towards me. "I talked the DJ into playing some Slayer later." My eyes lit up. "Really?" "Just one song, though." "Dead Skin Mask?" I smiled. That was one of my favorite songs. I knew my mother would be angry to hear that during her elegant shindig. But it was my birthday. I should get to hear at least one song I liked. I know my brother Iain wasn't a fan of pop music either. Jeremy shrugged. "He wouldn't say." I bit into a piece of meat as my brother and his slut brigade walked over to us. There was only room for him at the table. Rosalind pointed at Tiffany's friends. "You two move so we can sit with Iain." Iain sat down beside us with a plate of food. "They were here first, Ros," I said to the slut. She was dressed in the tightest red dress. It left very little to the imagination. "No one asked you, Jem." She sneered. She looked at my brother with pleading eyes. It made me gag. "Iain, tell them to move so we can sit." My brother shrugged. "They were here first, Roz. I'll catch up with you later." Rosalind scoffed loudly. "Fine, baby." She flipped her hair and stormed away with her minions close behind. I laughed loudly with Jeremy and Lewis. We ate the rest of our food. The DJ came over to the microphone. "This next song goes out to birthday girl, Jemma. Sorry, Luna. Please don't fire me." Then my favorite song Dead SKin Mask started, I squealed and hugged Jeremy. We began to headbang as we heard groans from the pack. My father stood off to the side of the dance floor with a smirk while my mother fumed. I could see my father say something to her. I was glad I got to hear at least one song I liked. My father threw up metal horns when I glanced at him. After the song was over, I felt energized to dance to the other old songs the DJ played. I was laughing and having a good time with Jeremy and Lewis. Then my father was at the podium. It was getting late. The moon would rise soon, and I could feel my wolf getting ready to show herself to the world. "Okay, my pack. It's almost time for my twins' first shift. Let's cut the cake first." An hour later, my brother and I lead the pack towards the woods. I was starting to feel feverish as the moon rose and revealed herself in all her glory. We reached a clearing illuminated by the moon's silvery rays. It was like the Moon Goddess herself was about to witness my brother and I's first shift. 'Are you ready for this, Jemma?' Leonora asked in my mind. 'More than ready.' I responded to her. I knew that Leonora was no ordinary wolf. I felt her strength and power. She was an alpha wolf. Curtains had been set up on opposite sides of the clearing so my brother and I could take off our clothes for the shift out of the view of the pack. My mother leads me to my side. She had tears in her eyes. "I can't believe my baby girl is about to have her first shift." I hugged her. "It's okay, Mom." "I know, baby girl. I just remember the first time I held you and Iain. My perfect little pups. You both have made us proud to be your parents." She smiled. "I love you too, Mom." I felt my skin burn as my muscles ached. "Deep breathes, baby." My mother encouraged as she backed away slightly. I screamed as my body began to change. I could hear my brother screaming from his side of the field. Our father was beside him. My bones began to crack and break. My skin felt like it was peeling away as my body transformed. "Don't be afraid to scream, Jemma." I barely heard my mother saying to me. I let out a scream as my hands turned into paws. I panted for a moment before opening my eyes. My mother was staring at me with tears streaming down her cheeks. "Oh my goddess, Jemma. You are a white wolf." She held up a mirror, and I saw my pure white fur. I knew white wolves were rare. My paternal grandmother had been one. They were highly sought after for their strength and power. I was a little startled to see my violet eyes looking out from the face of this wolf. We stepped out from behind the curtain and the pack gasped. My brother was beside me in a pure black wolf. His green eyes looked me over as my father stood before us. He gasped at me. "You look like your grandmother." He said to me. "I knew you had power." He smiled proudly and turned to the gathered pack. "Let us run." I looked at my brother. We stood shoulder to shoulder, him being a few inches taller. But we both had large hulking wolves. Worthy of our alpha blood. 'You look magnificent, sis.' He said through our link. 'You don't look so bad yourself, brother.' I replied to him. Our parents had shifted into their wolves. My father's black wolf and our mother's blond wolf stood side by side. 'Are you ready to run, my children?' He said to us through the mind link. We nodded, and he let out an alpha howl as we followed suit. The pack joined as our howls echoed through the woods. 'Lead the way, Iain.' My father said to my brother. My brother's black wolf took off, and I followed the rest of the pack fell in behind us. We circled our large territory. The wind blew through our fur. The ground felt nice on my paws. As we finished our first lap around the territory, I began to feel fatigued. Though a strong warrior, the first shift took a lot out of a wolf. We reached the clearing and stood before our parents. We were all still in wolf form while our parents were back in human form. They stood in front of us, hand in hand. "My children, I could not be more filled with pride than I am now. Enjoy the rest of your evening. I wish your mother and I could stay, but we have an important meeting with the King and Queen. So we must depart now. Be good for Beta Mark." He directed his gaze at me. He stepped forward and hugged our furry necks. My mother kissed my wolf on her nose. "Happy Birthday, my beautiful daughter." She stepped towards my brother and kissed his wolf on the nose. "Happy Birthday, my handsome son." She smiled. "Now, go, get dressed." She ordered. My brother and I stepped behind the curtains on either side of the clearing. I let out a whimper as I shifted back into human form. I panted on the ground and was relieved to see my favorite Slayer shirt along with a pair of my black shorts sitting on a chair. "Thank you, mom," I whispered as I pulled my clothes on. Thankful to be wearing something comfortable. I pulled on my boots and stepped out of the curtain. My brother was waiting for me. Now dressed in a blue button-up shirt and jeans. He smiled at me. "Ready to party till the sun comes up, sis." I linked my arm with his. "Hell yeah." Hours into the party, we were finally rocking out to good music. I was with Lewis and Jeremy. We were attempting to start a mosh pit, much to the chagrin of other pack members. "They don't know how to live," I shouted at Jeremy. "I know!" He shouted back. I felt his eyes on me all night. It was like he saw me in a different light. But I, too, saw him in a new light. He had grown into a fine man. After another metal song, the DJ put on some pop songs. I was famished. "Let's get something to drink," I said to him. We walked over to the refreshment table and grabbed punch and cookies. We sat off to the side of the dance floor on a bench. A cool breeze made me shiver, and an arm snaked around my shoulders. "What are you doing?" I said to Jeremy. I felt comforted by his touch. "You looked cold." He started to pull his arm away. I stopped him. "Oh." I smiled at him. We were looking into each other's eyes. "Your wolf is the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen. Your fur glowed in the moonlight like the goddess herself blessed you." My wolf purred in my head. "Thank you." We stared into each other's eyes for a moment. I felt something stir in my heart. Was he my fated mate? I would not know who my mate was until I turned eighteen. Even though I didn't want a mate, I secretly hoped it was Jeremy. I had always felt a pull to him. We leaned towards each other. I closed my eyes as I felt his breath against my cheek. Was this my first kiss? I opened my eyes to see him lingering inches from me. I wrapped my arm around his neck and pulled him towards me. Our lips met, and the world stopped. My eyes flew opened as we lingered there for what seemed like minutes. His blue eyes peered into mine. "Do you feel that too?" I whispered. "Yes." He replied as I peered into his blue eyes. I felt I wanted to be with Jeremy even though he wasn't my mate.  I felt a connection to him.  "Do you feel a connection because I feel it too?"     He smiled at me.  "I feel it too.  Perhaps we are mates."         "But we won't feel it for two more years."  I said to him.     "I want to be with you whether we are or not Jemma.  But I don't want to do anything with you until then.  Let's just go steady."  Jeremy explained.       "I nodded.  I like that plan.  Then the night I turn eighteen I'll spend it with you." **Author's Note: I had to change the end of this chapter because  underage s*x isn't allowed even when consensual. So the next chapter is time skipped 2 years to when Jemma is18.  It hasn't reflected the changes on the app yet so it maybe confusing. Its changed on the pc site. I am also working on changing all of the ages around.

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