Her Forbidden Human Mate

one-night stand

"Our mate is perfect," her wolf, told her.

Tessa froze. A human mate? This was why she had needed Rowan so badly last night?

But wolves didn't have human mates. It would never be accepted.

"Yes, he is, but I can't have him. Not a human."


As a hybrid between a wolf and a vampire, Tessa had almost given up on finding her mate.

Unexpectedly, the moon goddess seemed to have played a joke on her. One night when she goes to the human world to let off some steam with her best friend Ellie, Tessa felt a strong pull to a certain handsome young man.

In the throws of passion Tessa marked him, a human!

What had she done?!

Tessa and Rowan's worlds are about to get real complicated, real fast.

Tessa's pack experiences hell on Earth when an old enemy rears its ugly head, and Tessa is thrown in the middle of it.

She realizes just how powerful love can be when Rowan's life is threatened....more than once.

These two lovers are about to uncover so many lies about who they really are. Can they make it through together, in one piece?

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Chapter 1: Night out
(Tessa's POV) I tossed my hair over my shoulder as Ellie and I headed into the bar. Ellie squealed in excitement as she held my pinky in her own, pulling me along through the entrance. The beat of the music could be felt in our bones as our senses were more enhanced than those of the human patrons. We saddled up to the bar. I scanned the mass of people, watching as many vibed to the music. Ellie pushed a very fruity, delicious looking drink into my hand. "Cheers!" Ellie said, her curly, blonde hair bouncing as she grinned. Our glasses clinked together. "How do the choices look this evening?" Ellie said as she sipped. Ellie was referring to the choices of bachelors in the bar that we could have fun with tonight. Ellie was always more bold and adventurous than me, which is why we were such good friends. Ellie pushed me out of my comfort zone, while I reeled Ellie back into safety. "Ummm, some might-," I started to reply. "Mmmh I see my chance, here, put down my drink for me," Ellie said as she disappeared into the crowd towards a man that was nearly twice her height. I rolled my eyes as I placed the glass on the bar beside me. I grinned, shaking my head. I envied Ellie's confidence. I would've given anything to find my fated mates, Ellie wanted nothing to do with a mate. She said settling down sounded boring. But I just knew that when Ellie found her fated one, she would fall head over heels just like everyone else though. It was said to be a bond so strong that it brought even the toughest to their knees. That is how my mother had described it to me when she found my father. But I was losing hope. Our pack was far from the neighboring packs so it wasn't often new males came through and we didn't have enough resources to travel. I had been so excited to turn 18. I had never dated. I wanted no one else but my mate. But when my birthday came, nothing happened. No magic, no cupid, no story book ending. I faked my congratulations as I watched others find their mates and fall madly in love. I envied the dreamy look in their eyes. The bond looked so beautiful. So many of my friends found their mates in the young men of our pack, men we had grown up with. Ellie was tired of seeing me moping so she would drag me out here to the human city to prey on the cute human men. And every time Ellie would have a blast and I would sip on my drink and watch everyone have fun. Tonight was no different. I was lost in my own thoughts when I felt someone bump into my shoulder. It made me jump from the sensation. Not because it was painful, but because it gave me a tingle. "So sorry, " said the man who was responsible for the touch. I felt my heart skip a beat when I heard his voice. My wolf, my other half, rose to just below the surface. I looked to see a man with the most gorgeous grey blue eyes I had ever seen. His dirty blonde hair was swept back but some had fallen slightly over his eye. My wolf was tugging at me. She was purring. 'Mate,' she cried. 'He's our mate!" I felt my breath hitch. I had just come here to have fun and get my mind off being so hopeless... was this really happening.... here of all places?! "It's ok," I answered, tucking a stray piece of my auburn hair behind my ear. He leaned on the bar on his elbow and grinned at me. "You wanna dance?" he suggested, extending his hand to me. I could barely speak. I had waited for this moment for 4 years .... but something wasn't right, 'He has..... no wolf,' I said to Dez, my wolf inside me. She didn't care, dismissing my confusion, 'Mate!' she repeated dreamily. He had asked me a question.... right....I was busy staring at his eyes, his lips. I didn't dance. It wasn't my forte but I had to be near him. So I nodded, unable to even form words. He took my hand and I thought my heart would explode from his touch. I let him lead me to a spot on the floor and he asked permission to put his hands on my waist, "May I?" I nodded again. I felt my cheeks blush as he smiled at me. He leaned close to my ear and said, "I'm Rowan." I felt goosebumps as his breath touched my skin. My wolf echoed his name in my head with satisfaction. The music was pumping, which usually overwhelmed my senses but at this moment all my senses were on the man before me. "Tessa," I replied to him, feeling as if I was yelling due to the music. I allowed my hips to sway, brushing against him. "Have we met before?" Rowan asked, as his hands caressed my hips. "You seem familiar to me." I was tingling with every touch of his hands. "I don't think so," I responded. "I would remember meeting someone as handsome as you." I blushed after I blurted that out. How was he so calm and cool right now? From what I'd seen the men were just as affected by the bond as the women but he had such control. I wanted to put my hands all over him, touch every piece of him. I gently touched Rowan's face. His breath hitched when my fingers caressed him. Was he finally cracking from the euphoria of the bond? His lips had parted slightly. I desperately wanted to kiss him but before I could act on it I felt Ellie grab on to my arm, "Who do we have here?" she teased as she eyed Rowan up and down. My wolf flared with possessiveness at Ellie ogling our mate and I glared at her. "Come with me, I need to go to the restroom," Ellie nagged pulling me away from Rowan. I looked back to him quickly, I didn't want to lose him. I felt his fingers lose my hand as Ellie dragged me away. My wolf whined as we lost Rowan in the crowd. I kept looking back trying to keep him in my sights but the bar was so crowded that people obscured my view quickly. I angrily ripped my hand out of Ellie's grasp when we landed in the line for the bathroom. "How could you do that?!" I snapped at her balling my hands into fists at my side. Ellie looked at me with confusion, "Do what? Tess why are you so upset with me?" "I found him! My mate! And you just made me lose him!" I snapped. Ellie's eyes went wide and she scrunched her brows hesitantly, "But I don't sense any wolves here..... how could you ...." "I don't know," I said exasperated. "I can't sense his wolf either but I know he's my mate. My wolf is certain." "We gotta go find him!" she agreed. El helped me search the crowd. It felt impossible to find him in the sea of people. I started to lose hope when a sweet scent filled my nose. I turned around to find Rowan behind me, about to tap me. He pulled his hand back and smiled shyly. My heart gushed with how cute he looked. "I was hoping I'd find you again," he said as he reached for my hand. "I was hoping I could get your number," Rowan asked. Ellie gave my hand a squeeze before she left us alone. I was a little taken aback that he wanted my number. We didn't use our phones much in the pack because we had our mind link. It allowed us to communicate telepathically with pack members. Maybe it was because he wasn't part of my pack? Could my mate not mind link me then? He handed me his phone and I sent a text to myself so he'd have my number. When I handed it back to him he leaned toward me. I felt goosebumps in the best way with his lips so close to my ear, "Can we finish that dance?" I was nearly in a trance as I let him lead me away. He placed his hands on my hips. Every touch of even his finger tips on my skin lit me up. Before I knew it, we were very close and his lips brushed mine. He pulled back slightly to gauge my reaction. My wolf practically screamed at me to return his kiss. I met his lips with anticipation. Rowan caressed my lower back as he deepened the kiss. I felt him playfully tug on my lower lip. My body was shot with pleasurable tingles all over. He pulled back slightly, catching his breath but I possessively pulled him closer to me. I had waited 4 years to find my mate, I wasn't about to let him go now.

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