The Chaotic Configuration -Book 3 in The Chaos Chronicles

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The battle for the Mortal Realm has been won, but the war has just begun! The Starlight Barrier has been broken by the Empress of Chaos, and she is now wants to consume all of existence.

Jamie, the reincarnation of the Moon Child, has her battles to worry about. One of her fated mates has been taken by the forces of Chaos, and Jamie will do anything to get him back!

Jamie must now travel to the Realm of Chaos and find the mysterious chaotic configuration. On the way, Jamie makes new friends, learns new powers and makes new enemies.

Can Jamie fulfil her destiny and bring balance to the forces of Chaos and Light? Jamie is unsure, but she knows she is not going down without a fight!

The first two books in the series are completed and free on my page. They are:

Book 1: His Only Reward!

Book 2: The Chaos Wars

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Chapter 1: Nachzehrer
“Princess, please shift back to a human.........it is hard to talk to Porcupine! You know I am sorry, please eat something!” Richard said in a pleading voice. Jamie, who had shapeshifted into a white porcupine, bristled and turned her face to the wall. Richard did not have to have wild magic to know that this was a signal to go away. Richard ignored the signal and took a step closer. “Look, Love, I know you are angry but I had to do it. I have to protect you!” Richard said frustrated. The porcupine’s teeth started to chatter and her quills started to stand upright. “At least she is listening today!” Among remarked via mind link “Richard, I think you should get out of there!” Edward advised. But it was too late, Jamie unceremoniously lifted her tail and squirted a foul-smelling liquid over Richard. “I am not changing my mind, so you better get used to being in here!” Richard snapped as he stumped through two magical barriers and walked out of the room. Edward sighed and said, “Jamie, come on!  You know he has no choice!” “There is always a choice!” Fluff retorted as he shimmered next to Jamie. Jamie nuzzled him and was careful not to prick him with her quills.  “Hey, who's side are you on?” Edward snapped. “Isn't it obvious? It is hers and always will be!” Fluff said as he licked Jamie’s small, wet, porcupine nose. It was obvious to Fluff that Jamie had been crying and he didn't blame her. =================================== The Previous Day “Oh my God! Don't stop, please!” Jamie moaned. It had been a month since they defeated Raoul's hybrid army and the starlight barrier-breaking. This had resulted in the three of them being separated. Jamie had led a strike force to hunt and kill any dangerous immortal creatures. Eric had been using all his skills to locate Navinder and the last of Thule’s forces and Richard had been playing messenger between the realms of mortals and Gods. It had been a very long three weeks and Jamie was fully intending to make good use of their time together. Currently, she was on all fours on her bed in the Cat’s Claw Tavern. Jamie was happy to be home, but she was not thinking about that at this moment. Her first mate, Eric, who was mortal and the King of the Rogues was taking her from behind.  “Never, Darling!” Eric said as he continued to pound her sencelessy.  “Richard, come here!” Jamie ordered her other mate.  Richard smiled as he walked over to his mate. Richard was a hybrid demon and an ex-general of the chaos army. He met his fated mate, Celeste who was the child of the sun and moon deity, two thousand years ago. The Empress of Chaos had cursed Celeste to live the six sorrows of the mortal. This meant that Celeste soul was sent to the void and eventually reincarnated as Jamie. Jamie pulled Richard closer and started to gently lick his c**k. “Oh, yes!” Richard moaned as he felt her soft lips. He had missed her and he had missed this!  “Jamie, I am coming! I am..” Eric shouted and Jamie felt his seed being pumped into her making her come hard. Eric pounded her a couple more times before smacking her arse before withdrawing and laying on the bed. “It is your turn!” Jamie said with a smile. Richard growled and pulled her down the bed before flipping her over. He spread her legs and entered her moaning.  “So, wet!” Richard moaned and he began to thrust slowly. He wanted to savour every moment with his fated mate.  “Richard!” Jamie moaned. Richard going so slowly was driving her insane! “Are you going to leave him like that?” Richard asked, not stopping his rhythmic motion. Jamie smiled and said, “How rude of me!” As she pulled Eric down slightly and quickly slipped Eric’s c**k into her mouth. Eric gasped as she started to lick and suck his c**k. “That’s it, Sweetheart!” Richard purred as he could feel Jamie’s body tightening around him. Jamie came a couple more times before he climaxed.  The three of laid together on the large bed. The three of them were sweaty, naked and completely satisfied. “I missed you both so much!” Jamie murmured as she felt herself falling asleep. “And we missed you Fire Sprite!” Eric said happily. “I am so happy!” Jamie admitted before she went into a deep sleep. Richard chuckled as he put a blanket over him before saying “You are not the only one who is happy Princess!” “Indeed not!” Eric said with a smirk. ====================================== Later that night, Eric woke up feeling thirsty. Eric looked over and noticed that Richard and Jamie were still fast asleep. Not wanting to wake them, he quietly walked out and made his way down to the cellar. Eric had a bottle of cider he had been saving and could not resist after spending weeks with terrible ale. Eric was busy getting it from his hiding place when he heard footsteps behind him. The hair on the back of his neck stood up. Sensing danger Eric turned and saw a beautiful woman a few steps away from him. The woman had long black glossy hair, soft red lips and green eyes. “Can I help you? You are not supposed to be down here!” Eric said frowning. The rules were very clear at The Cat’s Claw - no one was allowed behind the bar or in the cellar apart from staff. “Now where is the fun in that?” The woman purred as she smiled seductively and moved a step closer. Eric took a step back and put saying “I am sorry, but I am married and I am really not interested!” “This woman is nothing compared to my Fire Sprite!” Eric thought. “Oh, but I am interested in you. In fact, many people are Eric, King of the Rogues!” The woman said as she fluttered her lashes. The woman placed a suggestive hand on Eric’s forearm and shrieked as her hand started to burn. Eric felt his protective runes on his mate mark tingle as they were activated. Eric’s rogue’s eyes suddenly saw the woman’s true form.  “You're a Nachzehrer!” Eric hissed calling his power.  Nachzehrer were rare creatures that were a mixture of a vampire and a ghoul. The Nachzehrer skin was deathly white, her hair was dark green and her eyes were blood red along with her lips. Her ears were large and bat-like whilst her nails were long and yellow. Her fangs protruded from her mouth as she smiled. The stench of death suddenly filled the cellar. “This could have been easy for you! But, I must say I much prefer this way!” The Nachzehrer said happily. Eric threw an energy ball at the Nachzehrer, but she was too quick. She stepped sideways and rushed to attack with inhuman speed. Eric did not stand a chance as the Nachzehrer pinned him by the neck against the wall. “How pathetic! How can you be the Moonchild’s mate?” The Nachzehrere sneered. “Jamie will kill you! Wherever you, she will find you!” Eric snapped. “Oh, that is what I am counting on! She is weak and will try to rescue you!” Nachzehrer said. “No!” Eric gasped trying to madly mindlink Jamie and Richard for help. “It is too late for that!” The Nachzehrer said as she bit her wrist. She sucked the black blood that was pouring out and kissed Eric. Eric choked as he felt the acrid blood pour down his throat. He gasped and want to vomit. Satisfied with her work, the Nachzehrer cast a spell and Eric found himself in a cell. Eric’s ears were assaulted with cries of anguish, despair and pain. “Welcome to Kyronus!” The Nachzehrer said with a smirk. 

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