i***t and Shameless

1464 Words

As we waited for Aya and Satsuki to arrive at the clubroom since they decided to just gather here again before I walked them to their bus stop, I spent those few minutes just being intimate with Kana and Rae. Spoiling them to the point that if Ishida-senpai returned at that moment, she’d surely nag at us again because of how we made the clubroom into a love nest. Well, at first, we’re already satisfied with only kisses. But as seconds passed, with our hands exploring each other’s bodies, the two girls soon drowned in pleasure. In the end, I had them sit on the table while I took care of them at the same time while I made use of my skills to bring them to the peak of pleasure. Rae, like Nami earlier, had me rub it on her sacred place, desiring to feel my length on her and c****x through

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