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For those of you that haven't read my books before, they are known to get wild and more times than not end in a cliffhanger. You've been warned!


When my father, former alpha of the Silver Moon pack, chose me as the next leader of our pack, I knew exactly what I’d be up against. A whole world of judgement. But that’s what happens when you become the first alpha female to lead such a powerful pack.

I was more than ready to show all those sexist alphas how worthy I was of my position. But I never imagined that I’d meet my mate the same day I attended my first alpha meeting. My mate, Alejandro Blackstone, was the alpha of the strongest and most powerful pack in the country.

Now I struggle to fight every part of my body from giving into the bond and submitting to him. Because I do want to give into the bond, but not at the cost of my title. I can’t give up everything to become his luna. Not when I had fought so hard to become the respected Alpha Reina Stone. Not when this was my destiny. How can I lead the way I was meant to when my mate wants me to submit to him like every other male in our world?

When weird attacks start to happen in different packs around the country, decisions must be made. Decisions that will test us as alphas and as mates. Will our bond survive everything that is thrown our way when I refuse to be marked, knowing we would both be at our strongest?


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01 | It’s A Date
*Alejandro* “What the hell, man?” Apollo, my beta and best friend, yelled at me, making me roll of the floor laughing. We had been training for four hours and when he started begging for us to take a break, I swung hard towards his shoulder. He may have a dislocated shoulder now, since I was an alpha and about three times stronger than your typical alpha. “Stop acting like a girl. That was one of the weakest punches I’ve ever hit you with,” I replied, rolling my eyes at him as I tried to hide my smirk. “Get the fūck out! You know you can’t use your full strength on the rest of us,” he grumbled as he grabbed an ice pack from a nearby fridge. We kept fridges in the training rooms and gyms for this same reason. We may or may not go through hundreds of ice packs a day. “Fine. If you want to fight like a girl, be my guest,” I told him with a raised eyebrow. What a weakling. I chuckled internally, not wanting to hurt his feelings because he could be emotional when he was tired. “Whatever. Let’s go for lunch. I’m not at my strongest when I’m hungry,” he huffed back with annoyance. “Bullshīt. But anyway. Race you there?” I asked him with a smile, itching for some more competition. “Nahhh—” he began saying, but stopped right before darting out of the training room. That little fūcker always did the same shīt, but I still always beat his ass. It’s fine though, since he’ll most definitely need that head start. *** “What are you guys, five years old?” Emily, my baby sister, asked as Apollo and I jogged into the dining room shoving at each other in the process. “Come here, Em’, I have to tell you something,” I snickered as I walked towards her with my arms wide open. “You will not give me one of your nasty, sweaty hugs!” she squealed before running out of the dining room. Apollo and I busted out laughing as we walked towards the table reserved for higher-ranking pack members. As soon as we sat down, my dad cleared his throat. Oh, here we go. “Boys,” he began stating with a sigh before he added, “It’s a good thing you both have been training nonstop because the Midnight Shadow pack was attacked early this morning.” “What? Shīt. These attacks are getting way too close.” Apollo commented with his brows furrowed. “You need to go pay them a visit and see what we can help them with. I know you don’t want to take the alpha role fully until you have a luna, but the pack needs your mother and me,” my dad informed me as he grabbed my mom’s hand and kissed it. I love seeing how affectionate they were. It makes me crave for a mate even more. I can’t wait to find her and treat her like my queen. “After that, remember, Honey, that we need him to go to the alpha meeting and build or rebuild new alliances.” My mom added with a loving smile. Out of all the things an alpha does, that was the one that annoyed me the most. I would have to attend these hours long meetings with a whole bunch of males that thought they were better than the next. And goddess forbid that one had a conflict with another. “Yes, my love. I’m sure the topic of discussion will be the recent attacks anyway.” Dad told her, his eyes sparkling with adoration for her. “Can we talk about this after lunch? I don’t want to lose my appetite.” I teased them before rolling my eyes. “ALEJANDRO BLACKSTONE WHEN WILL YOU MATURE?” My dad mind linked me before he squinted at me. Goddess, at least he didn’t embarrass me this time by yelling in front of the pack members, not that there were many around us. “Fine, Dad. Can I please eat though?” As soon as I mind linked him, an omega walked up with a plate of meaty lasagna for Apollo and me. Yum. I licked my lips as I impatiently waited for the plate to be set in front of me before immediately digging right in. *Reina* “Hey, Winter, Summer. I need you girls in my office in one hour please,” I informed my cousins via mind link. “Hey, beautiful,” Xander purred as he walked into my office without knocking. He was so lucky he was my boyfriend. No one was allowed to walk into my office without being allowed to except for my immediate family. “Hey,” I replied as I looked through the documents on my desk. “You look so tense, babe,” he commented as he walked behind my chair and started massaging my shoulders. It started off gentle, but next thing I knew, he was kissing and sucking on my neck. And that was why I kept him around. He was so good with his hands… and his mouth. “Yeah,” I replied with a soft moan as his hand slipped inside my dress and bra. He started pinching and rubbing my nīpples instantly, making me forget my name for a moment. “How does that feel, babe?” he asked me as he moved his lips up my neck before he pulled me to stand up. He pushed me over my desk, spread my legs apart and lifted up my dress over my ass cheeks. I loved it when he was rough with me. It made me forget that I was stronger than him. “Fūck, I love it when you don’t wear any underwear,” he growled lowly in my ear, making my body shiver with anticipation. I heard him spit on his hand before he started rubbing my clīt, forcing my eyes to roll back with pleasure. “I have a meeting in a few minutes. H-hurry up and fūck me-e.” I ordered him in between heavy pants. “My pleasure,” he grunted right before I felt him enter me. “Fūck, babe.” “Fūck me harder, Xander!” I begged him, my hands curling over the desk. “You like that, babe?” He asked before he kissed me on my neck, licking and biting it to his heart’s desire. The harder he fūcked me, the more the desk scraped against the hard wood floor. “Yeah!” I moaned louder as I felt myself reaching my peak and felt his cōck twitch inside of me, meaning he was about to come too. “Fūck, babe, I love you,” he groaned in my ear before tugging it between his lips, making me freeze. I felt so bad for him whenever he declared his love for me. To me, he was my boyfriend and good company, but I didn’t love him. I was waiting to meet my mate, and Xander was a good scratch while I waited. But if I didn’t find my mate before I turned twenty-three, then we would discuss formalizing our relationship. Of course, he knew this too, but he still vocalized his love for me constantly. I pushed harder against his now sloppy thrusting as I curled my arm behind my head before tugging on his black hair to get him to finish me off. He gave a few struggled thrusts, getting me to the point I was so desperate to reach. He continued drilling into me for a few more seconds before he finally pulled out of me, our come dripping right out of my hole at the sudden emptiness. “Shīt, babe. That felt so good. Let me go get something to clean you up with,” he sighed before he pulled his pants back up. I glared at him as he walked to the adjoining bathroom to grab some wipes. “You know I hate it when you don’t use a condom.” “Sorry. I couldn’t wait to have you,” he replied in a whisper as soon as he was at my side again. He leaned over my body with a sheepish smile as he cleaned me up before I fixed my dress and sat back down on my desk. Now that I was somewhat satisfied and less stressed, I could get back to work. As I was grabbing the papers on my desk again, I heard a soft knock. “Come in!” I shouted at whoever was at the door, most likely my cousins. “I have border patrol in a few. I’ll catch you after dinner, babe,” Xander said as he leaned in to kiss me while my cousins’ scents reached me when they entered my office. As soon as he straightened up again, he nodded at them before walking away. I unashamedly stared at his butt as he left because I loved me some ass. “You definitely have a thing with men’s ass,” Winter stated with a laugh as she flopped down on the chair in front of me. “You girls need to keep it in your pants,” Summer mumbled before sitting down on the chair next to her sister. “And you should try getting laid before you turn into the next 40-year-old virgin.” I replied to her with a smirk, making her roll her eyes while her sister just sat there laughing at us. “Anyway,” Winter straightened up as she put her game face on. “What’s this meeting about?” “So, the next alpha meeting is coming up. Apparently, they pushed it forward because of the attack on the Midnight Shadow pack. I already spoke to Mom and Dad to cover for me here at the pack house. I would like you two to come with me to this meeting and we can even hit a few bars and clubs before and after the meeting. We’ve worked hard this year and haven’t had time for ourselves. Especially you Summer,” I teased her some more, forcing a scoff out of her. “Even though you are my gamma, you don’t always have to be so serious. You need a nice, juicy…” “Don’t you dare finish that,” she interrupted me with an exaggerated gagging sound, making Winter and I bust out laughing again. Goddess, I loved them. “I will go as your gamma to protect you and supervise that my alpha and beta don’t get into trouble.” She added with a glare towards us. “Great! We leave tomorrow. The meeting is two days from now, but since I’m thinking of taking Xander, I want to leave before. I feel bad that we can’t have a normal relationship and I feel even worse that he is putting in so much effort…” “Can I tell Oliver too? We can make it into a date,” Winter asked me as she wiggled her brows. “Sure.. a date,” Summer and I stated at the same time before staring at each other in shock and laughing again. “Don’t worry, Summer. We can get one of the other warriors to do you the favor too.” Winter teased her. “No, thanks. I’m good. I’m waiting for my mate, unlike some people,” she told us, squinting her eyes again while Winter and I rolled our eyes at her. I really don’t know how she does it. I’ve always asked her what would happen if she didn’t find him for years, but she never gave into the peer pressure. I mean, good for her… “Well, get ready because we are leaving early in the morning.” I informed them before they both got up from the chairs quickly and left the office to give me time to finish my work. With a deep sigh, I looked at the time before turning to everything I still had to get done. Shīt. It’s going to be a very long night.

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