Once Rejected, Now Desired by Three Alpha’s



“I, Peach, reject all three of you," I declare with a stern tone.Peach has been bullied all her life because of her appearance. Surprisingly, she finds herself betrothed to the lycan prince. Her dream of attending a fashion school got shattered by rejection because of her body size, causing her to feel more unworthy. Seeking an escape and drowning her sorrows at a pub, Peach had her first kiss with a stranger. Upon meeting the lycan prince's son, Amon, Peach is confronted with harsh realities. Amon's admission of pursuing her to incite jealousy in his ex adds a layer of heartbreak. To further complicate matters, the stranger she kissed turns out to be her arranged marriage brother, Asher. Caught between her crush, arranged marriage, and her fated mate, Peach—who was never confident and loved in her own skin—is desired by all three men.Who will mark her first?

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Chapter 1
Peach’s POV: The day I had eagerly awaited finally arrived – my sixteenth birthday. As myths go, every girl's sweet sixteen is the most significant birthday of their life’s and mine wasn't going to be an exception. Today was the day I planned to confess my feelings to the love of my life. Standing in the middle of the crowd, his curious gaze fixed on me, I could sense the attention and gazes from people around, but I couldn't care less because today was about me. The room fell into silence, heightening my nervousness. I took a deep breath, shutting my eyes momentarily. "I love you!" I uttered, and as those words left my lips, I opened my eyes to meet his cold reaction. "I reject your love!" he declared with a stern tone. My eyes widened in disbelief; never did I anticipate him rejecting my love confession, especially not in front of everyone. Trembling hands betrayed the fear that enveloped me as the one person I believed would accept me stood before me, rejecting my heartfelt confession. "Why do you look so shocked? Did you honestly think I would ever want to be in a relationship with a person like yourself?" he added, triggering laughter from the room. The escalating mockery heightened my anxiety. "Why are you saying this to me?" I stammered, too shaken to articulate freely. "You said I am the most beautiful woman you have ever known," I added, biting my lips to hold back tears. He burst into laughter as he closed in, but I took a step backward. "You aren't anyone's type. I was only nice to you because you seemed easy, handling all my schoolwork, ensuring good grades," he admitted, a smirk playing on his lips. "You are an ugly duckling; focus on loosing weight rather than this useless love letter," he added, annoyance evident as he ripped the paper to shreds. "Today is my sixteenth birthday, and you promised to make it special. You decided to celebrate in your house, telling everyone you liked me. This was the perfect chance to express your feelings. Why hurt me now?" I exclaimed, tears streaming uncontrollably. "Are you stupid or just a dumb b***h?" he said with annoyance lacing his tone. "I didn't even confess, and you did that because you're desperate for love. No one will ever be in love with an ugly Betty like yourself. Do me a favor and get out of my house!" he yelled, pushing me to the floor before storming out. "This can't be happening to me. He was nice, he cared about me," I desperately tried to convince myself, feeling the cruelty shattering my special day. "Isn't this sad? She thought she'd get the hottest guy in school as her arm candy," a voice resonated from the crowd, fueling laughter. "You're nothing but a fat loser, unwanted by anyone," she added, amplifying the mockery. All I could see were their faces, mocking me, calling me fat. My vision blurred, darkness overcame me before unconsciousness set in. Slowly, I opened my eyes, greeted by a blurry vision, confirming my location in the hospital due to the distinctive smell. "You are awake, my peach," my dad's voice resonated, and as my vision cleared, I could see his concerned expression. "Are you okay, my love?" he added with a touch of worry. "What happened?" I asked as I attempted to sit up, and he gently assisted me. "I got a call saying that you fainted, and I had to bring you in here," my dad explained with genuine concern. Flashbacks of the painful incident overwhelmed me, and tears welled up. "I'm so sorry. I should have listened to you and stayed home. No one really cares about me; no one loves me," I uttered, tears intensifying. "Don't say that. I care about you," he said, hugging me tightly. "I love you, my daughter, and you shouldn't forget about that," he added with a teary tone. "Where is Mom?" I inquired, breaking the hug. "Why isn't she here?" I added with a hint of sadness. "Your mom is at your sister's pageant competition. I didn't tell her about this because I didn't want her to worry," he explained, attempting to justify my mom's absence. However, I couldn't shake the feeling that she wouldn't miss my sister's pageantry for anything. "What happened? You told us you were celebrating your birthday with your friends, and you seemed really excited about it. That's the only reason we allowed you," he said, confusion evident in his tone. "They aren't my friends. I thought I had a friend, but it turns out I don't, and that's all because of my stupid weight," I confessed, tears flowing uncontrollably. "You are beautiful the way you are. You don't have to listen to what others have to say," he tried to encourage me, but the pain lingered. "I don't want to go to school anymore!" I declared with a stern tone. "I don't want to be in that environment anymore," I added, my tone filled with sorrow. "Wait, Peach, let us talk about this," he urged, attempting to reason with me, but it seemed futile. "Dad, I will kill myself if I ever go back there again!" I stated firmly, causing his eyes to widen in shock. "I will kill myself if you allow me to go back there," I added with a serious tone. "Please don't ever say that again," he pleaded with fear in his voice, pulling me closer and hugging me tightly. "You won't have to go back there anymore, and that is a promise," he reassured as he gently caressed my hair. Two years have passed since I started homeschooling, confining myself to the safety of my home to shield against the judgments and disdain from others. The silver lining is that my dad has taken on the role of my homeschool teacher, despite my mom's initial resistance that eventually waned after attempts to push me back to conventional schooling failed. As I stood before the mirror, a wave of sadness swept over me. Despite numerous attempts at diets, shedding weight seemed elusive. Anticipating my mom's disapproval, I opted for a tracksuit for tonight's dinner, hoping to conceal the extra pounds I had gained. "What took you so long to get down here?" my mom asked, annoyance lacing her tone as soon as she noticed my presence. Before I could respond, she interrupted, "Why are you wearing that?" she asked again, irritation evident. "Obviously trying to cover her body," Anna, my younger sister, chimed in with an amused tone, a sentiment I sometimes wished had never found its way into existence. "Take off the tracksuit!" my mom ordered, leaving me no choice but to comply. "I thought you promised me that you were going to take your diet seriously, but it's clear to see that you were eating behind my back," she scolded, anger lacing her words. "I'm so sorry, Mom. I did eat less, but the weight seems to never want to let me go," I explained, biting my lips to prevent myself from crying. "Stop making excuses and sit down for dinner!" she ordered, and I followed her instructions. Glancing at my plate, it was filled with veggies and nothing more, a stark contrast to my sister's enticing meal. I felt as though I was being served like an animal. "Your aunt died because of being overweight," she added. "No, Mom. Aunt died because she had health issues, and it doesn't have to do with her weight," I protested, attempting to defend my late aunt. "You both are just really selfish and don't care about your weight, leaving your loved ones to worry about you," she concluded with a hint of sadness in her tone. I will not cry; she won’t make me cry. "I see I am just in time for dinner," my dad entered with an excited tone. "I didn’t only come in time for dinner; I came with exciting news," he added, leaving me intrigued about what could be making my father so elated. "Tell us the exciting news," my mom urged, her curiosity evident. "My lovely daughter, Peach," he said as he walked up to me. "You are betrothed to the Lycan prince's first son," he announced, causing my eyes to widen in shock. "What are you talking about, Dad? Betrothed?" I asked with a confused tone. "This is the best news I have heard in so long!" my mom enthusiastically jumped from her seat. "How did this happen?" she asked with excitement. "I didn’t tell you this, my lovely wife, but the king and I are old-time friends, and this is a promise he made to me," my dad explained, keeping his gaze on me. "He is going to reject me as soon as he sees me, so no need to get excited about this, Mom," I said as I stood up. "I am not hungry, and I would like to go to my room," I added. "I just got here, and I want you to eat with me," my dad said with a hint of sadness in his tone. "You don’t need to bother her; let her go to her room," my mom intervened, stopping my dad from persuading me to stay, and I finally left to go to my room. My stomach kept rumbling, but I decided not to listen to it this time. I stared at the ceiling, wondering why my dad would make this decision. What will the prince even think of me when he sees me? He will obviously hate my appearance, and my parents don’t seem to care about my feelings at all. A notification interrupted my thoughts; I took the phone from the counter, and my eyes widened in shock at what I was seeing. "I got in!" I exclaimed in shock.

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