Mixed Love


This romance story is about a mixed couple who happens to find love in the most complex way! Zaria who is looking for a new take on life stumbles upon the perfect position for herself. Alexander Knight is head of the most biggest company in C town with his compelling, confident demeanor! Will these two worlds collide for the best or worst! Read more to find out.

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Zaria POV As I sit in the cafe with my best friendoom mate Kayla sipping my coffee looking through ads for a better position in life for myself. I happen to stumble across the perfect position for myself. As I recall this position to Kayla which is an assistant manager at The Place on Grand Street. The Place on Grand Street is located in Golden city in one of the wealthiest housing communities in C town. I thought I should apply with having 4 years of experience as a leasing consultant I decided to try my luck. I filled out the application and submitted my resume along with my cover letter for the position! I sat back proud of myself for taking this leap of faith in a different direction. I loved the real estate company (Harlow realty) that I was working for, but the position just wasn’t cutting it for me! I wanted more out of just being an assistant leasing agent to a leasing agent. I didn’t make much money due to us having to split commission along with fighting over who gets a prospect. However I was great at leasing I hit all of my goals and made a hefty commission at my old community. My old community was bought out and taken over by another company and they decided to lay off the old employees and hire new without even seeing the skills of the old employees. As my lunch break is nearing an end my co worker Amber comes by and flaunts her status in my face. Stating that she is better than me in every aspect of leasing. How she will becoming a manager soon and can’t wait to tell me what to do. I smiled politely and said “in you dreams I’d never work for you”. Then me and Kayla departed the cafe leaving her standing there with a smug look. Back at Harlow realty Amber could not wait to get back to tell the manager Dustin what was said to her by me. Dustin likes Amber so he happily agrees to what she says. Dustin comes to me and explains that he will be leaving soon and that Amber will be the next manager, so I can get with it or lose it. Under my breath I’m cursing for that day to come of Amber being my boss. I silently pray for a call from The Place on Grand Street to get me out of here! A few days later as I’m wrapping up paper work for a prospect that is due to move in in two weeks I get a call from an unknown number. I usually do not answer calls from numbers I do not know, but since I did fill out an application I was answering all the calls. Once I answered it was someone from the Human Resources department asking if I could come in for an interview at 10am sharp the next day. I happily accepted the interview and couldn’t wait to leave work. As the end is nearing I could do nothing but walk around the office giddy. Amber tried to steal my shine, but I wasn’t going to let that happen not when I knew I could be out of here and this would be the last of her I would see. As work came to an end I called Kayla and let her know that I had an interview at The Place on Grand Street. She was ecstatic at the news and said that she would like to do my make up! I’m not to keen on makeup but I didn’t object due to the fact that I am going to be working with wealthy people and can not just look like anything. After hanging up with Kayla I rushed home to see what I could find to wear to the interview the next morning! Unfortunately I could not find anything I liked in my closet, so I decided to run-sack Kayla’s closet. Even though me and Kayla are not the same size in the chest area I settled for a jacket and pants of a nice pant suit and found a nice shirt in my closet now I just had to figure out what to do with this hair of mine which could take a while! I jumped in the shower, shaved all of my important parts and then I washed and conditioned my hair. As I exited the showered I oiled and blow dried my hair, then I put lotion on my body. I dressed quickly in some sweats and a shirt. As I was about to start straightening my hair I get a phone call from my gay best friend Paul. He could not wait to spill some tea. He told me that he seen Amber at the mall and how he caught her conversation with someone saying that she is better than me, and can’t wait to take my job away once she is in charge. I also could not wait to tell my news to Paul! I let him know that I had an interview at The Place on Grand Street and he couldn’t be more happier for me. I ended the call and went to finish my hair along with practicing for the interview. It was the wee hours in the morning when I was finished with my hair so I wrapped it and jumped in the bed and dozed off. At 8 in the morning I’m awakened by a happy Kayla. She has made breakfast which is a delicious fruit and veggie smoothie that I could take on my way. So I jumped in the shower and then got ready and I went to let Kayla make my face up. Since Kayla is lighter than me in skin color she had to go buy a darker shade of concealer. She put on light concealer, mascara, eye liner, the most beautiful wine colored eyeshadow along with a wine colored lip stain. When she turned me around to look at myself I couldn’t believe I was staring back at a very beautiful and alluring self. I could not stare long due to that fact that it was already 930 and it took me a half hour if not more on the bus. So Kayla decided to take me instead so I wouldn’t be late for my interview. I showed up at 955 and still had 5 minutes to take the elevator up to the 40th floor upon check in. Once I reach the 40th floor just in the nick of time I see a lot of women for the position as assistant manager. I feel overwhelmed and sad at the amount of women here, but I don’t fret and continue on anyway. I get checked in with the receptionist and sit down to wait. I hear all the chit chatter from all the different women here. They have been waiting for something like this to come their way at a location such as the Place on Grand Street. I really feel some kind of way and feel like I would not get the position. I decided to wait my turn anyway I still was giving it a shot. After 2 hours of waiting I was finally called back to the offices in the back. I reached the office I was supposed to go in and it is flawless. Through the Smokey glass door sat a huge oak wood desk behind it was the most amazing view I’d ever seen and was in awe. I was quickly brought back by a man sitting at the desk. “Are you ready for the interview or would you like to stare more” he said. I apologized and quickly came over with my portfolio in hand. He offered me a seat and I did not hesitate to sit. He said his name was Logan and that they were looking for an assistant manager to run The Place on Grand Street. I was confused at first and asked “where would the property manager be if the assistant is running the community”? He said that he was trying to find a good fit so that the manager would not have to be there daily. He asked to tell him more about myself so I did. I am a graduate of O university and I also completed my master’s in business as well. I told him about my dreams about running my own business some day and that being an assistant manager was the closest thing at achieving my goal at the moment. He asked me some interview questions and I hit them right on the nail. After the interview was over he let me know that if he was interested he would contact me for a second interview. I still was not confident about this. As I was riding the bus I texted Kayla and Paul and let them know how the interview went. I invited them for drinks to get the position off my mind. A couple hours later we meet up for drinks and discuss many things and have a good time. We all departed and went back to me and Kayla’s apartment. While there we drink more and get high off trees. I’m so hammered I can barely walk and then I do the unthinkable. I call my manager Dustin up and curse him out about taking Amber’s side, he gets fed up and fires me on the spot not caring that I am spewing drunk words. After that I pass out on the floor not remembering a thing. As I awake with a banging headache and on the floor I race to my bathroom to puke last night’s contents. After puking I freshen myself up and lie down in bed. My phone went off so I picked it up for 5 missed calls and 10 text messages. 2 of the messages were from Dustin informing me of last night’s incidents and reminding me that I no longer work there. The other messages was from Paul, my mom, and Kayla. I had 4 missed calls from Amber and one from Dustin. I was distraught at what I saw from Dustin I didn’t know what to do. So I wallowed in my self pity and slept the whole day not answering the phone once for anyone. The next day I showered and got myself together to prepare to look for another position. Nothing interested me the whole day as far as looking for a new job. I filled out applications anyway due to the fact I didn’t have a lot of savings so I had to think fast. A few days passed and I felt helpless and unfortunate about the events that transpired. As I was regretting cursing Dustin out I almost got the courage to call him to ask about my position back, but a call comes in before I was able to call out. It was a number that I didn’t recognize so I decided to answer it anyway it may be one of the many apps I filled out for positions I did not really want but needed something. When I answered it was Logan from the Human Resources department asking me to come in for a second interview the next day. I was shocked and eagerly accepted! I knew I had to go in the next day and make the assistant manager position mine. So I went shopping for a nice business casual outfit! I found a cute black skirt that fanned out in the back and the front was higher up than the back. I found a red silk short sleeve button down shirt with a vest. I was able to find black ankle boots. I was set and couldn’t wait for the interview. I let Kayla know she had to do my make up again for the second interview she was too pumped and excited for me. The next day I awoke earlier got ready and had Kayla do my make up. I had a light breakfast to ease my stomach from nerves and out the door I went. I arrived 20 minutes early got check in at both receptionists desk and waited my second interview. I was called to the back on time this time which gave me hope. As I reach Logan’s office I entered and had a seat and was not in awe like the last time! The interview lasted 30 minutes and I was told to wait in the waiting area with a few other people! After about an hour Logan came out and called my name! I was so nervous at what he was about to say. He then asked me back to his office! I was really nervous thinking maybe a third interview with someone else or to tell me I wasn’t a good fit. Once in his office he hands me a piece of paper and he says “I would like to offer you the position of assistant manager do you accept” I had tears in my eyes because I did not expect to get offered the position with so many other women! I happily accepted the offer of assistant manager making 60 thousand a year with vacation, paid and sick time off plus bonuses. I signed the contract and he told me to meet the property manager Morgan Monday at 8am sharp. I thanked Logan very much for giving me this chance and could not wait to leave to tell my friends. I called them up and invited them for drinks on me and told them everything. After drinks we went shopping to get me better business attire at the best mall in C town. The weekend came and we partied but not to late on Sunday.

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