The Alpha Games

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I can feel the pleasure he is getting from feeling her against him as well as all the pleasure he is getting from my pain. He opens his eyes and I can see through them for the first time since we felt our bond. I helplessly watch as he sucks and licks at her skin and he slowly and sensually pulls off her clothes. His roaming hands moved from her plump breasts to her shaved slit. I feel how wet she is and shudder in disgust at how turned on Jake is getting from his sick game.


Jadeite was just a regular girl who just so happened to turn into a wolf and live amoung a pack. She is shunned because she is small and considered weak. However she has a fire inside of her that once ignited will sweep away everyone in her path. She is extremely powerful she just doesn't know it. She ends up mated to the Alpha of her pack leaving everyone confused including herself. She was just an orphan who ended up adopted into an omega family in her pack the blue eclipse pack. Her mate Alpha Jake Slade wants nothing to do with her. She wants to love him but is disgusted by the way he acts. Unfortunately for them both Alphas are the only status of shifter who can't reject their mates. Luckily she has a solution one she is sure her self centered narcissistic mate hasn't thought of. They found each other a year before the Alpha Games and she will use them to her advantage.

The Moon Goddess always has a plan. Your fate sealed from birth may you always be a true Alpha. Welcome to the Alpha Games.

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Chapter 1 Mate\'s Betrayal
Jadeite's POV   I woke up in pain again this morning. I don't know why he has to continue to have affairs while I'm in the room next to him. Ever since Alpha Jake of the Blue Eclipse pack found out I was his mate a little over a year ago right after the last Alpha Games he hasn't touched me.   I remain a virgin and he f***s everything he can with a slit between their legs to cause me pain and heartache. If you know anything about mates it's that even if you don't have their mating mark you still have a connection. I can feel his emotions as he can feel mine. I know every time he's with someone else and it causes me intense physical pain. I grin and bear it what else am I to do.   The Moon Goddess granted me the Luna mark when I turned 18. I did not ask for this nor would I have picked Alpha Jake Slade as my mate.  I'm ignored and treated like s**t here all because I am an orphan that was found after rouges attacked and scattered several packs. We do not know if I was born of rouge or in a pack so I've been treated like dirt.   I finish my morning routine and head out the door. Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough this morning because as soon as I open my door I see Jake pressing his new conquest up against his door with his tongue down her throat. Searing pain hits my heart but I don't show it. I just shut my door and walk past.   There is nothing to say. He doesn't want me. I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for the Alpha Games and the fact that Alphas can't reject their fated mates. Alphas are held to higher standards than the rest. In order to be a true Alpha, you have to be able to rise above your vices, have a level head, and above all always love your fated Luna.   You see the Goddess understood that the ways of the humans would taint the ways of her wolves.  So when she made her werewolves she made mates. Half of your soul would be divided into your other half.   That person would complete you in every way possible. They are the only person you will truly love besides family. She made Alphas first and they are born with the Alpha mark. They are not allowed to reject their mates. They are meant to love them, protect them, and nurture them for the betterment of the pack and themselves.   Lunas came next but they do not get their Luna mark until their 18th birthday. Lunas are always pure of heart but so entirely strong. Nobody can tell their true strength until they are fully mated to their fated Alpha. This is to ensure they are safe and to ensure the Alphas protect all the females in the pack equally until he finds his mate. She will always be his number one priority.   Betas, Gammas, Omegas, and all wolves inbetween came next. Each one can reject their mates however they are taught that once they reject their mate they will never get another. They will be forced to live life alone while they witness others happiness. However, the one who was rejected has the chance of finding happiness again. The Goddess understood that the rejected ones are innocent so they rightly deserve a second chance mate.   From Alphas to Omegas everyone has a chance at a second chance mate if your first mate dies. Alphas and Lunas can only mate with marked Alphas and Lunas but from Betas down to Omegas they can mate with whomever the Goddess deems fit. If you end up with a higher-ranked mate that usually means you have been strong, fair, and that you've kept with the werewolf laws that were set by the Goddess.   Alphas and Lunas can only meet to find their second chances at the Alpha Games. The Alpha Games are set each year at the High Kings Court. Only Goddess Marked Alphas and Lunas are allowed into court during the games. The High Kings council always knows what's going on in the packs. There is no way that Jake has been able to hide his philandering ways from the High Kings Court.   I chuckle as my last thought goes through my mind. I've been so deep in thought I don't know how I ended up in the kitchen but it's where I wanted to go anyway. The Alpha Games start in two days. Jake had gotten our invites 3 months back and has been talking about nothing else.   The narcissistic asshole truly believes he will be able to spin some lie about me to make me look undesirable to the council.  He thinks that will be able to pacify them as to why we are not mated and marked.   Little does he know I know the way the council works. I've been doing my research and I know they have spies everywhere. Some are out in the open and some lurk I'm the shadows. Jake is so stupid he thinks the council has no idea of how he's treating me. I know they check medical records right before the games so I set up some doctor's appointments today before we leave.    They already have records of the mate's betrayal bruising and bleeding as well as the malnutrition and pallor of my skin. I haven't been allowed out of this house since Jake found me a year ago. I also am not allowed to eat what I need so all of my luscious curves I had a year ago are nothing but skin and bones.   I've been dealing with bouts of deep depression that stem mostly from the mate bond and how terrible I'm starting to look.   I look at the time as I finish cleaning the kitchen after cooking for the 500 packhouse residents. It's time for my doctor's appointment.  Luckily I found a pack doctor who understands and doesn't tell Jake everything. All he knows is I have an appointment with the female doctor. As I'm walking I run into Jake with a different female.    Shit, I knew this pain meant something.    Sure enough, he had his hand down her shirt groping her huge fake breasts. I just walk by them. I'm no longer bothered by it. Yes, it hurts and yes my wolf Gemini feels the pain every time. It's worse for her because she feels his wolf Shade.    Shade is even corrupt and encourages his human to continue to bury himself inside all these females. Shade sends Gemini all the images of them with other females. He taunts her and continually puts her down. What Jake and Shade don't know is that Gemini is special. She won't tell me how yet. She says I will know soon and my suffering will be over. I hope so. I can't take much more but I plow on because of Gemini.     She might be hurting worse than me because of Shade but she doesn't let it show. She continues to bring me up when I'm feeling down.  She is the best wolf ever!   I make it to the pack doctor's facility and walk right in. I know exactly where I'm going and the nurses all know I only will see Dr. Savil. She has been my friend since we were kids. Once my mark appeared she promised she would follow me to whatever pack my fated Alpha was from.   Unfortunately, we didn't get to go anywhere as Jake showed up at the house not even 10 minutes after the excruciating pain of the Luna mark burning itself into my skin screaming "Mine!!!". I burst out crying. I knew what being mated to Jake meant and it was nothing like my dreams of my future mate would give me.    I died a little bit that day. My Luna Mark showed up at 10:04 am right on the dot when I took my first breath in this world. I was packed up and shuffled into my new room within half an hour. Another half an hour later I was told the rules of my new prison and told to unpack.    The rules were harsh I had no freedoms and nobody would know I was the Alphas mate except for a select few. Jake would never touch me and I would have to bear the pain of my mate's betrayal daily. I was always covered in bruises on my lower stomach, legs, breast, and neck. Sometimes I'd even get them on my face if he was really getting into his w***e.

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