Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate

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Get ready for a heartwarming and thrilling tale of destiny and true love! Kiara Middleton, at just nine years old, is already a star among her peers. Blessed with beauty and intelligence, she seems to have it all. But beneath her confident facade, she faces bullying from her peers, a challenge she tries to overcome with grace.

When Kiara accompanies her parents and triplet elder brothers to the crowning of the new twin alpha kings in the werewolf multiverse, her life takes an unexpected turn. Kayden and Jayden Wittmoore, the future alpha kings, have been searching for their Luna Queen since they turned eighteen, but with no success. They had almost given up hope until they lay their eyes on Kiara at their coronation. The only problem? She's just a nine-year-old pup, unable to feel the mate bond.

As Kayden and Jayden face the ultimate test of patience, they are determined to wait for Kiara to come of age. But fate has other plans in store for them, and they find themselves embarking on a journey filled with challenges, obstacles, and sacrifices. Can they navigate the complexities of their unconventional situation and fulfill their destiny as leaders of the wolf population in the human and werewolf multiverse?

Join Kiara, Kayden, and Jayden on an epic adventure as they navigate the world of werewolf politics, face their inner demons, and discover the true meaning of love in "Twin Alpha Kings Pup Mate." This paranormal romance will captivate your heart, leaving you eagerly flipping through the pages to uncover what lies ahead. Don't miss out on this enchanting tale of soulmates, fate, and true love that will leave you breathless!

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Chapter One: We're Going To The Kingdom
Note to Readers: This book is a slow burn romance. There will be loads of description of emotions, feelings and actions throughout the book reaching to the climax. If that's not something you think you enjoy, then a heads up before you move forward and buy chapters. Also, some concepst may not rely real world scenarios, as its a fantasy story that may tend to happen in the book. Otherwise thank you for giving the a book a try and I truly hope you enjoy it. Chapter One: We're Going To The Kingdom Kiara at age nine Kiara POV: "Won't you look at that? It's our Alpha's little freak princess." I heard someone behind me as they tugged on one of my pigtails. I knew I didn't need to turn around to know it was Janet; she was a bully. And, for some reason, she constantly attacked me explicitly. Turning around, I was right. I saw Janet with her group of friends or possie I should say. Even though I was the Alpha's daughter and my older brothers Kelix, Phoneix and Helix would be the next alphas, all the girls from my grade picked on me. Calling me a spoiled princess or freak since they always said I hog all the boy's and teachers' attention towards me. Which was wrong; I never went out explicitly for their attention; if the boys wanted to play hopscotch or freeze tag with me and not them, despite me telling them to invite the other girls, how was it my fault? Or if the teachers favoured me more because I found school fun. I was called a freak because I could answer any question regardless of the subject within seconds; I wasn't a show-off like Janet said, I just liked learning new things, so I tended to read books in my spare time back in the packhouse library. Eventually, I got fed up and broke into tears in mommy's arms, begging her for me to be homeschooled. I didn't want Janet and the other girls bullying me, I didn't want the boys playing with me and not them, and I didn't want anyone to think I was a freak because I was smarter than them. Mommy, Daddy, Kelix, Phoenix and Helix said I was exceptional, and I was their princess, and there was nothing wrong with my hobbies. All the girls picked on me because they wanted to be me, and I shouldn't let them get to me; well, that's what Phoenix explained. Even though that didn't help when my feelings were hurt, at least it brought me comfort that even if twelve girls were meanies to me, my family and the rest of the pack adored me. "Go away, Janet," I said, getting up to go to the car park since one of my brothers would be here by now to pick me up. "Aw, did I hurt the freak's feelings? What are you going to do? Go run to your brothers or the Alpha and cry?" Said Janet, as she and the other girls laughed. It's okay, Kiara sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt you. I repeated in my head the go-to mantra I had adopted since I became prey to Janet and her possie. "Leave her alone, Janet or I will tell Ms. Delacour you were bullying Kiara again." I heard Jacob say as he stepped in front of me, blocking my view of the girls. Jacob was my best friend, well, my only friend. He was my dad's beta youngest son, and his older brother, Max, would be my brothers beta when they become Alpha. Since we were in diapers, Jacob and I have been friends; he always took care of me, played with me and protected me whenever needed. Jacob was also famous because he had the coolest toys and bicycles, which he apparently said attracted the ladies. The funny thing was they never seemed to attract me, though; even though that was the case, I never told him that. My best friend was proud of his bicycle, and I didn't want to stain the so-called macho he got going on there for the supposed ladies he used to talk about. "Oh Jacob, hi, we were just messing around. Nothing serious. Can we come over later in the playground to go biking together? I got this new bike, and it's purple with sparkly..." but Jacob cut her off before she could stop blabbering. "Janet, it wasn't nothing; I'll tell the alpha triplet brothers you were hurting Kiara again. And I don't wanna see your bike. I rather do that with kiki." He finished. Jacob used to call me kiki from time to time, and I sometimes called him JJ. You could see the fume that was coming out of Janet's ears. The thing was, everyone knew Janet really liked Jacob and always wanted to play with him. Boys being boys, the dumb bum-heads they were, which Jacob was one, never knew she liked him and denied believing anyone who said, including me. I also believed that a part of Janet and the other girl's constant bullying was because Jacob never gave them any attention and always sided with me. Sigh! This probably won't end well for me when I come to school tomorrow. Being the Alpha's daughter also brought this stigma of being prim and proper. I didn't want to embarrass daddy, mommy or even my elder brothers, so I hardly fought back. I was supposed to be a role model to all the she-wolves like mommy was. Mommy was, however, Luna, but she always said the alpha family is what can make the pack habitable or inhabitable and even though the girls at school were mean to me, the rest of the pack was super nice. I didn't want anyone talking bad about my pack members; we were family, everyone at the Crescent Haven Pack, even Janet and her possie. Jacob suddenly took my hand and led me towards the car park without giving Janet a chance to say anything else. I could feel the glares of hatred thrown at me from all the girls he left behind on my back the further we walked. To our surprise, when we reached the pickup point, I could see neither of my brothers nor Jacob's. That's strange! I don't remember the last time this happened; someone was here at least ten minutes earlier every day, despite how busy either mine or Jacob's brother, Max, was. Suddenly we heard a car honk from the other side of the lot. Squinting my eyes, I saw my daddy's gamma, uncle Henry; we waved at us prompting us to come over. "Uncle Henry, where is everyone. You usually don't pick us up." I asked. Even though I was calm like mommy usually is, trying to show I was a good representative of the alpha family, I was scared on the inside. Was everything okay back at the packhouse? I heard uncle Henry chuckle before picking me up. I was really tiny; with my blue eyes and blond shoulder-length hair usually in pigtails, I barely made it to a hundred centimetres, whereas all the other kids were at least twenty or thirty centimetres taller. However, I didn't care. My family said I looked cute like this, and I was undoubtedly more agile than the other girls in my class. I always win when we spar in the physical training class. "Princess, don't worry; I can tell with the little crinkled nose you got there. They were all super busy getting ready for a trip." He finished, tweaking my nose and helping me into his huge black truck. Trip? What trip? Mommy and daddy didn't mention anything, nor did Phoenix when he dropped me off this morning. Maybe it was a surprise for me? They tended to surprise me from time to time with little trips. I know I've done an excellent job badgering my brother to take me to this place called Walt Disney World in the human multiverse. I love human princess movies, and recently, I found out there's a whole amusement park full of them. I haven't stopped annoying my brothers since then. Maybe they were taking me there. Unconsciously I squealed and fisted my hands in joy. "What's got you all happy, kiki? You'll leave me alone with those boring kids again at school when you go on this so-called trip with the Alpha and luna." Jacob huffed from the front seat, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting like a duck. I couldn't help but giggle at him. "I can always ask mommy and daddy if you can come along. Then we can go see the princesses together." I squealed. Having Jacob come along would be great; he always watched every Disney movie I did; well, he was forced to by me; I told him I wouldn't talk to him again if he didn't, so he knows all the princesses! But that wasn't the point; the point was we could go together and meet them all. Oh, goddess, this is going to be so much fun. "Alright, kiddos, we're here. Alpha and luna wanna see you in their office, princess; shoo now. You to Jacob, your mom and dad are there as well." Said uncle Henry as soon as he stopped in front of our huge white packhouse. I didn't even realize we reached home so quickly; I was excited that I hardly noticed the time go by. I kissed uncle Henry goodbye and thanked him for dropping us off. Jacob grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to daddy's office. "What did you mean by we're going to meet the princesses, kiki?" Asked Jacob. "JJ, I think my parents and brothers wanna take me to Walt Disney World..." seeing his confused expression, I pushed his shoulder and said. "Dumb dumb, WALT DISNEY WORLD. It's like the biggest amusement park in the human multiverse, and all the princesses we watched together on tv live there." I finished excitedly. I heard Jacob laugh and give my shoulder a push. Hump! Rude! Now I don't wanna take him. I pouted and tried letting go of his hand, but he grabbed on tighter and stopped laughing, but I could tell he was controlling it by his smile. "Haha, I'm sorry, kiki. You're just so cute. How do you know Alpha and luna are going to take you there. Don't you remember alpha Helix telling us that the portal damage to the human multiverse wasn't fixed until yet?" He said. I slumped. Oh, yeah. I for about the portal damage. Apparently, the Alpha king hasn't had time to bring someone over from the magic realm to help fix it. That meant we weren't going to Disney world after all. Seeing me sad, Jacob stopped walking and hugged me. "It's okay, kiki. I promise to take you there one day. It'll be just you and me, and we can eat all the ice-creams and candies when our parents won't be around." He said. I chuckled a little. Jacob always treated me as a kid and himself as an adult. But the funny thing was he was only a year older than me. I was nine, and he was ten. But, he was still my best friend, my bestest friend. "There you are, my little pup; how was school." I heard someone call out. I knew it was mommy from her voice. Her voice always calmed me down as her scent did. "Mommy... Daddy." I said, turning around and running straight into my dad's arms. He picked me up and gave me at least a hundred kisses on my face before mommy took me and kissed my cheek. "It was good. I got a prize today; I was first in the spelling bee." I said, showing my parents the medal I won. "That's amazing, princess! We're so proud of you!" Said daddy, giving me another kiss on the head. "Alright, my little pup, you got ready. We have to leave!" I heard mommy say. Well, I knew it wasn't Walt Disney World. However, I still wanted to know where we were going and if Jacob could go along. I peeked out of mommy's neck and asked my parents. "Where are we going? It's Tuesday; I still have school tomorrow." I said. "We're going to the Wolf kingdom, sweetheart." Said, Daddy.

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