The girl nobody wanted

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it's a story about a 19 years old girl, Kira, who is nobody for everyone. She is orphan, fragile, alone, friendless, hopeless. her life takes a straight 360 degree turn when she meet Ryder, handsome charming and devilish bad boy of the university and his friends. they try to save her, protect her and try to fill hope in life in her. Ryder and Kira feel the connection between them but none of them know that both belongs to same world of darkness......

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she is an orphan!!!!!! she is alone!!!!! she is fragile!!!!!! she has no one but her own miseries!!!!! Kira's life is an open book that can be read in one sentence and in one word "Orphan". Yes, She was an Orphan. In every moment of her 19 years life, she was reminded of that fact by everyone including her mates in the orphanage, in schools, and even in university where she was pursuing her graduate degree in business management. She is of small height of 5'4", hazel eyes with big lashes, fair colour, waist-length brown hairs with a golden shine. She is skinny with every curve in right place. But she knew how to hide herself. She did not want to be the centre of attraction in any way but yet she was. And the reason, she couldn't defend herself. She was bullied by almost at every stage of her life. Kira's P.O.V. I woke up to my alarm sound on my phone. AAAHHHHH... another day started. Why can't the sunrise a little bit late? I am not a morning person. But, I have to leave bed for my morning business. Every day, I follow the same routine. Wake up at 6:00, leave the house for my morning part-time job in 24X7 store near my college by 6:30, attend classes which started from 9:30, leave college at 4:00 for my second part-time job as a waitress at a restaurant near to dorm, leave the place by 11:00, study till late night and sleep. Yes, this is my life. I am a scholarship student and has to study hard to maintain the scholarship. I am a straight-A grade student. Yes, you can say that I am a nerd but I love this title. It somehow gives me satisfaction to be something other than nobody. Nothing in my life is cheerful or any kind of hope. A plain and simple life with lots of hard work. But, it looks, again luck is not in favour of me today too. Why God Why???? Why this happens to me. Why can't I have at least one less complicated day? My colleague, Kathy, is again late. Kathy is 24 years, cheerful girl, who always comes late no matter what. She has 5.6" slim height with long legs. She is beautiful with orbs eyes, plump lips, pale skin colour, and heavy body curves. She is more friend than a colleague to me as she is the only person in my life who never bullied me. Yes, this is Kathy. Fierce, passionate and short temper and highly protective towards me, I don't know why. But still, I like her. Oh God!!!!!  I was running towards my class with my all strength as I am 10 minutes late by my all efforts. My First class of accounts management had to start in 5 minutes and I was at the university gate, panting, all sweaty, complete red face due to exhaustion as I had covered the 20 minutes foot distance in 4 minutes by running. I wanted to remove my hoody due to heat but can't. I knew I can't. I had to bear this head at any cost.  Thanks, Kathy for forcing s**t out of my body. Somehow I reached my locker. Hurriedly place my bag in there, took books and exited for the class. I can manage to be in class before the last bell. I thought and ran towards the class. But..... Yes... But.... How can it be possible that no mess was there? Around the corner, just before my class, I was hit by someone's leg and tripped, all flat on the floor. Oh my dear floor, how I missed you? Did you miss me? It was followed by a shrilled laugh. Yes, shrilled..... Here is Meira..... the college s**t, with fake boobs, plastic nose, chin and fake eyelashes with almost a naked body. She was my biggest bully. I don't know why, but she never liked me from day one. She always humiliates me whenever she gets the chance. But the weird and horrible thing about her is her voice... OH GOD!!!! her voice. High pitch sounds like a whale.. Yes, her sound is like whale voice. When she laughs, it's horrible than most horror movie ghost. But she thought that she has a melodious voice. Someone pleeease.. choke her.  I stand up and picked my books. Here she again in front of me with a winning smile as she has won the best diva of the college trophy. Please, someone, give her some brain. "Watch your way, you freak" exclaimed Meira while pouting to look like an innocent girl, but miserably failed in the attempt. "Ya, sure Hunny" I thought and rolled my eyes. "Or you just want to show how fragile and vulnerable pathetic slut you are to the hot boys" again she spit the venom. "O, Really Meira", I retorted. "Do you really think that I need the attention of any boy? then thanks but no thanks. Unlike you, I don't need to show my fake boobs and plastered face to look hot and their eyes on me you attention seeker." I spat while stressing on the last words.  Wait, what did she say "hot boys"?? I straightened my body and saw around me. Here, they are. What luck I had? Ryder and his gang were looking at me with an amused look. Ryder and his gang is a total bad boys group with hot looks, freaking figures like Calvin Klein models. All are above 6", tall, handsome, shaped bodies, well-defined features. ooooofff. Every girl of college drool on them and every sluts forced themselves to him just to gain one mere look from them. That one look is enough to wet panties. Ryder is 6" 2''. He has the world's most beautiful blue eyes, blonde hairs, well define nose line and a sharp jawline. I could see him for the whole day. Arthur, his right hand was at his right side. He is another hottie with beautiful cat eyes and brown hairs. He has an amused look in his eyes. They all are looking at me like I am an alien or doing something which is out of the world. Then it strikes me again. Why are they looking like this to me? It made me conscious. I followed their eyes. It's not on me, but on my BACK????? My eyes widened on the sight of my back and I did what I can do best in this situation. I RAN to my class.....  

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