Ashley Knight was fifteen when she witnessed how her mother got executed because of her father, the Lycan King.

She was announced as the illegitimate daughter of the Lycan King and threw her out in the Black Full Moon Pack. The Lycan King put her on the island of the dungeon, which made her experience the torture and torments she endured for five years.

Ashley thought that she would be happy again after she found her mate, Alpha Brandon, the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack, but her dream crashed when the new Lycan King came to her meeting ceremony and killed his mate. The horrendous traumatic event that she tried to forget came back to her mind when she saw how her mate got killed by King Bryan, her stepbrother.

Ashley swears to herself that she would do anything to avenge her mother and her mate's death. She promised to end the Black Full Moon Pack using her hands. Ashley went to the Black Full Moon Pack as the exclusive woman of King Bryan and did everything to kill him.

What would happen once Ashley learns the truth about her mother's death? What would happen once she successfully got the throne back in her hands?

What would happen if Ashley found out that she was carrying the baby of King Bryan in her belly? Will Ashley forget about her vengeance for the sake of the baby?

Will Ashley continued the revenge even though she slowly fell in love with the King, who was too possessive of her.

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Chapter 1: Illegitimate
“Ugh! Y-Your Majesty!” I moaned in pain when he smacked my butt while he thrust his long massive d**k inside my vaginal opening. He bent me so my chest squeezed while our bed shook because of his ruthless pace. He held my hips and banged my p***y until I gasped when I felt in my lower abdomen something was throbbing. He rubbed my c******s as he pulled my hair. I felt how his balls bounced, and his deeper stroke made me beg him for more. “You are mine, Rain. I will do everything to make the goddess decide to pair us.” He huskily said. ”f**k, I'm cumming.” I gripped the sheets when his thrust became merciless. I couldn't breathe properly when he banged my p***y as my body trembled and squirted in orgasms. Ashley's Point of View I watched my father, who was standing in the middle of the crowd. He was waving his hand with a big smile on his face. I gripped the silk that I had been wearing. It was his birthday, and what disgusted me was his mistress standing beside him. My mother's face turned sour, but she tried to smile at me. I knew she was hiding that she had been hurting for so long. It had been two years since my father had brought his mistress to the Black Moon Pack. His mistress was named Minerva, and she was treated as the legal wife of the Lycan King even though my father hadn't announced it yet. My mother was the true Lycan Queen, but because of Minerva, she finally lost the sympathy of the pack members. “Mom..” I called her, especially when I saw Minerva's sons with her. I knew that my father didn't like me at all because I was a girl, and he wanted to have a son. He didn't believe that a woman could manage the pack. My mother did everything to have a son, but she always had many miscarriages, which led to my father getting a mistress. “I'm fine, darling. You don't need to think of me,” she whispered, which made me nod at her. I wished that she was telling me the truth. I hoped that I didn't even know that she was lying to me. My father didn't even dare to look in our direction. He was enjoying himself with his new family. He adored Minerva's sons more than me. “Why don't you give respect to your father? Maybe he missed you, too.” I groaned when I heard my mother telling me those words. I dislike talking with him, especially after he hurt her. “Mom, I don't like it. Please don't force me to talk with him. I didn't even remember that he wanted to speak with me. He wants to be with his mistress.” I mumbled, trying to stop myself from getting mad at her. My mother gulped, biting her lips to stop herself from saying I needed to see my father closer. I glanced at the two young boys who were standing beside Mother. I gulped when I saw Bryan, who looked at me intently. He was the one who wasn't approachable. His eyes were cold, and I glanced away when he still didn't even remove his sight from me. s**t! He looked at me as if he wanted to tell me something from me. He was Minerva's son, and I didn't like to be close to him. “Our respected Lycan King will announce...” I heard my father's spokesperson yell. His neck almost popped out because he was trying to impress the Lycan King. My father pointed his finger at him, and when he glanced at us, I couldn't stop feeling anxious. I gulped when I felt that there was something wrong that was going to happen. “This is why the Lycan King said, I am the Lycan King, declared that Brenda Fox Knight will be executed on the public stage today because of adultery and witchcraft. She had an affair with her pedagogue.” My eyes widened in surprise when I heard about my mother. I glimpsed at her, and I saw how she closed her eyes as she tried to calm herself. How? How could my father inform the crowd that she was having an affair even though he was the one who cheated on her? My tears couldn't stop flowing in my eyes when my mother, Brenda, held my hands. “I want you to do everything to give me justice.” “Mom... No! We can take an appeal to his decision!” “Mom!” My voice cracked when I watched the guards dragging her. I swallowed when I couldn't breathe properly. s**t! Mom, no, please! “Ashley! I love you!” My mother yelled while she was crying. My father gave me a disgusting look, making me grit my teeth. This man, this man, was loved by my mother so much that she endured being cheated on to stay with him. How could he do this to me? How could he accuse my mother of committing adultery if he was the one who did those things? “Addition. Princess Ashley Knight will be proclaimed as the illegitimate daughter of the Lycan King. The Lycan King is still confused if she is his daughter because of the affair that her mother committed. We discovered that Brenda had been having an affair since she was young.” The guards held me, and I glared at my father, who was looking at me. He was watching my every reaction as if waiting for me to kneel in front of him. f**k him! I gasped when the guards gently held me as if they were hesitant to drag me out of the party hall. “You are the worthless Lycan King I have ever known. I curse you! I will do anything to get justice for my mother! I will do anything to ruin your f*****g throne. I am Ashley Knight, the Lycan Heiress, curse you. f**k you!” I shouted in so much anger while the guards dragged me out of the party hall. They would regret what they did to us. I would do anything to make them plead with me to kill them. I will do everything to get the justice that we need. “Take her away! Put her on the public stage so she can watch how her mother is getting beheaded!” My father angrily screamed, and I gasped in horror. He was so heartless, and I would do anything to make him deserve to be punished. “f**k you! I wish you would rot while you are still alive!” That day, I witnessed how my mother got beheaded before me. She kept pleading with the guards so I wouldn't watch how she would get beheaded. It was traumatizing. Seeing how my mother removed her head made me want to kill my father. That day, my father ordered his men to send me to his favorite island. They tortured me every night and ensured I would regret what I had said to my father. Why do I need to experience these shits? I promised that my own hands would kill him. I promised that I wouldn't end up getting killed here. “Oh, the Lycan Heiress still has the strength to crawl away from us.” one of the guards chuckled, which made my hands tremble while I was trying to crawl back into my cell. It was painful; I could hear my bones cracking while trying to move. “Shut up! Why are you bullying her? She is the true Heiress of our Lycan King!” “She's not. The Lycan King has proof that her father is the----” “Shut up! We all know what the truth is here. We are only doing our job here. If they didn't even blackmailed us, I would not be here torturing her every night!” A tear escaped from my eyes when I heard what those men had talked about. It was my father who threatened them to do those things to me. He knew that we were loved by many, and they were all forced to do this to us. “She's not a Princess anymore. Minerva's son, Prince Bryan, is the heiress of his throne now. We didn't need to treat them---” “Shut up! The world is unfair to them. It doesn't mean that we will be unfair to them too.” My body rested on the cold floor. I was panting in so much pain. I wished that I would die sooner so this pain would stop. I hoped they would quickly kill me because I ensured that once I escaped from this island, I would do anything to make their lives miserable. “Ahhh---” My sufferings lasted for five years; they all knew that my father wanted me to die soon but was letting me eat. “Let's stop this. She's in pain.” “We must make sure that she will not be alive. You are making her suffer!” “Yeah, I agreed. Why are you stopping us? We need to do everything to make her die. Maybe she wishes to die, too!” “f**k, s**t! No! She will not die. Let's have her some rest!” “Why don't we let her swim for her life? If she wanted to be alive, she would do anything to save herself. This is not good. I still have a conscience, and I don't want to kill her using my own hands.” I tried to open my eyes when I felt them lifting me. They were all looking at me with sympathy. Bruno tapped me on my shoulders, waiting for his companion to leave us alone. “Princess Ashley...” he called my name. I moaned when he moved me closer to the shore. “I know that you are such a brave woman. You are twenty now. Happy birthday.” he whispered, which made me in tears because he still remembered what my birthday was. “You and your mother are the kindest people I have ever met. I don't have a choice but to do those horrendous things, and I don't want to continue this.” “I know deep inside in your heart you wanted to die soon. I want to tell you that the Lycan King sent the executioner a week before the party.” My eyes widened in madness after I heard what Bruno had told me. My father planned this from the very start; he wanted to get rid of his actual family for the sake of his mistress. “Minerva is the new Lycan Queen now. Your father wants us to kill you tonight. He didn't want you to go back in our pack. Do everything to get justice for Queen Brenda.” “Swim. I want you to swim for your life. If you're going to get revenge, do anything to stay alive. We will tell them that you escaped and died in the ocean.” I was thankful for him. He looked around to see if there was someone who was watching us. He carried me again and placed me on the small boat. “B--Bruno...” I uttered his name in a hoarse tone. I heard him sniff, and I felt the boat was moving. He might be pushing the boat away from the island. “Stop talking. Here's the bread and the water that you need,” he whispered and put something beside me. I heard the ocean's wild waves, and I knew that the current wasn't good. I didn't know how long I was in the middle of the ocean, but I woke up when I heard thunder. There was a storm coming, and I was sure that I would die soon. Mom, I wanted to give you some justice, but how? I was exhausted from everything, and I didn't think that I could handle being punished once again. Mom, please. Could you help me? I cried silently when heavy rains flowed, and I was soaking wet. I ate the bread and drank the water. When I sat, I saw how serious the waves were from the ocean. It almost ruined the boat that I'd been using. A big wave splashed onto the boat, which made me fall from the water. I felt the sky was mourning with me. I felt how the sky wanted to make me think that I wasn't alone. I tried to swim, and a splash of the waves came to me again, which made my head bump onto the boat. My body slowly shrunk in the middle of the sea, and the memories I'd been trying to treasure flashed in my mind. I am Ashley Knight, the daughter of the Lycan King, and I will do anything to make my father suffer for what he has done. I would kill him, even though I needed to escape this freakin death.

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