Is it really worth it in the end?


Mark is in love with his hot cheerleader sister's boyfriend, Jake the quarterback. What is he to do, and as each day passes it gets harder to hide his feelings. He knows for a fact that Jake is straight, but will he give up, will Jake love him all the questions come down to one? Is it really worth it in the end? Follow Mark on his journey through pain, heartache and most of all true love!!!!!

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Mark’s Pov '' Dude, this is so freaking sexy “I chuckle and nod my head looking at his phone; it’s a picture of some kind of mutant looking naked lady, with the whole fake boobs and ass. Sam is a real dweeb, I mean he is my best friend and I love him but he is also kind of pervy. Who has time to google f****d up things like this? Its Saturday and we are sitting by the pool house, getting a tan. You guessed right; I'm rich. Well not me, my dad Michael Brody. The multimillionaire businessman. My father is the owner of Edgetech. He founded the company when he was just fresh out of college. I'm Mark Brody, and I am gay. I'm sure you think it’s weird that I start an introduction with my sexuality. That's probably because this is a defining moment for me. It’s not like I have dated a bunch of guys. I haven't even kissed a guy before. Anyways, you wanna know how I know I am gay? Well, how about the fact that I am in love with my sister’s boyfriend even though he is like the straightest guy I have ever met. I have been in love with him since the first time I met him and I have been in this imaginary closet ever since. I know you think that's pathetic. "Dude, are u even listening?" Sam interrupts my thoughts. Somehow he has digressed from looking at the picture to talking about something else that I have no interest in right now. I nod my head nonchalantly ''of course I am......so what are we even talking about?'' My questions show nothing but disinterest but he doesn’t even notice at the moment. He shakes his head oblivious to anything but what he is saying and continues rambling; something about a beach party with lots of sexy chicks, that don’t get me off. I don't understand how he could go from showing me a lady in his phone to talking about a party. He is usually all over the place Sam is like my only friend, not because I can't get friends but I actually like it this way. I used to have loads of friends but I realized they only hung out with me because of my dad’s money which is f*****g annoying. Sometimes all you need is just one person who has your back and my back guy is Sam. "So are we going or what?" Sam asks, getting me out of my thoughts for the third time in less than fifteen minutes. I usually don’t like to be too deep in thought, cause then it becomes so obvious that something is wrong with me; considering the fact that Sam knows me like the back of his palm. The only secret I have hidden so well is the one I would like to keep. A party? Hmm, it might get my mind off Jake, if that is even possible. You see, Jake is never far from my mind and it doesn't really help that he is always around my house. He is somehow stuck on a leash to my sister. My sister has him at the tips of her fingers. "Sure, Sam. What time though?" I ask. He scrolls through his blackberry and looks back up at me "10 o clock. Why?" I stand up from the deck chair and he follows me into the house from the back door “Well.....my dad has this stupid dinner he wants me to go for and you know I have no choice when it comes to his outings." Sam shakes his head with an overly dramatic expression if I might add “dude please tell me they don't clash" he asks solemnly, which is obviously another exaggeration. I smile in response to his question "well, they are both today." I look at him and see a frown on his face "but I'll be back before ten" I add teasingly. He sighs out of relief and hits my shoulder playfully "whew......dude you suck. I thought you were gonna leave me hanging.'' I smile satisfied that he wouldn’t even be interested in going to this party without me—we are a package deal, he's got my back. Always and forever. My house is like the stereotypical rich family house. Big, with a pool, hot tub, a movie room and most importantly, maids and a really fat butler who is like part of the family? He has been with us all my life and frankly he is an important member of our family, just like Sam. Once inside the house, we pass by the living room and I see Kim sitting on the couch beside Jake. My Jake. God, he is so beautiful. I know beautiful is not the appropriate word to describe a dude but if you look at him, you will understand why. He has dark brown hair, which looks so soft, I could just brush my hands all over it. His eyes are as grey as the moon on a dark summer night that I literally melt when I look into them. I think he is beautiful because the combination of his eyes and hair at first seems like it shouldn’t mesh but is perfect. He is the word perfection from his toned abs, which I saw when he was changing after gym, don't judge, I'm pathetic and I know! “Hi, Mark" Jake calls before I can escape from him and my annoying sister. I don't really want to be a stuttering mess in front of him right now. I stop but Sam ignores him and goes up ahead to my room. I don't know why he never liked Jake but he never stays in the same room with him for more than a minute. I smile faintly and I notice Kim roll her eyes already irritated by my presence. Jake on the other hand chuckles and stands up from the couch. He walks over to me slowly and I don’t understand what he wants from me right now. “Uh hi Jake" I manage nervously. He smiles and Kim rolls her eyes again. Hopefully, at the rate she keeps on rolling them, they’d fall off pretty soon "Goodbye mark" she urges me on with yet another annoyed eye roll. I fake a laugh and leave the sitting room. Kim can get on my f*****g nerves sometimes, but I choose to ignore her and her s**t. I have always been good at hiding things and nothing was going to change that, not even the sexiest guy in the history of sexy guys. I enter my room and see Sam lying on my bed with headphones on. My room isn't as grand as the rest of the house but it is my safe haven. It’s not small and it’s not too big, it’s just the right amount of space I need. It’s my sanctuary and I am most comfortable here than anywhere else in this house. My dad thinks money solves all my problem so he gives me anything I ask for and I mean that literally. So my room has a flat-screen TV, an Xbox, a PlayStation—by the way I doubt anyone needs both of this stuff when they do the same thing, a laptop for school, a desktop computer and most importantly a walk-in closet stacked with clothes that I barely wear. Sam notices me when I sit on the bed beside him. He sits up from his prior position and removes the headphones. “I hate that guy" he exclaims bitterly. I panic a little thinking he might suspect my feelings towards Jake. I mean I have never heard him sound so serious before, so I raise an eyebrow and ask “why?" He shakes his head and says " I dunno.......let's forget it. So about this party", he changes the topic smiling brightly. I look at him and I know he is hiding something, but I'm not gonna pester him, he will tell me eventually. He always does. *************** Oh, how I hate suits, they are so damn uncomfortable, but dad keeps buying them for me and he says I have to wear them. I keep dreading this dinner party because I never fit in. Half the time I have no idea what they are all talking about, I know I don’t fit in to the scene but I try because it is important to my father. Sam left about thirty minutes ago. He’s coming over by ten and we are heading to the gnarliest party ever—in his words. I hear a knock on my door "who is it?" There are always so many people working at my house, so I will never have the faintest idea who it is right now “it’s me, Maria.......sir" Maria is one of our maids "come in." She enters quietly “Mr. Brody said I should tell you to hurry downstairs, he is waiting for you" typical of my dad, send someone to do his dirty work. "I'll be right down" she nods and leaves my room as quiet as she came in. My life is f*****g pathetic and even as it is I can't get Jake out of my mind.

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