Luna Queen Pariah

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Sariah is two of three things: A Queen, a pariah, dead.

Sariah is dubbed “Pariah” by the Alpha’s spoilt sister, Stella. The two girls attend Ghost Moon Girls, the most prestigious (and expensive) school in the vast kingdom of Ghost Moon. Stella rules the school with an iron fist while her brother, Alpha King Sterling, rules the kingdom. When Stella sets her sights on Sariah’s best friend and neighbour, the handsome Rodney, all hell breaks loose as Mean Queen Stella will stop at nothing to discredit Sariah in Rodney’s eyes. School Bully Stella decides to flip the script and frame Sariah, painting her as the school bully instead. After Stella goes to great lengths to pin a particularly heinous act on Sariah, the innocent Sariah is called before the Alpha so that he can decide her punishment. Stella looks on, gloating, as Sariah trembles before the ruthless King. Alpha Sterling takes one look at Sariah and pronounces that he will administer her punishment personally in his chambers. No one personally punished by the Alpha King has ever lived to tell the tale. They’re all six feet under. Thus, Sariah is presumed to be dead. Is she?

Stary Writing Academy III

Contest themes: Fall For A Billionaire

Mainline 2: Billionaire Romantic-Suspense

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Chapter 1: Sariah the Pariah
Chapter 1: Sariah the Pariah Sariah A prestigious Girls’ School, such as mine, was a place of psychological warfare. Unfortunately for me, I was a pacifist.  I kept my head down as I walked through the immaculate halls of Ghost Moon Girls’ School. I was early so the hallways were mercifully devoid of chatty girls chirping on and on about their summer holidays.  I slipped into the bathroom nearest to my first class. My eyes trailed over the shiny pink floral tiles and the rows of light pink sinks and salmon pink stalls. From the decor to the classes and even the uniforms, everything at Ghost Moon Girls was as stereotypically girly as possible. Shades of pink dominated the decor so each and every classroom wall and student desk had been painted pastel pink. Even the whiteboards, on which the teachers wrote, were a very pale pink. The “pink-board” markers were filled with dark pink ink. The school uniform comprised of a short-sleeved baby pink shirt and a dusty pink pleated skirt that was supposed to cover the knees. However, almost every girl in school hiked her skirt up, making it shorter by rolling or folding it at the waist band. Only nerds like me wore the school uniform the correct way. I sighed at my reflection. Dark circles were forming under my dark brown eyes. My tawny skin looked sallow. At least my hair looked healthy. The shiny black waves cascaded down my back, stopping at my waist. Aunty wanted me to cut it though. She wanted it to be shoulder-length. I tried to imagine what that would look like. I frowned, thinking it would not suit me. I had a heart-shaped face. I pinched my cheeks. Shorter hair would make my cheeks stand out more. Unlike most werewolves who could easily double as fitness models, I was slightly chubby. I did not mind it at all. It was Stella who had a problem with it. Sadly, if Stella had a problem with something or someone, the whole class followed her example.  “I swear I blinked and summer was over!” I almost shot out of my skin at the sound of her voice. Speak of the devil! Stella was just outside the bathroom door. I knew her high-pitched haughty voice anywhere. I heard the footsteps of several people. Her Red Devils were undoubtedly with her! She hardly ever went anywhere without them. My heart sped up. I hoped none of them could hear it. I rushed into a stall as quickly and quietly as I could. I put the toilet lid down and reluctantly crouched on the toilet lid, hugging my knees to my chest and trying to hold my balance. The toilet lid seemed a bit wobbly.  Suddenly, the door slammed open, hitting the tiled wall. I jumped and almost fell off the toilet. I put my feet back up on the lid. I could not risk them spotting my feet under the stall wall. I heard the door swing shut on its own as three girls lined up at the mirrors, inspecting and perfecting their makeup. I peeked through the small gap between my stall’s door and wall. “You’re so right, Stella!” Said Scarlet, tossing her long chocolate brown hair behind her as she admired herself in the mirror. “Summer was gone in the blink of an eye!” Scarlet smeared red lipstick over her lips. The blue-based red shade of the lipstick complimented her pale skin nicely. She scrutinised herself with her green eyes as she touched up her makeup. The other Red Devil, Ruby, was also smoothing red lipstick onto her lips. Ruby had chosen a wine red. It looked great with her brown skin. Her thick dark brown curls were piled on top her head. She began lining her dark brown eyes with a black eyeliner pencil.  Even though I did not wear makeup to school, I actually loved it and knew a fair amount about it. I just could not afford to break the rules like they did. I had no rich powerful parents to threaten the school with a lawsuit if I stepped out of line. Thus, I never stepped out of line. Breaking the rules was unheard of for me but it was commonplace for Ruby and Scarlet. I called them the Red Devils because of their names, their lovely lipstick and their less than lovely demeanours. The Red Devils were flanking Stella whose reflection I could not see. She was blocking her mirror, leaning close to it for some reason. I knew it was her though. Her curtain of bone-straight blonde hair was unmistakable. She had been bleaching her dirty blonde hair platinum since our second year at Ghost Moon Girls. Today was the first day of our seventh and final school year. Somebody sing Hallelujah. I was getting out of here soon enough. Stella whipped her hair around suddenly, making me jump again. Thankfully, my feet did not slide off of the toilet lid this time. I frowned at Stella’s face. She had developed a light golden tan over the summer. Her blue eyes seemed to be looking right at me through the tiny gap while Ruby and Scarlet chattered excitedly. “Earth to Stella!” Said Ruby. Stella blinked and turned to her friend. “What?” Said Stella bluntly. “Is it true, yes or no?” Asked Ruby eagerly. “Is what true?” Asked Stella with a sly smile. She was wearing a pink nude matte shade on her lips and smoky eyes in the daytime at a school where makeup was not allowed. Not only would the teachers not reprimand her, they would probably compliment her. Ghost Moon was so unfair and not just the school. The Ghost Moon Pack and Kingdom were unfair too, and Stella was the new Alpha King’s baby sister. Ruby let out an exasperated sigh. “I told you she would play coy about it!” Said Scarlet, grinning as she turned around and gave Ruby’s shoulder a playful push. “Tell us, Stella!” Pleaded Ruby. “Please!” Whined Scarlet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Stella coolly. Ruby and Scarlet exchanged a glance. They frowned at Stella. “You said in a voice note in our group chat last night that you…yuh know…” said Ruby, trailing off. “That I…” said Stella, prompting them with a flourish of her hand. “That you might have run into your mate over the summer,” said Scarlett in a stage whisper. “Then you left us hanging without details,” said Ruby, pouting. Stella had a sly smile on her face. “Is it true?” Implored Scarlet, also pouting. Stella’s sly little smile widened into a dazzling grin. “Okay, yes, it’s true!” She squealed. “I ran into him over the summer at his father’s hardware store!” My heart constricted painfully. Hardware store? Oh no. Oh no Oh no. “Which hardware store is that?” Asked Scarlet reproachfully. My heart was beating frantically. No, no, no, I chanted inwardly.  “Don’t say hardware store like that!” Snapped Ruby, picking up Scarlet’s unimpressed tone. Ruby and Stella were closer to each other than to Scarlet. “Sorry,” said Scarlet quickly. “Last time I checked you were a commoner yourself, Scarlet,” said Ruby snidely. Stella giggled at Scarlet’s expense. Stella and Ruby were of noble blood. “I said sorry,” repeated Scarlet. “Which hardware store?” She asked, smiling more genuinely. “Frankie’s,” said Stella excitedly. I had to stifle my gasp. “And?” Asked Ruby suggestively, doing a little shimmy. “And I won’t be eighteen until next week but I’m pretty sure he’s my mate! I can feel it!” Said Stella. Ruby and Scarlet screamed and hugged each other in celebration, all thoughts of nobles and commoners forgotten. I felt like I could not breathe. “I know!” Squealed Stella. “He is so hot! He’s the hottest guy in our pack! The hottest werewolf in our kingdom! And he’s older! By three years! So we can’t date officially until next week but he told me he feels it too! He suspects I’m his mate.” “You are so lucky, Stella,” said Scarlet in awe. “You’re the most popular girl at Ghost Moon, your big brother is the Alpha King and now you have the second hottest guy in the kingdom as your mate.” “It isn’t confirmed yet but yeah you’re really lucky, Stella!” Agreed Ruby. “Second-hottest?!” Snapped Stella, leaning back against the sink and giving Scarlet a reproachful look. Scarlet smiled and exchanged a glance with Ruby. “Excuse you, both of you,” said Stella, annoyed. “My soon-to-be man is the hottest!” I tried to calm myself down. Frankie had two sons. It could be the elder one even though the age she had said corresponded with… “Rodney Firth is the hottest guy in this pack and kingdom okay and come next week he’s all mine!” Announced Stella. “Officially,” she added with a wink. The Red Devils screamed but Stella hushed them. My heart sank. Rodney Firth was one of my only true friends in the world and my next-door neighbour. I pictured his deep brown complexion and warm brown eyes. He was tall and muscular with a perfect jaw, a chin cleft and perfect teeth. He always had the biggest smile on his face whenever he greeted me after school. “Rodney is second to your brother, Stella,” said Scarlet defiantly. Stella shoved Scarlet playfully. “Don’t make me vomit!” Shrieked Stella with a scandalous laugh. “She’s right! Alpha King Sterling is so hot. He’s number one! Rodney is a close second though! Frankie has some pretty hot sons. I heard girls are always making up reasons to go to that hardware,” Said Ruby decisively. “You too are the worst!” Cried Stella, dramatically rolling her eyes and groaning exasperatedly. Ruby and Scarlet giggled. I had never actually seen Alpha King Sterling in real life but if he was anything like Stella then he was as cruel as he was captivating. Stella was beautiful and heartless. The school “bell” rang. It was not the traditional bell. The secretary at the principal’s office played a short snippet of a song to signify it was time to get to class. The songs chosen were always by a popular female artist or a girls’ group. There was a different song chosen each month. Everyone had to make it to class before the one minute snippet of the song was over. If a girl was not in class by the end of the song snippet, she got an automatic detention. Ghost Moon had a no tolerance approach to tardiness. I jiggled my foot nervously, hoping Stella and her Red Devils would hurry up and leave so I could make it on time too. The classroom was directly opposite this bathroom. Leave, leave, leave, come on, I pleaded inside my head. I had never gotten detention before and I didn’t plan on getting it now. Stella strutted on her high-heeled red Mary Janes. Her Red Devils were also wearing red Mary Janes but their shoes were platforms instead of pumps. I glanced down, frowning at my own red ballerina flats. Of course, Stella was to be paired with Rodney. He was good-looking and sweet and outgoing and talented. Why would he be paired with anyone as insignificant as… “Pariah lives next-door to Rodney, you know,” said Scarlet as she quickly washed her hands. “You might have to start being nice to her and calling her Sariah.” Ruby was drying her hands with a pink paper towel from the dispenser. Stella shrugged. “Don’t be ridiculous, Scarlet,” said Stella snidely. “Sariah will always be a Pariah, hot neighbour or not,” hissed Stella. Ruby and Scarlet burst into laughter as they flanked their Queen and followed her outside. I scrambled out of the stall and quickly washed my hands. I snatched a pink paper towel and dried my hands as I scurried into the classroom just as the upbeat song ended. I had made it. I tossed the paper towel into the waste paper basket by Miss Briar-rose’s desk. Miss Briar-rose winked at me. At least, the teachers liked me. That was the upside to getting good grades and keeping out of trouble. “Take your seats, girls,” said Mrs Briar-rose, standing up and smoothing out her hot pink pencil skirt. “Welcome back!” She adjusted the billowy sleeves of her blush pink blouse. The teachers here were expected to be glamorous and Miss-Briar-rose was the most stylish and kindest one in my opinion. Her thick long auburn hair was in a huge ballerina bun. She sniffed in disapproval as Scarlet and Stella carried on their own conversation, ignoring her. “Quiet, please, girls,” she said. My eyes went to Ruby. I jumped when I realised Ruby was already looking right at me. I furrowed my brow at first but then I noticed what she was upset about. Her eyes travelled to the pink paper towel with “GMG” printed on it, the one I had just thrown in the bin. Ruby glared at me. Oh no. She was putting two and two together. She figured I must have been in the bathroom just now, eavesdropping on them. My stomach churned. I hoped Ruby would not tell Stella. Stella did not need an excuse to trouble me but when she actually had an excuse to bother me, she fully took advantage of it. “How was your summer, Miss Prince?” Said Miss Briar-rose. “Great,” I lied. “How was yours, Miss?” “Simply fabulous!” Said Miss Briar-rose. I managed a smile. “And how are you today?” She added. “Good!” I lied again. Miss patted my shoulder gently. “Good to hear! Good to hear you’re doing well after everything! You’re a strong girl! I’m proud of you! Take your seat!” She said, smiling. I nodded, fighting back tears. A few escaped down my cheeks but I quickly wiped them away before anyone saw. I was not that strong of a girl. I took my seat on the far right of the front row. Thankfully Stella and the Red Devils sat in the back row more to the left. There were only twenty-five girls in this class. It was an advanced placement class for the more scholarly students. Despite being troublemakers, Stella and her Red Devils got good grades and ran the cheerleading squad. I was surprised they were not in their cheer uniforms today. The cheer uniforms were dusty rose pink mini skirts with matching crop tops with “GMG” emblazoned in lavender glittery letters on the front and back. Most cheerleaders wore their cheer uniforms to school everyday although the rules technically only allowed this on game days and pep rally days. The terrible three also ran the Ghost Moon Girls’ Student Council with Stella as the president and the devils as co-vice presidents. The members had been chosen by popular vote so of course Stella had won. Even though Ruby had the second highest number of votes, she agreed to share the position of vice-president with Scarlet who was only a few votes behind. At the very least, they knew how to be good friends to each other. Miss began teaching today’s topic. I shut my eyes as Rodney’s smiling face appeared in my mind again. Why hadn’t Rodney mentioned anything about Stella to me? Stella and I were so different but we shared one thing in common, a birthday. If Stella was telling the truth, then one week from now, on my eighteenth birthday, my best friend would be officially fated to my worst enemy. Rodney was the closest thing to family I had left and apparently I was destined to lose him too. Face book page: Joanna J Face book group: Joanna J Readers

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