The White Wolf


Part of the Solar Eclipse Pack, losing both parent's at a young age. She was forced to become a slave to the pack that destroyed hers. She was treated like she was nothing but a rogue who deserved nothing, she was constantly bulliedand beaten, but Lacey decides at the age of 17 that she has had enough and will leave on her 18th birthday but will she get out with out getting caught or will she find her Mate and stay for love.

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The Beginning
The Solar Eclipse Pack was a small pack that consisted of about 500 wolves and 100 of them were warriors. they were located in the rural parts of Virginia, more specific closer to Marion, Virginia. They have been fighting other packs around them for months,because they were the smallest pack of the packs around them. Those fight were more for territory over anything else. The strongest of any of the packs around them was the Blood Lust pack. All they cared about was power and territory. The Alpha of the Solar Eclipse Pack, Alpha Jacob Williams and his Luna Kathy Williams Have been together for a little over 10 years. They have been running and protecting there pack risking their lives for there pack for 5 years. Jacob and his mate Kathy were thrown into the Alpha and Luna positions when Jacob's parents died fighting off rogues that attacked the pack. Jacob being of Alpha blood he was next to run the pack. When he met Kathy he was already Alpha for 2 years, it didn't take long before Kathy fell in love with Jacob and, took her rightful place next to her mate as Luna of the pack. About a year after Kathy took her place as Luna of the pack she became pregnant. They were excited about having a pup and growing the family and the pack. Luna Kathy and Alpha Jacob had a little girl named Lacey Williams. As Lacey grew they soon Learned that Lacey was a special girl because, she shifted into her wolf at the age of 5 when normal wolves don't usually shift into there wolf until they are the age of 15 or older. Two Years Later... The Alpha, Luna, and their daughter Lacey were sitting at the table eating dinner when Jacob got mind-linked from one of the warriors named John. "Alpha wolves have crossed the border we are currently fighting them but we are out numbered" John mind-linked "How many?" The Alpha replied. "Close to 30 but there's more coming." John replied before the link was cut off. Jacob jumped up and grabbed Lacey's hand and told his mate- "to go upstairs and hide and don't come out until I get back." Kathy said: "What is going on?" Jacob: "Wolves are attacking go upstairs with Lacey and hide don't come out until I get back." Kathy runs with Lacey and hides in the closet in their bedroom and holds Lacey close. Lacey looks up at her mom with worry. Seeing this lacey's mom looked down and told her: " it's going to be okay." Lacey nods her head and hugs her mom tightly. About forty-five minutes later Kathy feels a pain in her heart and she knows it's her mate. She knows that he's hurt and she can't do anything about it because she has to protect Lacey. Suddenly the pain shot from her heart and went through her whole body letting out a ear-piercing scream with tears streaming down her face. Lacey started to worry. "Mom what's wrong?" Kathy Hearing her daughter but can't respond due to the pain shooting through her body only made her daughter worry more. Seeing the worry on her face and the tears brewing in her eyes she focused on trying to calm down her daughter. After a few minutes she was able to speak through the pain. "I am okay sweetie." "your crying mom" Lacey said. "It's okay sweetie, just worried about daddy." she said. Lacey nodded her head and calm down a little bit. Suddenly there was a loud bang coming from below us in the lowest part of the pack house. Lacey looked at me with fear in her eyes, I knew I had to protect her and keep her calm at the same time. I put my finger over my lips signaling her to keep quiet. I then linked her. "Everything will be okay just stay here and stay quiet" As I started to slowly move and open the door to leave she grabbed my arm and looked at me with fear still in her eyes. Her eyes watery tears threatening to fall from them. I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her tightly and place a kiss on her for head and linked her. "Stay here be quiet and I will be right back I promise, I love you lacey" Lacey nodded her head tears streaming from her eyes. I wrapped a blanket around her and opened the closet door quietly slipping out. I slowly and quietly closed the door and made my way down stairs to where I heard the noise come from. I slowly made my way towards the stairs when I got to the top I saw a wolf black at the bottom of the stairs. The wolf started growling and staring at me venomously. I shifted and it launched up at me. Lacey I stayed put as my mom told me to and stayed quiet wrapped up in the blanket she put around me tears streaming from my eyes. It was quiet then I heard a faint growling down the hallway I squeezed my eyes closed. Not even a minute later I heard two wolves fighting, I sat there praying my mom would be okay and the she would come back to me like she promised. The fighting stopped about Fifteen minutes later, everything went quiet. I just stayed put hoping soon my mom or dad would come and open the closet door saying everything is okay. As I kept thinking they were okay my eyes fell heavy and darkness overcame me. The Next Morning Lacey I woke up still in the closet everything is quiet I unwrapped myself from the blanket and slowly crept to the closet door. I quietly turned the handle and slowly cracked the closet door open. Nobody was insight and it was silent. Suddenly I heard my stomach growl, I didn't get to finish dinner with everything that happened last night. I stared at the bedroom door trying to decide if I should open it or if I should stay put. As I was trying to decide my stomach growled again, I decided to go down to the kitchen to find a snack atleast. Everything had to be okay now right?

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