The Omega's Revenge

kickass heroine

With the previous Alpha Benjamin still on the loose, the newly formed Silver Moon Stone pack looks toward bringing back peace to their pack and rebuilding what had been lost under Alpha Benjamin's reign.

Strange things have been happening around the packhouse that no one, not even Cam, has an explanation for.

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New Year's Surprise
“Are you ready for the new year?” Abigail asks bringing me a fresh cup of hot chocolate, we’re sitting in her cottage looking at wedding magazines for her upcoming wedding. “I think it’s nice, at least metaphorically to put this past year behind us. It feels fresh, exciting even.” I flip the page, “What about this as a centerpiece?” I show her one with large bouquets of brightly colored dried flowers. “Ohh, that’s different. Mark the page!” She hasn’t decided anything for her wedding yet. Season, location, colors, nothing. We spent hours going through magazines since the day after she got engaged, finding things she liked, in hopes that we might figure out a pattern out of it. So far nothing, she went from brightly colored bridesmaids dresses to monochrome table designs, and then loving a wedding venue that looked like something from the victorian era. I wanted her day to be perfect as much as she did. I knew eventually we would find something that would work for her, and if we couldn't, Gianna definitely could. Jackson, Cameron, and Lucas come bounding in the door covered in snow and brightly colored paint. Lucas finally got Jackson and Cameron to play paintball with him, the gift I gave Lucas for Christmas, and they have been outside in the snow for almost five hours. “Who won?” I ask, looking up from the page I just marked. “Who do you think?” Lucas flashes me his signature grin and Cameron looks sour, he doesn’t like losing anything, even paintball. “No tracking snow in here.” Abigail scolds them, “At least take off your jackets and boots by the door and then come in and sit by the fire.” “Any big new years plans?” Cameron asks us. “We’re doing the same thing as you, probably sitting here.” I shrug. “Want to be my new years kiss?” Lucas asks Cameron puckering up. Cameron smacks the back of his head as Jackson comes and scoops me in his arms. “You’re freezing.” I try to struggle away but he buries his face in my neck. “And you’re warm.” He doesn’t let me go, snuggling deeper into me. The afternoon passes comfortably around the fire. Jim comes home off his shift and we order pizza and have a few drinks, even though this isn’t something special, something that we don’t do almost every day, this is exactly how I want to spend my New Years Eve. _________________ “An hour until midnight.” Jackson notes filling up my glass of champagne, “Then we can start the new year together.” He kisses my nose. “I didn’t think I really wanted a mate, but I mean it might be kinda nice. Then I won’t have to be stuck with Cam as my date all the time.” Lucas looks at us. “The feeling is mutual.” Cameron glares at him, his eyes clouding over, “Might be a bit more eventful night than you thought with me though.” He sighs, “Get up, we have to go.” He pushes Lucas’ arm. “Where are we going? I just got comfortable.” he complains. “Jenn's in labor.” “Are you serious? I just knew she would choose the worst time.” Jackson stands up next to me. “I guess that’s my cue.” Jim goes to get changed. Abigail looks at me and rolls her eyes. We knew she was due this week, but of course she had to go into labor tonight. Jim comes and gives Abigail a kiss on the cheek. “Give me a real kiss, because we’re going to miss the countdown.” She pulls him to her. “Ew, I don’t want to see my parents kiss.” I exclaim, Abigial smiles at me and Jim comes over to kiss me on the cheek. “I know you’re joking, but I love when you call us that.” Jim beams down at me, “Now, gentleman, do you mind if I borrow you for a few moments to get her settled in the hospital?” “I’ll be back as soon as I can,” Jackson whispers to me. (Jackson) Jim goes to get her room ready while we head to the holding cells to retrieve Jennifer. The warrior guarding the gate gives Cam a knowing look that we all understood. I’m sure he was overjoyed to get her out of his care. “Hey Jenn, heard the bouncing baby boy is on his way,” Lucas leans on the cell door and she screams at him clutching her stomach. “The doctor said I had to give birth in the clinic,” She starts panting, “I have to give birth in the clinic, I have to get- I have to give birth there.” She repeats frantically. “Calm down, that’s what we’re here for, to and I cannot emphasize this enough to, quietly, escort you to the clinic.” Lucas raises an eyebrow at her. “I have my bag packed, so get me out of here.” “Your bag, like a hospital bag?” Lucas snorts, “Toiletries, my nightgown -ahhh.” She screams clutching her stomach again. “The stuff that Isla had set up here, I guess.” I shrug. “Grab your bag and place it on the floor in front of you, turn your back and put your hands behind you in front of the door,” Cam instructs. “Ah, but, no, no, you can’t use silver - the baby,” “They’re regular handcuffs, metal, not silver. Now I have a party to be getting back to if you don’t mind.” Cam says annoyed. She slowly puts the bag in front of her, checking her things before turning and putting her arms behind her. Cam slips on the handcuffs through the bars and then opens the gates. Lucas and I take one of her arms each as Cam searches through her bag, “Nothing important here.” “What would be important? I only have the s**t that your b.itch let me have.” She yells the last part at me and I pull her forward a bit harshly. “I don’t give a single s.hit that you are in labor, you are still a prisoner, your baby however is not. So I would watch your words because once he's out, no one can protect you.” “Ahhhh.” She screams and loses her balance, but Lucas and I pull her up. He rolls his eyes and gives me a look. _____________ Jim has the room ready with an annoyed-looking nurse on call, “I’m sorry, Jill.” Jim says to her, “You’re just the unlucky one on call.” “But her.” She throws Jennifer a look. “Professionalism, Jill. That is the last time I say it. Right now she is a patient.” The nurse, Jill pulls on a tight smile and signals us to come in. “Two warriors will be outside the door at all times.” Jennifer rolls her eyes at Cam. “I’m in f.ucking labor, you think I’m going to try to fight someone?” Cam ignores her and unlocks her handcuffs, “Get changed into the gown, the doctor will give you the pain medication if you choose, and then you’ll be handcuffed to the hospital bed. Her eyes go wide. “You will not chain me to a f.ucking bed.” “We will.” Lucas flashes her a smile. “At least let me have a shred of dignity and let me get changed alone, she snatches the hospital gown from Jim’s hand and heads to the bathroom. Lucas makes a move to follow her but Cam shakes his head. “There are no windows in this room, and the vent is locked.” Cam gives us a wicked smile. “Should have known.” Lucas shakes his head smiling. Jennifer comes out after a minute and looks at us three. “What are you still doing here?” “Making sure you’re settled in, sweetie.” Lucas winks, “Strange, you haven’t had a contraction since we got here.” On cue Jennifer’s face scrunches up and she grabs at her belly, “Alright let's get you to the bed, let me get a scan on the baby to make sure you are actually in labor, first." Jim hooks her and the baby up to a monitor and there is silence in the room for a few moments. "Well, it seems that you are telling the truth, do you mind?" She glares at him but keeps her mouth shut as he motions for her to sit back, "Okay, so you aren't quite where I would normally want you to be for an epidural, but if you gentleman doesn't want to wait here until then, I can go ahead and give it to her earl, with her consent. do you want the epidural?” Jim asks her and she nods frantically. “Okay, Gamma. We are ready for you, not like she will be able to move an inch in a minute.” Jim says after he injected her. Cam immediately tightens the handcuffs to one of her hands and the bed. “One is enough, I think.” Jim interrupts Cam as he goes to secure her other hand, “I may need to place a needle in her hand or arm to get extra fluids in if something goes wrong.” “Doctor.” Cam nods stepping away, “My men are outside the room now. Once the baby is born and you give us the all clear we will be back to transport her to her holding cell to await her punishment.” “I’ll keep you updated. Please take care of my girls tonight.” “We will.” We all say at the same time earning us a glare and exaggerated eye roll from Jennifer. I check my watch, I have one minute til midnight. I burst through the cottage door as Abigial and Isla are doing the countdown 3…2….1.. I pick her up in my arms and place a deep kiss on her lips. She pulls back looking flushed. “Happy new year baby.” “Get the f.uck off me.” Isla giggles looking over my shoulder and I turn around to see Lucas pinned Cam to the floor trying to kiss his cheek. Abigail puts a hand over her face but she can’t hide her smile. _________ Isla falls asleep in my arms by the fire after Abigail went to bed. Cam, Lucas, and I are staying up on the pretense of waiting for updates from Jim, but really, we haven’t spent much time together outside of work recently and it felt nice to have a few drinks and just talk to them. The sky is giving way to its first tell-tale signs of dawn, a bit of hazy blue mixing in with the dark black of the night. “Okay, but really, we need to decide on what to do with Jenn,” Cam says, his eyes a bit glossy. “Fine, back to work.” I sigh, but he was right, we did need to decide this, we've been putting it off for too long. “Okay, but we make a note of what we choose and then look at it in the morning with, fresh-er sober eyes.” Lucas laughs. “Since when were you the responsible one?” Cam looks at him. “Since you’re a lightweight because you’re scared to get too drunk in case there’s a pack emergency.” Lucas does air quotes, “There’s never a pack emergency.’” “There have been pack emergencies.” I nod to agree with Cam. “But not every time he drinks.” “Whatever-whatever.” Cam waves his hand at Lucas, “So, do we kill her? Because I could if you guys don’t want to.” “That is an option, let's explore the other ones too. Great way to start though, really opening with the hard hitters.” Lucas fights a grin. “Banishment seems too easy,” I muse, they both nod. “We do have the space in the dungeon to keep her forever, at the moment.” Cam thinks out loud. “Nothing seems right, there has to be something more, the punishment needs to fit the crime, obviously. But, I want to make sure that she’s an example. No one else in the pack, no matter who they are, will ever think about coming between me and my Luna again.” I say, Flint, coming forward for a second. “Yes, Alpha,” Cam says, submitting to Flint immediately. “We need to put our creative caps on.” Lucas puts a fake hat on his head, seeming to not notice, or ignoring, my Alpha aura expanding. “I’ll get more whiskey.” Cam stands up, Isla stirred for a second and I sat back holding my breath not to wake her. Some of her thick, auburn hair falls over her face. She was truly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Lucas tenses before I notice it, the shattering of glass, Isla stirs again and her eyes flutter open. “Damnit, man.” I hiss. “So much for not being a lightweight.” Lucas chuckles and stands to help Cam with the mess. Cam stares at us his eyes turning back to their normal blue, “Jennifer is gone.”

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