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Elle Guinevere Cruz is a teenage girl who fell in love with her English Professor who's quite the opposite of everything she is. However, there is one thing that they have in common and that is Music. Their love for music and each other is the only thing that keeps them together. Would there be a happy ending in their story? Or it will be just a heartbreaking first love that both of them will never forget?

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Chapter I
Monday. I woke up with the chattering downstairs. The favorite thing that always happens to me every morning is when the sunlight coming from the side window of my room points at my face along with the birds chirping. It's just today, it's not the bird’s chirp that I can hear. Instead, it's the loud but sweet voice of my best friend Darlene. It's 6:30 in the morning, a special day for us because it is our first day of school as College Students. Unbelievable how time runs away. Not long ago we are just in Senior High too busy preparing for our graduation. I decided to get up from bed and prepare myself when I heard Darlene’s footsteps coming. When she enters my room I can see how excited she is on our first day of school. “What on earth! You're not yet dressed? We're gonna be late, Am I the only one who’s excited about this new chapter of our life?” - said, Darlene “Of course, I am, it's just you are more likely to be excited than me.” - I smiled at her Her eyes rolled. “Alright Guinevere, this is not a competition of who’s much excited. Go ahead and fix yourself, I will be staying here preparing your uniform.” She pushed me into the bathroom and shut the door. I sigh and a smile draws on my face. I'm not sure how I deserve to have a best friend like her. ------ After preparing myself we both went downstairs to have breakfast with my parents and my younger brother Kyle. “So, before anything else, I want to wish you, girls, good luck in your new journey.” - said, my mom “Oh, I wish that you both behave and leave your attitudes in High School.” - said, Kyle. And look at me with a smirk on his face. What the hell is his problem? “Kyle enough with that! That's your older sister and we are at the dining table, have some manners.” - said, my dad “It's fine daddy, I know how Kyle loves me and he’s just being like that because he's gonna miss me. Oh, my lil bro don't worry I’m gonna miss you as well.” - I sarcastically said and finished my breakfast. Kyle and I don't get along very well but it's not like we hate each other. It's just I think our love language is annoying each other. ------- We wave to my parents goodbye before we enter the school premises. My mother insisted that they gave us a ride to school since it is our first day. As we walked to the elegant landscape of our new school, I can’t help myself gaze at the main gate. It is made of brick, earth, and soft stone. The brick was facing the parapets and the stone for the walls. It looks like the stone has become much harder with time and presents a very solid appearance. On top of it is a stone sculpture stating the name of the school and when it is founded. COLEGIO DE ROMA - Founded in 1571 I am in awe of just the ambiance of this place. It feels like I traveled back in time. It is vintage, classic. It seems like I was jinxed by that moment when my best friend snap her fingers and whisper in my ear, “I know that you are a fan of this type of scene. If only I did not grow up with you I will be thinking that you're a witch. And not to be a buzz kill here but girl we are late.” - said, Darlene “I'm sorry, it's just this place is so mesmerizing. It seems like this school was built just for me.” - I said pouting She sigh. “I knoooooow. And it's totally fine and I'm happy that you like it here. So, see you later and please don't make a lot of friends. I will still be your best friend after class okay?” - said, Darlene “Darleeeeneeeee, of course, you are.” - I said while hugging her. “I’m kidding silly.” - she said and vanished. I went straight to the room of my first subject which is Algebra, and I sit on the chair beside the window so that I can see the view of the campus’s park-like student center. Time went by and all of the subjects were just orientations. Darlene and I met at the cafeteria at lunch and she introduce me to her newfound friends. “So much for, I will still be your best friend even after class huh.” - I said quietly Darlene just smile and kiss my cheek. I spent most of the time in the student's lounge. I saw a group of students carrying musical instruments talking and laughing. They look like a band. I smiled at them. They smiled back. Nothing special happened luckily It's almost the end of class and I only have one subject left which is English Communications. I went straight to the assigned room, watching my steps as I enter when I accidentally slip, fall to my knees, and dropped my books. “Ouch!” - I said as I frown I look at the class and saw some of my classmates laughing. I get up then suddenly there is a boy standing in front handing my books back to me. “Thanks!” - I said and smile a little “Anytime, Timothy.” - he said then offer his hand “Gwen. Thank you. Again.” - I smile genuinely this time and look for a comfortable seat. It took me a minute to find an available seat but it is all occupied and the only chair that was not is the two in front, so I decided to just sit there. I close my eyes and bend my head at my desk. “It is the first day and this is what happened to me, how Ironic.” - I said to myself and sigh deeply “Good afternoon class!” - said the man who just entered the room, and I bet this is our professor. “Good afternoon sir.” - my classmates said. He smiles and gets a marker and wrote something on the board. He's not that old. He does not look like a professor. He looks just like us. Student. He’s tall. I think 6’3 He's dark. Filipino type. He has a spare upper lip and a full lower lip. His eyes were brown, deep-set and his eyelashes touch the skin under his eyebrows. His voice is deep, it rumbles. He is wearing a white button-down polo, khaki pants, and white sneakers. I look at what he wrote on the whiteboard; GREGORY HADES LOPEZ BACHELOR IN SECONDARY EDUCATION MAJOR IN ENGLISH “Lopez? As in Joseph Everett Lopez? The Dean? The founding family of this school? No doubt he became a professor at such a young age.” - I whisper to my mind. --------- “Since this is the first day of school, we're gonna be doing a meet and greet. Overrated? Yes, it is. But we are going to do this differently.” - says Mr. Lopez in an authoritative tone. “Instead of telling us just your name, age, address, and whatnot I need you to do it like tell us your nickname first, then your pet peeve, and your three characteristics. And that characteristics need to be two truths and a lie, without letting us know what is what. Then the person seating next to you will be obliged to guess what’s the lie in that characteristics. Am I clear?” - He added I was confused about what he was trying to do. But Who Am I to refuse? I heard my classmates murmuring some of them find it exciting, some find it a little too much and some just simply don’t care. And that was me. I just stare blankly in front. Then I sigh and rolled my eyes. “Is there a problem Miss?” “Oh no, nothing. It's just I'm not into lying so I'm having trouble thinking about what might be the lie I'm going to tell. And is this necessary? I mean what lesson can we learn in this exercise by the way?” I was shocked when I turned my head and saw who am I speaking with. It is Mr. Lopez and he’s staring at me with a lot of question marks on his face. “What did you just say?” - he said “Uhm, nothing. I... just.... said should we start now?” I can’t even explain how he looks at me. First day right and I'm dead. I look at the person beside me and it was Timothy, he was smiling while his pointing finger is touching his lips. I didn't notice he was sitting beside me. I shrug. Mr. Lopez turned at the whole class “Okay, class to be fair I’ll start.” “My nickname is Hades, you can call me Mr. Lopez I already stated my full name on the board. I know some of you may be wondering how I became a professor at this age, but worry no more I want to let you guys know that I just graduated last year and I took the bar exam as soon as possible and passed. That's it, no magic was used.” “Pet peeve, nothing much I just don't like nosy people. And if you have a violent reaction or emotional outburst about my way of teaching you can say it directly to me.” - he said that while staring at me and with caution I convinced myself that there was no malice in that sentences. It is my fault he’s being like that in the first place. “Alright, two truths and a lie. I love cars, I’m a bassist in our band, and I do have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Your turn” - he smiles while nodding and he looks into Timothy Timothy stands up and fixes his uniform before talking. “Timothy, you can call me Tim. I think the lie in Mr. Lopez’s characteristics is he is a bassist in a band.” - said Timothy “Wrong, I'm not into cars. I prefer a motorcycle.” - said, Mr. Lopez smiling Why do I feel irritated with the way he smiles? “Oh, that's it? You got me there Sir! I thought you liked cars, and you don't seem like the type of a band member. Anyway, Pet Peeve... A fibber, I would rather accept the sad truth than be happy in a lie.” - Timothy continues I heard my classmates clapping and shouting. It was like they were cheering on Timothy. I just look at him, smiled, and gave him a nod. Timothy seems nice. He’s tall just like Mr. Lopez. He is slender with fine facial features, and his cheekbones are sharp with a narrow chin, lovely hair, and facial hair is well groomed. “Move on guys, two truths and a lie. I do love video games, my favorite subject is Mathematics, and I love reading.” He looks at me as if instructing me to stand up. And then he sit down. I took a deep breath before standing. I made sure that I don't look irritated beforehand. “Hi folks, the name is Guinevere. Friends and family used to call me Gwen. I think the lie Tim mentioned was he loves reading?” - yes, I said it like I'm asking and not answering Tim looks at me with amusement, he's touching his chest as if he's hurt. “Ouch!” - he said “I do love reading, I’m a poet. Mathematics? Not me.” - he continues, laughing softly “I'm sorry, it's just a guess...” - I laugh softly as well and turned back to class “My pet peeve is a narcissist. I am a rock band vocals, I love sports, and I do paint.” “An artist...” - Mr. Lopez I just looked at him and rolled my eyes. He is annoying. The person next to me is a girl. She's pretty. She has a V-shaped face, full pouting lips, arched eyebrows, and a slim nose. Very simple like a girl-next-door type of girl. She looks pleasant wearing a white polo and light blue plaid necktie inside with an unbuttoned dark blue blazer, tucked in a khaki mini skirt, knee-length white socks, and black shoes. Our uniform. She smiles at me and stands. I smiled back. “I guess the lie is you're a rock band vocalist, you look like a shy type of gal.” - she said looking innocent “I am. Our band name is Waltz for Venus.” - I said “Really? Oh, snap! I think you have such a pretty voice because you are pretty.” - she smiles “Hello everyone, My name is Hannah Kirsten Buendia. Kirsten for short, I can’t think of any pet peeves cause I think we're free to be whoever we want to be. It is our right...” “We're free to be whoever we want to be. It is our right.” This line just hit me. Hard. She's right. Why do we always need to adjust our personality just so the people around us will accept us? Why don't we just be ourselves? I was thinking of that line for the rest of the period to the point that I was not able to understand what my other classmates sites during the exercise. And then the bell rings... I picked up my bag and books and head directly to the door. “Ms. Cruz?” Someone called me before I practically stepped out of the room. Guessing by the voice, that annoying voice, I knew it was him. I rolled my eyes and sigh before turning back. “Uhm, yes sir?” - I said “I was just thinking you mentioned earlier that you are a band vocal, maybe you can consider joining the campus band.” - he said with a blank expression “Aaahhm... not really sure...” - I said looking down “I don't need your answer right now, why don't you sleep about it?” - he said authoritatively I stare at him eyes widened. Seriously? I nod three times and took a breath. “Sure sir, I’ll let you know. Goodbye!” I marched out of the room. Why is this guy so authoritative as if he is the boss? Unbelievable. I don't think I can survive until this semester is finished. This guy is getting on my nerves! ------ I saw Darlene standing near the main gate of the campus. She is with four boys and a girl. I noticed the familiarity of one of those boys. He is Timothy. They are giggling. Wait, Darlene knows him? I walked into them. “Hi girl, how was the first day?” - said Darlene “It's fine. Normal.” - I said “She’s fine even though she got burned by our English prof, Mr. Lopez. Attagirl!” - Tim said “Wait... Seriously? Why?” - Darlene “It's nothing. Don't worry it's just that man is arrogant and full of himself.” - I said “Ohh! What a pity, it's a test of patience to the most flat-out gal in the Universe! Girl, I'm not convinced that you’ll let that slide. It's so not you, I know you’ll do revenge - The Gwen Style.” - she said while all of them is in awe I grinned. This is where the excitement starts.

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