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It was a boring world for Scarlett. Nothing was interesting anymore. She's been getting all she wants all her life that nothing excites her anymore. She tried to find excitement all over the city, but still found none, until her eyes set upon her childhood friend, Riley. Riley has changed over the years, which makes Riley different from what Scarlett remembers.

Now, what happens when Scarlett teases Riley everyday? Using her own body. Since Scarlett doesn't talk much, what will Riley think of these advances? But what's more interesting is how this story will end.

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The Starting Point
Riley's P.O.V "No! No! No! You do this equation first before you compute that. Damn it, Victoria." Dawn was scolding Victoria again, because she did the computation wrong, AGAIN. You must be wondering where we are. Well, we're in school, surrounded by our classmates. We're inside our classroom, having our lunch break when Victoria announced that she still hasn't done her Math homework. Of course, Dawn was furious and told her to do it herself with Dawn's coaching. Dawn is the smartest girl here in school. She's been at many competitions and is still booked in the next few weeks. She was quite the busy girl. Me? I'm just your normal student girl in a not so very normal school. See, this is a private school and the tuition is so so so over my head. I bet it has more value than my own life right now. My parents aren't rich. So guess who's paying for my tuition? Of course, it's Scarlett's parents. Scarlett's family owns the biggest and booming business here in the city. She has all she needs and to top it all off, everyone says her body is to die for, which is in fact true. Compared to her 5'8 height, I'm only 5'6. The only problem is that she's arrogant. Oh, wait, there's more. She doesn't bother to study and intimidates me on a regular basis. She's been teasing me everyday. And when I say everyday, it's not only in school, but also at home. Yes, we live in the same condo. Her parents wanted her to become independent with me by her side. She was head cheerleader, so yes, she's THAT intimidating. Not even the school wants to mess with her. Her parents are always on her side. Well, they're not bad people. Scarlett is just really a kind girl in front of them so they always believe her. I don't blame them though. She's good at acting. I think she wants to be an actress. "I'm sorry I'm stupid, okay?" It wasn't that Victoria is stupid. She's actually smart. She's just teasing Dawn. Not one of us is stupid because we three are from poor families. Victoria and Dawn are scholars of the school. I was going to be one too but Scarlett said that it would take up too much of my time so she asked her parents to pay for my tuitions. "Urgh! I can't even with you." Dawn inhales and exhales. She closes her eyes to quicken the process of her calming down. I giggled before eating my lunch. Yes, I have a lunch box. I bring one. I don't care what others say. I bring one because I can't afford to buy even a bread. I'm that poor. Sue me. "I'm done, actually. Just wanted to give you a headache." Victoria brought out another notebook from her backpack and showed it to Dawn. "If I tear that to pieces, then you'd have to answer everything all over again, right?" Dawn was smiling innocently at Victoria. Her smile had a different meaning in them. "Uh, no, no thanks. Anyway. eat your lunch. You're just hungry." Victoria immediately inserts the notebook back to her backpack and zipped it all the way to the end. "Riley!" I jumped and looked everywhere to find where the voice came from. I see Scarlett on the door, leaning on the frame and crossed her arms. We weren't classmates but we're just neighbors in terms of classrooms. It wasn't tedious for her, which was to her liking, to search for me. Everyone started whispering. No one knows that I'm poor, except for my friends. And no one knows that they're scholars here, just me. If one were to know, we'd be bullied, saying that there are peasants in their rich school. What these rich kids can do are scarier than my parents' s******g. "What is it?" I close my lunch box and walked to her. "Eat lunch with me." my eyebrows furrowed. "But I'm already eating my lunch-" I didn't even finish my sentence when she grabbed my wrist and dragged me across the school's cafeteria, which we three call as 'restaurant' because it had dishes that is pricier than my monthly allowance. But I didn't have to worry about the price when it's Scarlett that I'm with. She usually forces me to eat with her so she also usually pays for it. "I'll have the same thing." she throws me her credit card and sat at her usual seat. "Fine," As she walks, her ass were bouncing firmly, which made me envious of its form. I don't know if cheerleading helped her tone her body or if she's just that toned, but I'm still envious. I sighed and make my way to the counter. "The Scarlett special please." "Righty yo," I gave the cashier the credit card and she swiped it immediately. Once I got the credit card back and the food, I walked to Scarlett's table and placed the tray on the table. I sat opposite of her. "Why are you sitting there?" she glares at me like I did something horribly wrong. "Ugh," I sighed and sat beside her. She closes the distance and grabbed my hand then placed it on her thigh. She always does this. She'd ask me to sit with her almost everywhere and place my hand on her thigh. She was wearing short shorts so my hand is directly touching her leg. It was a normal thing for me at this point. I watch her as she eats, because she says she liked being watched. I watch her enjoy her lunch while my lunch is left with those two. They better not eat my lunch. "Have some," she says. "No, thank you. I still haven't finished my lunch." "You should've brought yours." I rolled my eyes. If she hadn't dragged me here, I would have my lunch right now, right here, with her. But NO, she had to drag me without letting me finish my sentence. But that's too late now. "Geez, sorry." I sarcastically said. "Bring your hand up a little." I look at the space between my hand and her entrance. I gulped. I slowly slide my hand up and kept the most little space between my hand and her p***y. I cleared my throat and looked away. "Why are you looking away?" Fucking hell! Because my hand is almost at your p***y, that's why! But I can't tell her that. Just one word from her and my sponsors will go and I'll be back to working multiple jobs a day. "..." I slowly turn my head to her while she continued eating. She didn't bother to spare me a glance, which I'm thankful for. I don't know if she's aware that I'm into girls or not, she keeps on pushing my buttons. One day, this girl will be the death of me. Of course, I'm not into her. She's too high maintenance and I can't afford high maintenance and we're just childhood friends. And that she just decided to keep on teasing me. She's not like this before. She used to be just irritating me and picking a fight with me. Only recently does she ask for this. But I never complain, because like I said, one word from her and my sponsors are out. Not just me but my parents as well. My mom serves as the head maid in their main house and my father as the personal driver of Scarlett's father. Scarlett's parents doesn't mind our relationship and they treat my parents as equals. They weren't condescending typical rich people. They were kind. Maybe that's why they thought that Scarlett is also kind, because they thought that she inherited her kindness. "I'm done." "Okay," I quickly lift my hand from her thigh and hurriedly went to place the tray and the dishes on the counter. Rich kids don't bring back their trays but I am usually told by Scarlett to do this. I'm not complaining, because of this, my hand on her thigh is lifted. I went to her and she stood up. "I'm going to wash my teeth." she didn't have to ask. She told me that she didn't have to ask and that I should follow her everywhere. We went to the restroom and she brushed her teeth. She meticulously brushes her teeth, not wanting to stain her white ones. I watch her again, because she didn't need to ask. The school probably thinks that I'm a weirdo, watching her as she does her things, or they probably think that I'm in love with her to be able to follow her in the restroom just to watch her brush her teeth. Either way, those two aren't going to get in my head. All I want is peaceful life, just to graduate and go to college. I could say normal too but this is not normal. "Is it fresh now?" she asks me. "I don't know." "Well, I better make you smell it then." "Huh-" She smashes her lips to mine. Her mouth was fresh and had a little bit of sweetness on them. She inserts her tongue without my permission and investigated my mouth. She pushes me on the counter until my ass hit the sink. I was not able to comprehend what was happening until she broke the kiss and licked her lips with the same tongue that invaded my mouth seconds ago. My first kiss was now gone and Scarlett was the first one to get it. No, no. It's only a construct. I better keep it calm or else my sponsors are gone. Keep it down. At least she's not r****g me. "Thanks for the meal," she walks away and left me there. I don't know if I should be angry or sad. Maybe both? I don't know why I'm letting her do these things to me. We were normal childhood friends before, so what happened? What made her do these things to me? Is she angry at me? I racked my brain so hard but I found nothing. I went back to the classroom and had no more appetite to finish my lunch. "Did something happen?" Dawn asks, obviously worried about my troubled face. "She r***d my lips." We've always been open since I remember. We figured it was the best way to keep our friendship intact and out of drama. We have no time for dramas. Our lives are already dramatic as it is, we didn't want to add friendship on that list. "Was her lips soft?" Victoria has always been the outgoing type out of the three of us. She's far more experienced than me and Dawn combined. She's also quite the maniac too. She grabs breasts for five dollars from hopeless rich students, like our class president. In other words, she makes money by grabbing breasts. "They were," I answered honestly, and blunt. "Man, a lot of people would die just to get a kiss from Scarlett." Dawn says, trying to lift up my mood. "Yeah. They're already jealous that you're friends with her." Victoria nods her head, agreeing to her own statement. "It's not that. I'm upset that I don't know how to feel. Even I have to re-evaluate my own emotions." "Huh. Well, that makes sense. Anyway, I can sell information about Scarlett if you want me to." I was troubled. "Huh?" "Lots of students here wants to get it on with Scarlett and they need information on how to make her submit. So, if you have sauces, tell me." "You and your damned perversions." "Don't forget to add my business skills, Dawn. You give me way too little credit." Dawn rolls her eyes and ignores Victoria by reading a book about theories of the right and wrongs. Victoria nudges my elbow and wiggles her eyebrows at me. I mildly shake my head. The milder it is, the firmer it is for me. But she kept on nudging me. "No. I won't sell information about my sponsor. What if my sponsor will run away? I think I should be glad that she's toying with me because that means she's interested in making me a slave. If I become her slave, then I'll be set for life." "I know that's a lie." "Yeah, it is a lie. But still, selling information about her is wrong." Victoria leans on her chair and clicks her tongue. "Pfft. Fine, but if you ever change your mind, I'm here and am ready to split the revenue by half." I shake my head and turn around, facing the teacher's desk. A couple more minutes and the bell rang, which signaled that it was time for afternoon classes. I listened intently and wrote down notes. When the ball rang again, indicating that we're done for today, I found Scarlett on the door, leaning her back on it again. I'm not even going to make this weird, because that will satisfy her. I'm just going to treat this like it was nothing, hoping that she'd lay low for a while. "Your girlfriend is here." Victoria teases me. "Oh, shut up." "Victoria never learns how to shut up." "Shut up, Dawn. " "You shut up." I sighed as the two started arguing again. I sling my backpack over my shoulder. "I'll head out first." I walk to Scarlett and she smiles at me. I was stunned. It was a first. She's smiling? Is she planning on murdering me? Is she finally going to kill me? Or worse, get my entire family deported? I stood in front of her frozen, contemplating what to counter with her smile. "Why, why are you smiling?" I stuttered, showing fear of her smile. Which is an idiotic thing to do. "You're small." She turns her back towards me and starts walking. Was that it? Because I'm two inches smaller than her? Was that really it? She found something so trivial so amusing? I can hardly believe so! I shake my head and followed behind her. "I don't have practice. Let's go home." We walk to the school's parking lot where you could see every luxury car there is and some are even upgraded. She throws me her keys and lets me drive. She gets in the car before I followed her. I sighed again. I climb on her car and started engine and started driving towards her condo. "Your hand." she says, "I'm driving?" "Did you have a problem about that before?" I pursed my lips and placed my hand on her thigh. She was looking out the window so I guess that's great. I didn't have to look at her while I'm driving because that would be totally suicidal. I'm happy that she wasn't looking at me, otherwise I'd make sharp turns to get us both killed. The ride was silent after that, even until when I parked. We both kept quiet in the elevator and waited for the elevator to chime before we got out and entered the condo. She throws her bag at the couch. I pick it back up and place it neatly on the side, where our bags were supposed to go. "You need something to drink?" I ask knowing that she always drinks after we get home. "Lemonade," she answers timidly. "Okay," I made her some lemonade and gave it to her. She rests on the sofa while I prepare us our dinner. She watches television while I do the housework. I hear the glass clink on the glass mini table so I walked to the living room and grabbed the glass. "What's for dinner?" "Meat." "I would like some of your meat." I wasn't sure if she meant it sexually or literally so I laughed. "Why are you laughing?" her sleek eyebrows furrowed at the sound of my laugh. "Well, I don't know. I'll give you some of my meat then." I walk back to the kitchen and finished cooking thirty minutes after that. I prepared the table and called her. Yes, this is our typical dinner after school. She doesn't try anything funny, or not yet. I don't know what's going to happen. She's already walk past the 'no kissing zone', I wonder what she's going to walk past again. "Dinner's ready!" She walks silently to the dining area and sat down. I remember that I may have said that Scarlett is arrogant, so her being this quiet and subtle is a new thing for me. I don't know why she's saying so little and doing so much more right now. But I guess this is also a new thing for me to enjoy. A quiet Scarlett is okay rather than listening to her rants all day long. "Is this your meat?" "Yes, that's my meat. Dig in," She starts eating before I get to sit beside her. I start eating as well and we both enjoy our dinner together. After dinner, I washed the dishes and prepared the bath for her. Yes, I prepare the bath for her because she's too lazy to do it herself. I knocked on her door three times. "Your bath is ready." the door suddenly swings open, revealing a Scarlett that's on her nude. Her black lacey bra and panties are exotic and I could feel heat rushing to my cheeks. Her perfect slender curves were on highlight because of the contrast of her skin and the undergarment colour. My eyes looked her up and down, not realising that I was staring for too long. "See something you like?" she smirks. "Pfft. Go take your bath." She pushes me to the sofa and gets on top of me. Her breasts jiggle in front of me as she moves. I lay uncomfortably under her as she smirks at me. "You didn't give me an answer." she whispers to my ear. "Scarlett, you're going to catch a cold!" "Answer me first, Riley. You like girls, don't you?" I scoff. "So what if I do?" "Well, then I'll find a girl for you to taste." She says before taking my lips. She bites my lip as she aggressively moans. My head was flying to cloud nine at the soft sensation. But before I could enjoy it any further, she breaks the kiss and stands up. "I'm taking my bath now."

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