The Lonely prince's mate

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Lycus is envious to the point that he begins to resent his own twin, all because she finally found her happily ever after.

He knows his mate is out there somewhere, but what if the mate bond brings an unexpected twist with it? A twist with even more past life revelations.

Zelenia finally has her destined mate beside her, but how will the pack react when they realise that their alpha's mate is the orphaned runaway they bullied so badly?

What happens when their family's enemy suddenly decides to resurface and plans on yet more revenge?

Calli was taken from her family when she was just a couple of days old, she has been raised and cared for by a man that she now considers her best friend, so what will they do, when her and her captor begin to feel the mate bond developing between them?

Will Lycus finally get his own happily ever after or is his mate lost to him?

Has Zelenia's luck finally changed for the better?

They may be the most powerful creatures on the Earth, but can they overcome their misfortunes?

**WARNING** Storyline may contain elements that readers find disturbing.

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Jeff POV Twenty one years earlier. My throat burns as I throw back my fifth shot, my young beta pouring me another to prepare my nerves for the onslaught that is imminent. I watch the usually empty pack house, now full with warriors and fighters that have answered my call to arms, readying themselves to seek revenge for their former alpha and his daughter as they prepare themselves for our fight. The silver moon pack, once a strong and highly respected pack, our loyalty was always to the royals and if any other pack was in need of help, we were always there to offer it. But that was then, that was before their previous alpha had been driven mad with grief, grief that could only be created by the loss of a beloved daughter. My father had always been a good and fair alpha, a man who cared more for his pack and family than he did for himself, until one day he received the news that every father dreaded. His daughter, my younger sister had taken her own life. And the reason for this tragic deed? Our beloved king, her mate. Knowing the king had rejected my little sister was one thing, but knowing he was the cause for her untimely death was another. I wanted revenge and vowed that I would take everything that the bastard held dear. Although that would have to wait, my attentions had been drawn to my father, he had turned into a ruthless, crazed man, and our once strong pack had crumbled. Our numbers had diminished, the fear they felt towards their alpha made a majority of them flee and abandon the pack they had been raised in. As future alpha, it was my responsibility to keep the pack safe from any threats, but despite my best efforts I had found it practically impossible, because the biggest threat was their own leader. My father no longer had anyone by his side, my mother left, the knowledge that not even her presence could calm her mate left her heartbroken. My father’s beta and gamma had both been savagely murdered by his own hands and I had come very close to receiving the same treatment. He had replaced his long serving friends with two children, scared and obedient enough to comply with any demand he had to make of them. Eventually I had managed to turn them to see my point of view. Drastic action had to be taken to ensure the success of this pack. “Jeff, I know he’s your father, but like you’ve told us a hundred times, there’s no other way.” The beta, Graham said lowly. “I’m sorry to say it, but Gray’s right, There’s no way around it.” The gamma, Terence agreed with his brother. “You’re going to have to succeed him.” They looked at each other grimly, neither wanted to say the words that hung in the air. I would have to kill my own father. The man who had raised me, he had always been the perfect role model to me and I was going to have to betray him. A single stray tear escaped as I stared down at the unconscious man, he looked pathetic, the twisted look of mental agony even graced his face as he slept, loud growls coming through the breaths he exhaled. The silver knife was heavy in my hand, the metal shining in the slither of light that bled through the small break in the curtain. I took a couple of long strides until I reached the head of the bed, the blade poised at his throat, readying myself for the deed, a deed I knew I would never forgive myself for committing. Bile made its way up into my throat as I dragged the blade across my father’s throat, his blood flowing freely from the deep gash, seeping into the pure white pillows beneath him. I jumped back as his eyes flew open, his mouth gasping for breath, but it was too late, in seconds he would be dead, the silver of the knife making it impossible for him to heal in time. I’m sorry, I had to. I sent through our mind link, but there was nobody there, I knew he had gone. And there was no coming back from this, I had just committed p*******e.   “I’m coming with you and that is the end of it!” I stared into my mate’s glaring green eyes, her deep red hair making her look even more fiery than she actually was. “My love, it won’t be safe. If anything happened to you…” I didn’t get to complete my sentence before she silenced me once again. “I AM COMING! You know I am just as good a fighter as any of these warriors. In fact I am stronger than a lot of these men!” I sighed, exasperated. No matter how much I argued with her, I knew I had already lost this fight, I could never say no to my Carole, and she knew that. “Fine. Do what you want, but stay out of the main fight, stay behind and focus on any stragglers.” “Thank you.” She squealed, going onto tiptoes and planting a soft kiss on my lips. “And where do you think you are going?” I grabbed her wrists as she tried to separate from me. “Now, Luna you may have got your own way as usual, but I do believe you need to be punished for arguing with your alpha.” I dragged her towards the desk in the corner of the office, smirking as I smelt the sweet smell of her arousal in the air. I placed her in front of the desk, stepping aside as I gave my instructions. “Remove the dress. Bend over with your palms pressed firmly onto the desk.” I watched as she obeyed my command, unfastening the dress slowly and easing the straps down her shoulders and arms until it fluttered to her feet. The heavy breaths that we were both exhaling were the only thing you could hear in the room as she stand in matching black lace lingerie and stiletto heels. I kept a serious look on my face as I nodded towards the desk, trying to ignore the lusty look that she wore. “Legs apart.” I ordered as she positioned herself against the desk. A loud gasp escaped her mouth as my hand came down sharply across her arse. “Alpha…” She began as I ripped off her lacy thong. “I’m sorry I…” She was silenced with another swift swat to her behind. “Silence.” I commanded. “ Yes alph…” Another slap rained over her arse. “I said silence.” I informed her with superiority. “Such a disobedient Luna.” I unbuttoned my jeans, removing them and discarding them, along with my underwear. I watched my mate carefully as her body quivered with heavy breaths. My free hand found my d**k as I inserted three fingers into her soaking centre, before exiting her and covering my member with her juices. “So wet for me, my naughty mate.” I growled, leaning over her to reach her ear. My hand began to work on myself as I scanned over her almost naked body, a smirk growing as I could smell just how aroused she was. I placed my tip at her entrance as I pumped harder, raining another slap to her arse as she tried to impale herself. “Do not move!” I growled as I pumped even faster, feeling my release close, the warmth and moistness to my tip aiding me. A frustrated groan sounded as I pulled away from between her legs and released over her arse. “What’s the matter my love? Should I have put my d**k somewhere else?” “Maybe here?” My c**k began to twitch again as I put two fingers in her mouth, her tongue licking away some c*m that had settled. “Or here?” It stirred more as I dove three fingers into her core and I felt her sensuous moan vibrate around the fingers that still resided inside her mouth. She had given me no answer, still adhering to the rule of silence. I retracted my digits from her p***y, replacing them with my d**k as I massaged her back passage with the newly freed fingers, earning a greedy moan. I pulled out of her, my rigid member coated in her lubricating excitement, before guiding myself into her tight back entrance. “Or do you want it here?” I stilled after a few thrusts, awaiting her answer, thrusting again when I received none. “I want to know, my love. Where exactly do you want me.” “My p***y. Make me c*m alpha, please make me cum.” She begged breathily, the need in her voice undeniably evident. I pulled out of her arse and slammed into her core, slamming into her harder and faster with every thrust, before I felt her begin to tighten around me, her throbbing sending me into another state of release until I collapsed on top of her, out of breath and contented.     I focused on the tall clock tower that resided within the walls that guarded the royals’ castle. It seemed as if the hands were turning anticlockwise on the face of the clock as we waited for them to indicate midnight. I searched through the hundreds of wolves behind me, until I found what I was searching for. Staring into the beautiful bright green eyes of my mate, I committed them to my memory, if the worst happened I would always have those eyes to accompany me into the darkness that would consume me. As the bell began to chime, the wolves behind me began to turn, they all knew their place and the tasks I had set. Some were to take the guards and warriors, the weaker were to take the village, Myself, Graham and Terence were to take on the royals themselves. The queen was just about ready to drop a pup, so she would be no problem and the heir to the throne was only a boy and unlikely to have started his training yet. My main concern would be the king, but as long as I took away his family, he could keep his life, the pain of losing everything he lived for would kill him slowly anyway, I couldn’t think of a better way for him to suffer. As the final chime rang twelve, I raised my hand and pointed forward, signalling for attack. I turned one last time to meet my mate’s reassuring smile before I left for the battle ahead, leaving the image that would haunt me for the rest of my troubled life.                   

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