Escape into Romance


A Sweet Escape to the Beginning

Mike and Garrett, celebrating singles on a night made for couples. Hoping to celebrate even more, together.

John and Branwen, sharing their first Burns Night Supper. Each longing to share so much more.

Zach and Graham, discovering their own paths. Discovering the right companion along the way.

Tabby and Ryan, separated by miles and decades into their own lives. Taking a chance to reconnect at last.

Will and Chris, at turning points in their lives. Maybe turning again toward each other.

Five couples finding their way to that first thrilling spark, the joy of (re)discovering a kindred spirit. A heart beating in time with their own.

Join Kari Kilgore on a journey to the promise and joy of discovery. And the beginning of happily ever after.

Includes A Blizzard in Pink, Soul Deep, The Lightning Festival, Morning Glory, and When the Fog Clears

A Blizzard in Pink:

A Valentine to Remember

Mike loves Valentine’s Singles Night behind the bar. Too shy to make his own night special.Garrett makes his spectacular desserts for the party. Hoping for a little magic of his own.Then a most unusual blizzard brings them together.Will Mike and Garrett take their chance to get together for the best Valentine of all?

Soul Deep:

Everything Changes

Years of dating leave Branwen underwhelmed. Considering not bothering with the whole routine.Until she meets John.Bad experiences leave John bruised and cautious. Determined to wait until later to try again. Much later.Branwen shatters his resolve.Now they stand together on the edge of something more.One special night promises to change their lives forever.

The Lightning Festival:

A Strike of Magic

Zach Seagon loves the unusual town of Lightning Gap. The only place he feels at home.Graham Cassoni welcomes the change of pace of mountain life. A chance to start over.When their eyes meet, an undeniable spark flares to life.Will Zach and Graham realize the change they really need is each other?

Morning Glory:

A Sweet Romantic Treat

Tabby adores her life in Atlanta. Great nerdy downtown job, lovely house, fabulous friends.Her long-lost sweetheart back home never crosses her mind. Well, almost never.Ryan jumps at the chance to relocate to the big city. He loves the busy bakery down on Peachtree Street more than anything else.Except his first girlfriend.Will their original ingredients for love mix up sweet and true?

When the Fog Clears:

A Second Chance at Love

Managing a bookstore in a small town suits Will just fine. A break from big city stress and too much heartache.Chris returns for the first time in decades. Searching for the next step in his interrupted life.The love and friendship of their youth rekindles at first glance.Can Will and Chris take their chance to be together the second time around?

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Introduction One of the most enjoyable and fun things about putting together a collection is working within a theme. Sometimes I know what it is before I choose the stories. In this case, I had all them together before I realized what the theme would be. Besides the obvious spark and thrill and joy of a romance collection, of course! As it turns out, each of the stories in this collection are part of other fictional worlds I love writing and playing in. A Blizzard in Pink takes place in Estonoa, a thinly veiled version of my lovely hometown of St. Paul, Virginia. Estonoa has been host to Earworms and sinner moths so far, so a sweet romance with a rather peculiar blizzard may be a welcome change of pace to the residents. Soul Deep ventures to St. Louis, Missouri, in the depths of winter. I spent most of my teen years there, so I knew exactly what these characters were going through. They turn up again in Hand Me Downs, the first book in my Soul Travelers fantasy series. One of my favorite fictional towns is Lightning Gap, Virginia. It’s not like my hometown or any other town in Appalachia (that I know of). The Lightning Festival is the second romance short set there after The Heart Is the Strongest, to go with Protecting Her Own, a romantic suspense novel. I plan to return there for all manner of adventures! Morning Glory travels south to Atlanta, Georgia, one of my favorite cities and our home for a decade. Many details came from a job of mine right on Peachtree Street, and dear friends. Sadly, the fabulous bakery was not across the street. This story ties into my mystery short story series featuring Andre at the reception desk, starting with The Sound of Murder. Odds are extremely high these characters will reappear in future tales. To bring this collection to a close, When the Fog Clears returns to Estonoa. Part of the town casts forward into the future after a challenging time falls into the past. Very much like the lives of the two characters. I hope you enjoy these stories of the spark and excitement of new love. Besides passing through several of my fictional worlds, these stories and characters explore more than one stage of life and relationships. From the scary and exhilarating days of college and young love, through figuring out how to manage the challenges of young adult life, through the cusp of middle age. Meeting for the first time or reconnecting after many years apart. Walking with hope, no matter what pain or disappointment they may carry. The characters in Escape into Romance take that risk, that chance of finding true happiness. I hope you enjoy taking that journey with them as much as I enjoyed writing these sweet stories. To learn more about me and find other short stories, along with novellas, novels, and collections, visit www.karikilgore.com. You’ll find more romance at www.karikilgore.com/Romance. For more Appalachian stories, visit www.karikilgore.com/TalesfromAppalachia. If you want to keep up with what I’m doing next, get free stories, read exclusive content not available anywhere else, and see adorable pet photos, pay a visit to The Confidential Adventure Club at www.confidentialadventureclub.com. And last but certainly not least, thank you for your support of me and my writing. It means the world to me and keeps me coming back to tell the next tale.

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