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-Ella Kate and I rushed to the car which was just outside my house, Ray as the driver who was holding the door open for us, patiently. "Good morning, miss Terence. Miss Hart." "Good morning, Ray. Thank you for driving us today." "My pleasure miss." Ray is one of the most serious people I know and I am including my father. I have never seen him smile, or talk out of place. Ever! I get in the car and Kate comes in after me. She is very still and I guess I know why. "So . . . who was the man whom your dream was about?" I ask and she turns red. Boy, this does not get boring. "It's this guy I met online a few weeks ago." "Online? You want to date someone else apart from your mate?" "I don't have a mate, Ella and I am almost 100 percent sure that I am never going to find him." "That is a stupid thing to say, Kate." "Is it?" She yelled at me and tears were forming at the bottom of her eyes, ready to escape down her cheeks. "Kate, what is going on?" I heard her heart rate was rising and in that moment I knew something bad has happened. "I met him - my mate. Three days ago. He didn't talk to me at all. He looked at me as if I were nothing to him. It hurt more than I can describe," she choked and started crying. "Kate, I am so sorry. Why didn't you tell me?" "Because I don't want you to judge me. Look at me, Ella. I am a mess, just like you said. My clothes are ridiculous, my face even worse, my hair is always frizzy no matter what I do to fix it. He was right to walk away." Something does not make sense. When a werewolf does not want to be with his chosen mate, he or she rejects him or her, but Kate's 'almost' mate did not do such thing. "Did he reject you?" I asked and she looked at me, her face stained with tears. "Not that I remember of, no." "Kate, did it occur to you that he could have been human?" "Human? For a mate? You have got to be kidding me." "It could be possible. Where did you see him?" "At 'Morning Café' in the city." "What do you say, if we drop by there today, after we've done our shopping?" Her face lit up and I know that is a big fat Yes. After twenty minutes, we arrived at "Jozy Beat's" Boutique. The best Boutique in town. "Ray, you can wait out here. It will not take long." "Yes, miss Terence." I smiled at him and got out of the car, followed by a Kate who was staring at her phone. "Something interesting happening?" I did not get a response, so I believe something is definitely going on. Maybe I should let her enjoy this and not be a pain in the ass. The doorman, William, recognises me and bowed his head in respect and opened the door for me. "Hello, William. It is nice to see you again." "You too, miss Terence." I get inside and Kate follows me, still staring down at her phone, but she is biting her lip this time. Is she sexting with this guy? "Miss Terence, it is a pleasure having you here." "There is no other place where I'd rather be, Madam Jozy." Jozy is from France and having lived there for most of her life, she has a most perfect French accent. The words sound very . . . hot, in my opinion. "I have everything ready. Suela, will help you." "Thank you." I walk towards the girl with the nametag - Suela - on the left side of her chest and without even asking me, what I was looking for, she just said, "Follow me, miss Terence." Jozy's Boutique reminds me of the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna - golden and red which give this place a most royal atmosphere. From where I standing right now, I can see a waiting room - there are two round red and golden tables, each of them surrounded by four chairs of the same color. There are also two golden couches with far more pillows than needed, all of them have a J embroidered right in the middle. To my surprise I just noticed it for the first time. Every J has a long skinny hand holding a cigarette holder with smoke coming out of it. How creative! "Here are your dresses, miss Terence. Would you like to try them on?" "Not necessary. Madam Jozy knows my size very well . . . even better than me," I whispered and she gave me a joyous look. "Will that be all, miss?" "Yes, thank you." She took the dresses and starts packing them. Suddenly I feel a vibration coming out of my bag. Must be my phone. I take it out and read the name on the screen. It is my younger sister, Fey. That is odd. "Hello Fey." "Hi Ella. Where are you?" "I am at Madam Jozy's Boutique. Why do you ask?" "Father has invited some savages. They are here. I overheard father talking to the Alpha of the other pack, I think, and they talked about marriage - a contract marriage as a peace offering." "Fey, I am sure that is not what they talked about. Don't worry. Everything will be fine." "Ella, I am not joking. Tia is with me and she heard the same thing." A contract marriage. Why a contract marriage for peace offering? Isn't, offering forces to fight battles, a peace offering anymore? "Thank you for telling me, Fey. Call me if you find out anything else." "I'll do." My little sister. Always eavesdropping and all up to other peoples business. She would make a great spy, if you ask me. "Ella," Kate called me. "Geez, Kate, I forgot you were here." "Shut up and listen. This guy, Derek, said that he is invited to a wedding today and he wants me to go with him, as his date." "But there's my sister's wedding today. You can't go." "That is not the problem. This is," she said and showed me the conversation. There is an address written. Holy s**t. That's my house!
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