Soon To Be His Luna

contract marriage

Ella Terence, is the daughter of Rick Terence, Alpha of the Black Rose Pack.

The Black Rose Pack have come to good terms with the Golden Moon Pack, also known as 'Fighters'. They have earned the name and it suits them. They are fighters, savages, undefeated but that is not what scares Ella.

Her father along with the Alpha of the Golden Moon Pack, have made a deal. Their children are to get married, even against their will.

Will Ella accept to marry the soon to be Alpha of the Golden Moon Pack or will she run away to escape this marriage?

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And so it begins
-Ella I am in the shower, enjoying the warm water that flows down my body, relaxing my limbs. The smell of fresh bread penetrates my nose and I know it is time for breakfast. A knock on the door distracts me. "Who is it?" I asked after I got out of the shower. "It's Kate." "I thought you weren't going to be here until ten." "My mother woke me. We have to go shopping for tonight." "Yes. I'll be out in a minute." I wrapped a towel around me and then around my hair. Standing in front of the mirror, I stare back at me and all I can see is a big fat smile across my face. My older sister is getting married today. She has been waiting so long for this moment . . . I unlock the door of the bathroom and get out, when a few screams, scare the hell out of me. It must be the twins. How does aunt Lori manage? They are a handful. "Do not move!" I heard aunt Lori yell at them and I remember the times she yelled at me when I was just a child. Golly, I was a handful myself. You still are. I innerly chuckle and rush to my room, as quietly as I can, so my aunt won't listen. Once I get in my room, I lock the door and let out a sigh of relief. "Took you long enough." I got scared and screamed at the unexpected voice. "What is wrong with you?" "Oh come on. I've seen you naked a thousand times." "Yeah Kate, I know, but that does not give you the right to just hide in my room when I am not here. And that's not the point. You scared me." "That was the intention, silly. Now please get ready, because I really want to go shopping and then come back home to sleep for a few more hours." She yawned, stretched out her arms and fell back on my bed. "You are such a mess," I giggled and she gave me the finger. What I mostly like about my room is my walk-in closet. It is big and has a door that I can close and fortunately lock so no one can come in, when I am getting dressed. My mother had my father install the door, since my little sister Fey and my cousin Tia, always barged in here after I came out of the shower. I have a peculiar birth mark on the left side of my stomach and they always wanted to see it. It looks like a rose. My parents always said to me, that having the name of the Pack as a birth mark, is good luck and very rare. Until now I have been lucky, I guess. Always got good grades at school, I have great loyal friends, an amazing family and a great life ahead. The only thing that is missing, is my mate. Having a significant other, hasn't always been a priority to me. I am 19 years old after all. Too young to be in a relationship. Well, my sister found her mate when she was only 14. My father was outraged, and told Matt that he must wait until Danielle turned 18 years old to claim her. I never knew what true love was, until I saw it myself. Matt was 17 years old when he first met Danielle. He waited 4 years patiently for my sister to grow up and then they finally claimed each other. He is the sweetest, kindest man I have ever met. My sister is lucky to have him. She is now 23 years old and is getting married to the love of her life. I cannot wait to see her in her wedding dress. No one has seen her, apart from mom. She wants it to be a surprise. My subconscious claps her hands in excitement. I must now get ready and go pick up the dress for the wedding and the wedding gift. When I get out of the walk-in closet, Kate is asleep in the bed. She is a sleepyhead. I don't make any loud noises to wake her. After I have eaten breakfast, I can come back upstairs and wake her. Since today is a sunny and warm day, I decided to wear a dress. Not much of a fan, honestly, but I do look good in a nice dress. It's plain blue and wide at the end. It ends just above the knees. My back is also covered but the straps of the dress is what bothers me. They fall on the sides everytime I move my arms. Maybe aunt Lori could help tighten them. "Where's my phone," I whisper to myself and look around for it. No where to be found. Where the hell did I put it? Maybe Kate fell on it. I approach Kate, when I just get reminded that I left it in the bathroom. My subconscious rolls her eyes at me. Oh, I forgot the shoes. Getting back in my walk-in closet, I grab my flat blue ballerinas and put them on. I get out of the room and close the door behind me, also quietly and head downstares to the kitchen. Boy is it getting loud. When I arrive downstairs I look at my whole family, gathered in our living room. The kitchen is just past the living room on the right, so that means that they will see me and will want to greet and kiss and hug me. Ugh, the torture. I walk further and I get startled by a loud, 'There she is,'. "Oh how you've grown up." "You look beautiful in that dress." "Let your hair down. It does not suit you in a ponytail." And so it begins. I nod and say hello, while I try to walk away from them. After a while I finally made it out of the circle of aunts and ran straight to the kitchen. Gosh, I'm starving. The fresh bread is on the table, along with the cereal and milk, the sandwiches and pancakes. There are all kinds of fruit spread out on the kitchen table. My stomach is growling. Hmm, what should I eat first? I grab a sandwich filled with avocado, eggs, bacon, tomatoes and gouda and take a hell of a bite. "Oooooh," I moan. It's delicious. "Good morning, sweety," my mother greets me and I try to mumble good morning, but my mouth is too full. "You look beautiful, Ella. Blue suits you." I smiled with my mouth full and my cheeks were about to burst. "How many times have I told you, to eat slowly? Take small bites. You're going to choke on that much food." I finally swallow it. "I'm hungry, mother. Let me eat in peace." She takes a look at me and shakes her head, smiling. "Is Kate coming with you?" "Yes. She is upstairs right now. I'll grab her after I eat." "Good. Do not forget to buy a new perfume." "Oh, right. Thanks for reminding me, cheeks." "Ella!" My mother looks scandalized. She does not like it when we call her, 'cheeks'. My father always used to call her cheeks, because of her puffy face but once my younger sister learned the word 'buttcheeks' we stopped calling mom that, because my sister kept calling mom 'bucheek'. She could not pronounce the whole word which made it even funnier. I laughed at my mother's expression. My mother, just like my older sister have the funniest facial expressions. "It's not funny," she scowled. "Whatever you say, bucheek," I laughed at the last word and she came after me, chasing me around the kitchen. "Sorry, sorry," I yelled laughing and she finally stopped chasing me. She was still scowling at me, when she left. I let out a loud sigh and continued eating my sandwich. Once I finished my sandwich I went upstairs to wake Kate. I opened the door and found her on the bed, still sleeping. "Kate, wake up we have to go." She was twirling around the bed, mumbling things. "Kate," I whispered once again. "Derek," she said. Derek? Who's Derek? "Touch me Derek." Fuck. She is having a s*x dream. I suppress my laugh and this time I shake her a bit. "Claim me," she said now louder. "Kate!" I yelled and she woke up, looking lost and mumbling again. "What?" "Who's Derek?" I ask and she turns red like a rose. I smirk and she hides her face with her hands. "You can tell me on the way to the city. Come on, we have to go!"

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