The Unloved Mate

kickass heroine

There are a few things to know about 'Isabella'

She's​ an omega..

Love's cooking...

she's a dark brown wolf named 'Nora'...

most of the pack does not know she exists...

'bella does not know what love is as her own parents never gave her any. She cooks, cleans, and does any work thrown at her but she does it all because she thinks 'one day my mate will come and shower me with love and make up for all these years'. but that hope soon vanishes when her mate rejects her......

The only thing she had was taken away from her. Hope. Of being loved. Of having a mate.

Her life source was taken away from her...she wanted to die, but her wolf did not let her.

Someone needs you bella, you still have a purpose to live, moon Goddess is not cruel..just hold on...; were her exact words.

follow Isabella on her journey of love.

i can assure you it has a happy ending...

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Chapter 1
Isabella's pov It was 1:23 at night or more like morning and i was still cleaning the last couple of dishes in the sink. I have been working for 20 hours non-stop today. I really needed some sleep. I finished the last plate and sighed. Now i can get some sleep. Finally! I am an omega of the howlers pack. My parents are worriers in the pack. I don't know why but no one loves me here. I am often called names and sometimes beaten up too. I don't want to be here. But only one thing is keeping be from running away is the idea of finding my mate. I know that he will love me and take me away. I smiled at that thought. "Just a week more bella. Then we will find our mate. He will love us and cherish us." My wolf Nora said in my head. "Yeah hope so" i said I walked over to the store room which is also my bedroom. The Alpha said that I'm no more worthy than the trash that is kept here, if not less. So i have to stay here in the dark and dirt. I am really scared of the dark. But i cant object the Alpha's order. I walk up to the store room and walk in. All my possessions are scattered around. Not that it's anything new. Some cruel members do this all the time to trouble me. It's not difficult to sort things because all i own is a couple of baggy, old clothes. An alarm clock. A torn up rug, on which i sleep. I don't even have a blanket to keep myself warm. I clean up everything and go to sleep. "Goodnight bella" nora says "Goodnight Nora" i said. **********A week later********* I woke up with a smile on my face. Which does not happen. At all. I am happy because today is my birthday and i will find my mate. I quickly get up and take a shower in the common shower which is for the omegas​. It's 5:00 in the morning so no one will be up right now. I went to the kitchen and prepare breakfast for the pack. In an hour i have the whole thing ready. Bacon, eggs, toast, fresh juice,and apple pie. I hear footsteps and i hide in the corner of the kitchen after setting up the table. They don't like to see my face in the morning. All the pack members occupy the three long dining tables and serve themselves. I am hungry too but I'm not allowed to eat breakfast. Only lunch, and that too two pieces of toast, a cube size chicken piece and a cup of water. They give it to me so that I don't die. After everyone is done they leave for school or work or anything they have to do. I cleanup the dishes. I put them in the sink and start cleaning them. After I'm done i go to clean all the rooms. When i reach the second​ floor I smell a fresh smell. Chocolate and mint. It is really refreshing. Nora starts to howl happily. I think i just found my mate. I followed​ the sent which lead me to the Beta's room. I touch the doorknob to open the door but as soon as i do that i feel a stabbing pain in my stomach. I ignore the pain and plaster a smile on my face. I don't want my mate to see me in pain. I open the door and my smile fell of my face. My mate. The one who is supposed to love me is butt n***d of top of a similarly butt n***d girl, whom i recognise as morgana, the packs favourite person, Alpha's daughter. They both sense me and look at me. Mason, the beta looks at me and frowns while morgana covers the both of them with the blanket. Realisation flashes upon his face which is soon replaced by rage and disgust. Tears are flowing down my cheeks. I leave the room and run towards my room and cry. After 10 minutes the door opens revealing mason. He looks at me on the floor and without a warning kicks me on the sides. Then a punch on the face. Kick. Punch. Kick. Punch. I goes on until i fall limp on the floor. The last words i hear are more painful than the beating i just received for no reason. "I Mason Jonson reject you isabella as my mate." He spat "I don't know why moon Goddess would do such a thing as to pair me with such a trash like you. I have a true mate. Morgana. She is going​ to lead me to the alpha position and actually keep me happy and satisfied which you can never do." He continued Then i blacked out..... --------------------------------------- (If you like the story then do vote for me in the readers choice awards!!)

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