In Love With His Mistress

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weak to strong

*Warning: The story contains 18+ scenes so read at your own risk.*

"You are my submissive. Before being it you have agreed that no matter what you will serve me, yes or no?" Ace rude behavior always left Alicia to break down but she had no other choice as well to be his submissive and do the things he wants.

Never had she thought that there would be someone, who would say that he was in love with his mistress...

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Taking small steps at a time Alicia tried her best to increase her pace. But no proper food and water for two days were resulting in weakness in her body. The sun was right above her head and she was inside woods where only tall and strong trees were standing. There was no single sign of humans. Her fair white face was all marked with the black stain as if she had just come out of a coal factory. Both her wrist had the red imprint of rope. The black nightgown which was hanging in her body was ragged and it was so short that it barely covered the beginning of her thighs. Except for it, she had no other piece of clothes in her body. Even her feet were bare and were hurting when they came in contact with thorns. But she didn’t care about any of it and she was not having even the slightest bit of shame. She had no worries about what people would think seeing her wandering with a half-naked body. Instead, she wanted to meet at least one human who could save her. Rubbing her face time again she kept on running with a body that was not that miserable at the top but the bottom. A single glance was all enough to give chills to anyone who caught the glimpse of her dreadful lower body. The red stain of blood started from between her legs and ended at her feet, not only the stain, her legs were covered with the oval and round shape cigarettes burn which looked so fresh and painful. These two days she saw hell in her life. There was not even a single second when she didn’t pray to die. She had no hope that she would get a chance to escape from that hell and breath the fresh air. But luckily she was able to escape. Going a little further she halted and bent a little pressed her both hands against her knees and tried to catch her breath. Her heart was thumping out loud and she was petrified when time and again she got a glimpse of two days in her head. Bondaged from hand to toe and hung near the bed. Clips on her n*****s and even on the part which was supposed to urinate. That continuous throbbing pain which she felt now and then when she was thrust.   Recalling it all, no matter what by dusk she had to get out of the woods and reach the road. She had thought that by reaching the road she would get to survive. Thinking about reaching the road and getting to survive, she suddenly heard someone running in the distance. She hurriedly stood up and without turning back she started to run with all her mighty force as she clearly knew who was behind her. Knowing that he was behind her, energy emerged inside her out of nowhere and she began to run for her life. “This is my only chance… this is my only chance…” mumbling to herself she kept on taking her big steps and kept on running randomly. “I should have never taken that drink, I should have never taken that drink. It’s all because of him. I trusted him. He said he loved me. But no he didn’t. I hate you with all my heart, Ethen. You will pay for this someday.”  In between this difficult situation also Alicia couldn’t stop herself from crushing the one who was responsible for her condition. She had made up her mind that if she ever got a chance to survive she would get her revenge from the one who was responsible for her condition and then with the one from whom she was running. Finally, after running for some time, she saw a road in the distance. Seeing the road she was on cloud nine. Her heels which were hurting with the thrones were so desperate to press against that black hard carpeting. Seeing the road when she was about to smile suddenly someone from behind grabbed her and pinned her on the ground with her face down. “Where the hell do you think you are going?” “Leave me, Ace. please leave me,” Alicia pleaded. Ace flipped her and clasping her hand above her head threatened, “I will act gently if you return with me without any drama. But if you don’t stop this drama of running away from me, then I have already got you and I will go harsher than these last two days.” “Please, have some mercy on me, please. I am also a human,” pleaded Alicia with tears streaming down her eyes. “Mercy is what I don’t give to my mistress, definitely not to the one who is my submissive, you know that right? Now, get on your feet and walk back with me,” ordered Ace slowly losing his grip. When Alicia breathed out relief, Ace clutched her again and threatened, “don’t you dare to run away, or else…” She slowly got on her feet and glanced at the distance. The road which she was supposed to reach, the road which carried her hope of getting free and surviving was still there but she was not supposed to take even one step closer to it. “Now come,” Ace held her wrist and started to drag her. With her steps following Ace, she swiveled her head towards the road. The urge of reaching there grew more inside her. She took a deep breath and at once she lifted her wrist and bit his hand which was holding her. “Ahhh… you… b***h!” Ace cried out in agony. Alicia took the chance and with all her force she hit her groin and without any delay, she ran towards the road. One step two step, step by step she got close to the road with heart easing with every step she took. Finally, she stepped on the black hard road with joy in her heart but when she turned around a car in no second approached her and hit her hard. Her body flew at the distance and landed hard on the ground.

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