Ruined By You

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"NO PLEASE NO."I scream as he swings the whip back and forth in his hand.

" You think you will cheat on me behind my back and I will let you go ?"he screams as the first lash makes its way on my back making me scream in pain.

"Erik , no please stop or you will regret this. We have a bab-"I start but he cuts me off.

"Shut up. Just shut it up Amber. I loved you so much and this is what you gave me , you slept with my own brother."he yells lashing the whip on my back again.

How can I tell him that I am carrying his child in my womb right now which he is kicking ?

I am pregnant , raped , beaten , rejected and broken. What am I going to do ?


A loving mate , a caring family and a luxurious lifestyle. She had it all . But the higher you go , the chances of falling hard increases.

What happens when she is found to be cheating on her husband with her brother in law. Will she be able to prove herself innocent when all proofs are against her ?

Will her mate ever know about her innocence ? How will she fight this cruel world with a child growing in her ?

Most of all , how will Erik react after meeting his child and wife after 3 years of rejecting her ?

- A story of a wounded woman.

Join the journey of Amber to see the struggles a rejected wife and a single mother goes through.

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01 - Betrayed
AMBER HEMSWORTH POV " Come soon, I'm missing you." I complain like a child. " Come on Amber I can imagine you pouting right now. I'll come as soon as this work is completed.," he said on the other side of the phone. " I'll give you a surprise when you come back." I mumble. " Really what is it, love?" He asks. " What is the point of calling it a surprise when you'll already know about it, Erik ? I ask in a stern voice. " Oops, I'm sorry. I'll come soon to get my surprise. Hope it will be sexy lingerie." he teases and I blush like a tomato. " Shut up and come back soon I'm getting bored without you." I whine. " I'll come soon my queen. How is everyone there ?" he asks. " Everyone is fine. We are going to the birthday party for Mr Smith's daughter. That cutie is turning six today." I mumble. " s**t, I missed a chance of seeing you in a sexy gown. Being an alpha sucks. My s****l life is disturbed a lot." he curses. " Erik we are married for nearly two years now and yet you never get enough. How are my brothers doing" I ask changing the topic before he gets sexually frustrated and leaves his work coming here? " Alex is doing some paperwork for the meeting we are going to have and that lone wolf Jack is flirting with some girls ." he laughs. " Hey don't you dare call him a lone wolf or I'll leave you and marry him. " I warn and his laugh stops. " Before that, I'll operate his organs out and feed it to the hawks. " he says and I can hear the seriousness in his voice. " Erik, he is your younger brother Don't say such a thing about him." I scold. " Okay my queen. Now I'll hang up I have to prepare for the meeting. Love you .," he says as sounds of shuffling come. " Love you too and come back soon." I mumble. " Surely I will and take care of yourself. Don't eat anything junk and sleep on time don't cry missing me and don't talk to strangers at the party.," he says in a stern voice. " Yes dad. " I laugh. " I'll prefer to be called daddy .," he says in a husky voice. " Erik goodbye and come soon." I yell cutting the call as I hear him laughing loudly. I blush at his words like an i***t and caress my belly in which the symbol of our love is growing. I smile thinking of how he'll react when he knows that I'm pregnant. He'll go crazy due to happiness, he was continuously begging for a child when we got engaged but after a marriage that thought never crossed our minds. Erik and I are childhood friends. We grew up in the same house because my dad was the beta of this pack and his dad was the alpha. Then we became teenagers and got to know that we were mates then engagement marriage and here we are happily married and now having a child. " Amber dear are you here ?," Mom asks walking into the room. " Yes mom." I say walking into the room from the balcony. " There you are. We need to talk come and sit with me." she gestures to the bed. " Is there something wrong mom?" I ask. " Mere gave me this pregnancy test which she found in your room while cleaning it. It's positive and I just wanted to ask if it'sling out a test from her pocket with a glint of hope in her eyes. I blush and nod looking down. She sequels and claps her hand happily and hugs me tightly that I thought I'll break my bones. " I'm going to be a grandma, I'm going to be a grandma I'm going to be a grandma. Yippee! I'll go shopping today and buy toys for my grandbaby. I'll buy both pink and blue, we'll pamper him so much. I'm so excited Amber. Someone will call me grandma. " she keeps speaking and I see the happiness in her eyes which I last saw when she knew that Erik and I are mates. She's always been like a mother for me even though she was Erik's mom. She me to become Erik's mate since I was born and looks like her prayers made me and Erik together. " But mom, I want to tell this to Erik first and then everyone else." I mumble holding her hands. " I'm sorry dear, I've spoilt your plans.," she says. " No mom, you had the right to know about it first but don't tell anyone else. Let Erik know about it than the others." I say and she shakes her head smiling at my childish idea. " Of course I'll do this much for my daughter but in return, you have to promise me something. You'll name it Xavier if it's a boy and Xaviena if it's a girl. Do you like them or you change if they don't sound goo to you." She says looking excited as a child on Christmas. " Mom, the names are awesome and when the baby will come you'll name it what you want. We all will be here for the baby as a family and it'll be so lucky to have so many family members' love. I'm sure it'll be a choosy and spoilt one. " I laugh. " Surely it will be. Now get ready, we're already late. Just wear whatever you are comfortable in and no heels young lady." she warns playfully glaring at me. " Yes mother in law." I salute her dramatically and she leaves the room laughing. I start looking for a nice dress while smiling to myself. Life is just going amazing first, a got the mate a wanted then a perfect family and now we're having a baby. I can't stop imagining Erik's reaction when he gets to know about our baby. After an hour of smiling like a crazy person and playing around with my dresses, I get dressed in a knee-length black dress, tying my hair into a messy bun with some strands falling on my face I wear my black pumps with no heels. After applying light makeup with a nude lipstick I smile at myself looking in the mirror. " Baby, mummy looks pretty doesn't she?" I ask caressing my tummy. I click a selfie pulling the strand sleeves of my dress far on my shoulders to give a slight view of my cleavage. I then send the picture to Erik and giggle at my stupid act. Seconds later my phone chirps as a sign of his message. I sequel happily and open the message. ' Stop it, Amber, I'm in a meeting and I've got a boner because of you. Trust me, babe, I want to ravish you on this table right now. ; ) ' I blush looking at his message, he never fails to make me blush like crazy. To tease him more, I click another picture pulling my dress more down and biting my lips, I send it to him and laugh. ' Amber do you want your handsome husband to die so soon babe? If you send another picture, I'll dump this oldie and their meeting and come there and trust me, babe, I won't let you out of bed for three days.' I smile at his message and replyOkay baby, come soon then, love you .' I put in the phone in my purse and walk out of my room smiling at my little easing on my hubby. I know he will later tease me on this act of mine when he comes back. Surprisingly, there is no one in the hall. Everyone left without me. " Hello sissy,",oice says making me startle. I turn around and see Jace standing there. Jace is Erik's cousin but he is barely home, where does he go No one knows. " Hello Jace, where is everyone?" I ask looking around again. " Everyone left sissy, we'll go together.," he says smiling. " Oh okay then let's go." I say. " But before that, can you taste the orange juice I've made it for Claire ?," he asks. " Why?" I ask confused. Claire is Jace's girlfriend, though she doesn't like me much, I never really hated her. " Its the first time I've made it and I don't want her to say it's bad so can you taste it because a lady knows another's taste well." he explains and I laugh out loud. " Okay, let's go then." I say and start walking towards the kitchen with him behind. Jace and I were never really best friends like but just normal people who exchange greetings and few talks. I am more attached to Jack, he is Erik's younger brother and my best buddy. Jack knows everything about me, he's like an elder brother to me. I do have an elder brother Alex, he is the delta of this pack while Jack is the beta. Jack and Alex are protective for me as much as Erik is, they once fought three rogues alone because they rogues caught me in the forest when we were only nine years old. " Here's it." Jace says handing me a glass full of orange juice. " Thank you." I say taking the glass. He smirks as I take a sip of it. I take another sip of it slowly tasting the flavour and everything about it. " It's nice just tastes a bit bitter." I tell him putting the glass away. " Looks like my recipe went wrong.," he says chuckling. " Not completely." I assure him. At least he tried it for his girlfriend but my Erik is the best, he prepares all meals for me when he wants to pamper me. " Anyway, we's late. Let's go you are giving me a ride now." I say walking out of the kitchen. " Yeah, now you'll ride me. " he mutters. " What?" I ask not getting his words. " Nothing let's go sissy.," he says walking towards the door. I start walking behind him when a wave of dizziness washes over me, I blink my eyes a few times to stop it. Urrgghh, starters of pregnancy. Then my vision starts to get blurry and my knees suddenly give out. Jace catches me before I kiss the floor and helps me stand up but my legs feel like jelly. " Jace . . . I don't feel . . . feel well." I mumble holding on his shoulders for support. " Sissy, I think you need rest.," he says picking me up and walking in the nearest guestroom. He places me on the bed but still, my heads feel like its spinning and my legs and hands are aching. Is something happening to my baby, oh god I didn't even ask mom about anything this? " Jace . . . call mom." I say clutching on my head tightly to stop it from the spinning feeling and the severe headache that just started now. " Before calling her, let's finish what we started.," he says taking off his blazer and tie. He takes off his shirt and begins to take off his pants too. " Jace what . . . are you doing?" I ask with difficulties, my head hurts when I talk. " Getting ready to f**k you bitch.," he says hovering over me. " Jace, get off me." I scream ignoring that my head feels like it's going to split in two right now. I try to push him off but my hands won't lift, they are just numb. " What happened, baby? Come on push me, push me with your numb hands baby." He mocks laughing at my vulnerable state. " So tell me Luna, should I f**k you raw or with plastic ?," he asks leaning in and planting a kiss on my neck. " Don't do this please Jace, I beg you don't. I will never be able to look into Erik's eyes again." I beg like a beggar. " Its much better baby, then you can come to me and I'll keep you as my mistress. I bet you're a good fuck." he laughs. " Jace please." I cry bitterly. " Yeah baby, call my name . I'll make you scream my name today but first let me get a condom.," he says laughing and walking out of the room. Tears are continuously flowing out of my eyes. How can I let this happen to me? I'm just glad that Jace doesn't know about my baby or else he would have hurt it too. " Mumma won't let any harm come to you baby. Mumma promises to keep you safe until dad comes to save us." I assure the small life growing in me. With all the failed attempts to move or call for help, I lay there crying and hoping for someone to come and save me. Minutes later Jace enters in wide an evil grin on his face. " Erik won't leave you. He'll give you the most painful death." I warn him but he only laughs mocking my warning. " After knowing his wife is warming my bed, he'll never want to see your face again let alone the thought of supporting you and killing me." he laughs hovering over me. " He trusts me you f*****g bastard. He'll never believe you or your lies, he'll support his love and kill you. He loves me and trusts me more than you can ever think. Stop this right now and I'll save you from dying." I say again trying to stop him but he only smirks. " Forget Erik baby and scream my name because right now no one is going to save you from me.," he says grabbing the zipper of my dress and pulling it open. I start screaming and try to hit him but my numb hands don't work. He gets irritated by my continuous screaming and gives me a powerful backhand slap. My cheek throbs in pain and black dots start forming in my vision and slowly darkness consumes me as I feel Jace taking my clothes off. Pack - Is a group of werewolves that live together If they leave their pack and go out of their pack lands, they are considered as rogues and can be killed by other pack's. Alpha - He is the ruler of a pack, he is on the highest rank and everyone in the pack listens to him. He gets a lot of respect as no one looks into his eyes and speak quietly in front of him. He is the strongest in the pack. Luna - Is the wife and mate of Alpha. She is equal to the alpha and gets the same respect as the Alpha. She is like a Queen of the pack. Beta - Is after the Alpha, usually Alpha's younger sibling or his best friend. He takes care of the pack when alpha is not there and if something happens to the alpha, he can take over the Alpha's position. He is the second strongest in the pack. Delta - After the beta and alpha, he is the third in command and takes care of the pack after the beta. He also gets respect but a bit less than the alpha and beta. He is the third strongest wolf in the pack. ^-^ * Before beginning the story do read this please : 1. Story would be confusing at some point but it eventually clears out in book 2. 2. It's dark , really dark so please read at your own risk. 3. It's not an airport where you need to make your departure known , just leave if you don't like the story. Commenting bad stuff only makes me sad. 4.The story is not edited yet and will take time. There are many grammar errors and I'm really sorry about it. 5.NO HATE COMMENTS ! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE STORY THEN LEAVE BUT DON'T PUT HORRIBLE COMMENTS UP HERE. THINK OF ME AS A HUMAN WHO FEELS BAD WHEN SHE READS YOUR HATEFUL COMMENTS. PLEASE , ITS A HUMBLE REQUEST TO NOT PUT HATE COMMENTS , IT REALLY AFFECTS ME. *

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