Nephilim and the Nun

multiple personality

I was a prisoner and she was a nun. She was my only means of escaping captivity and luckily for me, she helped me escape. But things took a different turn when my captor came for her.


Quinn Santiago had just one task—to get out of the cell he'd been caged in and hunt down his captors. But then, Rhea Logan came in the form of a nun with a smart mouth who helped him to achieve his plans. In the process, he realized there was more to her than just the nun with a smart mouth. Knowing she was the nun with a difference, only spiked his interest in her.

Things were moving smoothly till he realized she was the daughter of one of his enemies and a part of the plan to destroy him.

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My eyes shot to the two men beside me and they met my gaze. With a curt nod of my head, they crept from their positions beside me to the bushes about five steps to my right, taking up positions there. I scanned our surroundings before crawling to the bushes a few feet to my left. Plopping my sniper's rifle to the ground, I aimed it at our supposed enemies, viewing my target from the scope of the rifle. My shot had to be perfect to lessen the impending chaos. I had no doubt the Russian's were baiting us. One wrong move and we'd be down. I kept my eyes focused on my target through the scope, waiting for the right moment to attack. The flies hovering around my face didn't make it any easier. Courtesy of the mud we'd used as a disguise to blend in with the bushes. A particularly stubborn one danced around my nose, moving gracefully towards my nostril. I exhaled a gush of air hoping it'd be enough to blow it in another direction but it didn't. I shook my head a little to get rid of it. That seemed to have work. Lowering my eyes to the scope, I viewed my target, aiming at his forehead. His face was towards my direction, a grin etched on it displaying his crooked teeth. The moment had presented itself. My eyes zeroed in on him, my fingers moving towards the trigger. As soon as I pulled it, pain ricocheted through me as though the shot I'd fired returned to me. The effect of what I realized was a bullet that had penetrated me was so fast that the last thing I saw was my head hitting the grass, total darkness taking over. Mild murmuring from multiple voices filtered into my ears. The voices were loud enough for me to make out how close the owners were to me. Slowly, I opened my eyes to see who they were. Standing to my right was Garrett, one of my men. Beside him was Gary, his twin brother. They were still in their uniforms but it appeared they'd had a bath because their uniforms were clean, compared to the ones we've been crawling around in. I was aware another man was standing behind me but I couldn't tell who he was. When I tried to turn in the unknown man's direction was when I noticed I was chained to the chair. My eyes snapped to the twins in a questioning look but all I got from them was a smirk. "What happened? Why Am I chained?". I questioned in a stern voice, angered by their carefree smirks. "Soon Quinn. Soon, you'll find out". Garrett replied, smirking. Whatever it was that I'd find out wasn't going to be nice. That I could tell from the sheepish looks on their faces. "Who's behind me?". "A friend of yours". Gary replied, smiling. "If you're a friend as they've said, how about you show your face?". I growled out, not finding whatever game they were up to funny. All I got in response was a chuckle from whoever it was that was behind me.  "Aren't you supposed to be out there facing the Russians?". I gritted out, trying my best to keep my irritation at bay. Again, they cackled loudly like I'd said something hilarious. That snapped the last bit of control in me. I struggled to break the chains but my body wouldn't obey. Ignoring the sudden weakness that had to seem to descend upon me, I tried again but I couldn't as much as clench my fists talk more of breaking chains. Meanwhile, the trio laughed at my attempts. I was still at a loss of what was so hilarious to them till I heard the words. "You'll need the little strength left in you to be able to survive the warding sigil. Save it". The man behind me spoke. On hearing his words, I stilled, blood draining from my face. How did he know of the warding sigil and how it can harm me? I wondered. Footsteps echoed in the room as he made his way from my back, rounding the chair to stand opposite me. That was when I saw him. General Gonzalez. "Quinn, Quinn, Quinn". He called my name, stressing it playfully. "Nice to meet you again". He smirked. All I did was to stare at him intently, with an expressionless gaze. In all the years I've been on the armed forces, he was one man I didn't get along with. Some saw him as a good man of dignity and integrity but the truth was that he was nothing but a cunning fellow, ruled by his love for money and good names. "For a man as brave and intelligent as you are, who knew it'd be so easy to get you out the way". He spoke, grinning. "If I'd known holy water was the weapon, I'd have destroyed you a long time ago". He added. My jaw clenched from rage. It was obvious he knew who I was. How he found out, I couldn't tell. The pain I'd felt before I passed out made sense. Someone had shot at me with a bullet that was dipped in holy water "What. do. you. want?". "Getting rid of you is enough". He laughed out loud, along with the two men beside me. I glanced at them, meeting their eyes before returning my gaze to the General. "You'll be gone, Quinn. To a place where your death will be slow and torturous. It might even take years but the important thing is, you won't be coming back. Neither will you survive it". As he said the words, his voice was hard and cold. I did not doubt that he meant every word he'd said. "You can't get rid of me, Gonzalez". "Really?". He c****d a brow in amusement. He snapped his fingers and I heard the booming of a gun, pain traveling through my body as another bullet dripping with holy water penetrated my chest.  The effect of the pain paralyzed my entire body, draining all physical strength off me. I relaxed into the chair, numbness taking over. The trio cackled at their triumph. "Take him away". He commanded. The twins stepped forwards, saluted me in mockery before proceeding to unchain me. Thereafter, they lifted me from the chair and dragged me towards a waiting truck. Dumping me at the trunk of the truck they locked it. The truck sped off as darkness descended upon me.

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