Infected Blood

enimies to lovers

His minty breath fanned my face, I clenched my jaw as the tingles radiated throughout my body from my wrists- his body was so close to mine and I was so desperate for more.

I couldn't have it, but fuck... I wanted it so bad.

Our faces were just too close, the tips of our noses barely touching and the things it did to me were beyond what he knew.

"Where do you think you're off to, love?" He whispered, chills shot down my spine and I was dying to kiss him. I was becoming addicted to his touch and I knew I needed to get out.

I moved my head to the right then leaned forward, my lips grazing his cheekbone and I felt him lightly shudder before I replied, "as far away from you as possible."


I'm Katerina Prater, a serpent, the last of my kind alongside my twin brother, Joey. We've been on the run from every creature known, but when I stumble upon the ruthless Alpha that killed off my species, things get bad. I learn I'm his mate and I need to reject him... but I know if I don't mate soon I'll die- now this is where things get complicated.

My lips are poison.

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Chapter One
"No, little t**t, someone might try to molest you," my brother said to me, narrowing his eyes at my now annoyed figure. My brother can be so immature, but he's super protective of me as I am of him. We were born together, but my mother couldn't handle the both of us so she passed on after having us. My brother almost died in the process, but he managed to pull through. We moved from orphanage to orphanage, that is, until my brother got a job. He managed to squeeze it in due to his school hours, he's really a busy boy and I want to be able to help. He just says no, not wanting to risk my safety from other creatures and weirdos. I know he's stressed, we both are. I've tried to convince him to let me work but he wants me to stay safe, he'd always tell me how if anything were to happen to me he would never be able to live with himself for being so careless, whether it would be his fault or not. As of right now though, we are bickering back and forth about why he shouldn't try sitting next to me in all our classes. Yes, we shared every class together because he had demanded it to the principal. He eventually gave in to my brother's harsh requests and we have all classes together. "Joey! You do realize it's school, a public place, nobody's going to lay a finger on me- or you- because we're new and smell of human," I replied, he clicked his tongue at me multiple times while shaking his head as we continued our walk to the school. We smell of human because we have our scents hidden, we drink wolves-bane to hide our scent. To others, if we weren't hiding our scent we'd smell like a rotting carcass but the smell only came with a gust of wind. Two reasons for our scent to be hidden; One, we can't afford anyone trying to come after us due to our extinction, we would be valuable. Two, we don't want to be stinking around everyone, embarrassing I would say. "Fine!" He wailed dramatically, I rolled my eyes, "I will just leave you, if that's how you truly feel... but only for the first four classes, the rest of them I'm sitting next to you." "Whatever you say," I shrugged, as long as I got him away from me for the first half of the day. The rest of the walk was silent, we soon arrived at the school as people stared us questioningly, shocked with whispers which my brother and I heard all too well. We weren't human, but the less they know the better. None of the whispers were bad though, thank god. My brother and I made our way to the office, following the signs and finally reaching our destination. The secretary didn't have to ask us who we were before handing us our schedules and letting us leave. I looked down at my schedule, knowing my brother had the same exact one. First, P.E. My worst nightmare. "Hell yeah! Gym!" My brother grinned from ear to ear, causing people to stare- mostly girls- but soon they went back to their own conversations. "More like, oh no, gym!" I scowled in distaste, my brother shoved my face sideways with his hand and I took my schedule, whacking him in the face for payback. "Listen here buddy-" I began, my brother yawned the moment I opened my mouth. "Quite frankly, I've came to the realization that your presence bothers me deeply considering the fact you hate the best subject in the world," he said, yet again being dramatic as we both steered our way into the gym. The bell rang the moment we walked in, we were right on time and apparently it was the most interesting thing ever to the class. They looked at us with curious stares, but ignoring all of the stares, my brother and I walked over to stand by the crowd. The teacher was talking and I couldn't help but sense someone's eyes locked onto the side of my face, I literally wanted to laugh out at that very moment but I contained my witch-like cackle. I hope he's enjoying my gorgeous side profile. "-Tiago, Marco, would you two come up here and pick teams?" Was all I heard the teacher say, I was too distracted at the thought of my side profile being admired to even notice what was going on. "Sure," voices said in unison, I looked over and two jaw-dropping boys stood near each other by the teacher. I analyzed them both. I sensed they were wolves, Alpha and Beta judging by the power rolling off of them. Oh, so I have gym with werewolf hotties? This school just got a hell of a lot more interesting, I know I can't associate with them because they're the reason my species are extinct and it's way too risky- but they have me feeling some type of way! I can definitely admire from a distance. Though my life just got a whole lot more complicated. I have to remember, just because they're hot doesn't mean I can let them pull me into their trance! I've been through this already with vampires, they found out and we had to kill them, which is why we moved schools. So this is going to be very interesting. I couldn't help but noticed the Alpha of the two kept staring at me. He wore an unreadable expression, staring holes into me and I started to feel uncomfortable in my clothes. Rip them off me. Shaking my head, I pulled myself back to realty and came to the conclusion that either I looked damn fine, this dude was zoned out hardcore on me, or he was questioning who I was. Obviously the last one, but I'd like to believe he was just in some hardcore trance on me because wow. One things for sure, I knew I wasn't leaving school property today without a word with him and that made me fearful. Yes, he's hot, but contact is way too risky. If my brother let me date, I just know I wouldn't be uncontrollably acting like s*x on legs- that and my species are supposed to be mated by sixteen before we are start acting like a mess. I'm eighteen! That's what makes this situation dangerous. If those wolves found out our secret, we'd be in serious s**t considering we are on their territory and that everyone is out to kill our entire kind. I hope they stay away. They better stay away. •••••• The bell that indicated the end of the day rung loudly throughout the classroom. I couldn't wait to leave! I bolted out of the classroom very quickly, my brother didn't take long to catch up and remain by my side like some sort of body guard. "Kate!" He hissed at me, I came to an immediate halt that sent him to the ground after he had tripped over his own two feet. I laughed at the noise that emitted from his mouth, he then scoffed at my reaction and jumped back up, "I'm going to throw you down a-" He seemed to become loss for words by the sight of Tiago, Marco, and another boy coming our direction. We both watched in complete silence and grew nervous each time their feet drew them closer to our area. We nervously stared as the three boys stopped right in front of us- they made me look small but not my brother, his height decided to fit right in and I narrowed my eyes at him but, nevertheless, stayed quiet. "I couldn't help but notice you two are new," the middle one started, whom I come to know as the Alpha. His voice was kind of snappy and deep yet very hot, I definitely heard an accent as well. I swear, Alpha, you may just be the death of me. Not that I would mind. My brother and I nodded, ignoring his very clear attitude as I tried to remain focused. That thought was about to get me riled up- I mean, who wouldn't get excited for that? If I died by those hands and if those eyes were staring me down as my heart stopped... I wouldn't mind at all, plus, he has a badass face scar- I'd definitely get excited. I was broke from my thoughts when my brother very bluntly took a step toward me, I internally groaned at his brotherly protectiveness. They clearly weren't going to do anything, it was only a mean tone! The two guys on the left and right of the Alpha completely ignored his movement, yet Tiago seemed to eyeball it closely and I bit my lip out of nervousness. Admire from a distance! We're already too close to them, I need to focus. I slowly inhaled and exhaled before speaking to them. "I'm Katerina," I smiled at them regardless of my brother's suspicious actions, looking at him and pointing, "this is my brother, Joey." The Alpha had narrowed his eyes at us, his friend on the right did the same but the friend on the left just wasn't paying attention to anything happening in front of him. I put my hand out to come off as normal, "nice to meet you three," I stated, awkwardness began to overtake my body with each passing second the Alpha left me hanging but he finally put his hand against mine and shook it. But then suddenly, my hand where we were touching felt tingles of what felt to be... pleasure? I wanted to gasp from the way it made me feel but I had to remain calm; it was so good I felt it in my toes and I just wanted to melt. I looked up at the Alpha, quickly but not too quickly removing my hand from his so it didn't grow suspicion to the others, especially my brother. This can't be happening, now I must stay away even if that means I can't come to school anymore. This is too dangerous, we have to move as soon as possible. The Alpha and I locked eye contact, his eyebrows were furrowed and a deep desire was swirling in his gorgeous irises. This sexy man just made my life even more complicated than it was just hours ago. "I'm sooo tired!" I faked a yawn, gripping my brothers forearm tightly and he glared down at me which I ignored, "we've got to go! It was nice meeting you once again!" I played it off smoothly, nonchalantly yet internally panicking as I started dragging my brother behind me as we left the three wolves standing in the hall. I continued to pull my brother along down the sidewalk until he finally had enough and snapped at me. "What the hell is wrong with you?" He grumbled at me, rubbing his arm and now walking by my side. "The Alpha-" I cut myself short, it was much harder to say aloud to my very protective brother. I knew he wouldn't take it well and I understood why, he's been terrified of losing me like we lost our family and friends. "Spit it out, woman!" He said, a look of impatience written all over his features. "That'll be the only time you'll say that to a girl," I snorted, simply distracting him and even myself, he just scrunched up his nose and whacked the back of my head for the millionth time. "Just get on with it!" He huffed, I sighed at his now unimpressed face and I knew it was going to be harder when he wasn't in a good enough mood. Here goes nothing but my eardrums... "I am mated to the Alpha," I blurted, turning to go up to the house as he followed with odd silence. We walked inside, the moment the door shut he let out a thrilling, angry, shriek right in my face. "WHAT?" He screamed, there was definitely no shame in his game. And that game was to see just how fast he could turn me deaf.

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