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Ashton Hayman lost his mother a month ago. It was a terrible month and Ashton was still mourning when his father announced his engagement.

His mother had died in a car accident and his father couldn't even wait till the mourning period was over. A week later Ashton's dad brings his new wife and her thirteen-year-old son, Chester to their house.

Ashton wasn't in support and he hated his father for disrespecting his mother and he made it obvious. MR Hayman got so frustrated and decided that they needed a vacation to bond as a family.

That's where they meet.

Brody Jarell was lost. no one could see him and he didn't know how to get home, he just woke up one morning and found himself in a strange place.

He lost hope until Ashton saw him.

Now Ashton is his only hope.

He just didn't plan to fall in love along the way.

follow these two boys, on a journey filled with magic, pain and the uncertainty.....LOVE.

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'' You have to stop this '' he complains. I am tired of hearing him nag to me. What does he want from me? He can't honestly expect me to be happy for him. '' What did I do this time '' I say with an eye roll. He sighs '' please Ashton......what's making you so angry '' he asks. I look at him wide-eyed. Is he being serious right now '' are you really asking that question '' I inquire? He frowns and I can tell he is pissed '' you know what, I have tried to treat you like a mature person but if you want to be treated like a child, then that fine '' he says. I look down at the book I was so focused on before he came into my room and he sighs again and walks out of the room. I will never forgive him if he brings that woman here. My mom just died, a month ago and he tells me that he is getting married. Does he expect me to welcome her to our home with open arms? I THINK NOT. Let me introduce myself and clear everything up first. My name is Ashton Hayman, I am 16 years, and I can't wait to get out of this house. My life sucks and I know I can be a rude jerk sometimes but I have my reasons. My dad wants to get married and I know you think I am being over dramatic and all but, I won't approve of him getting married after a month of his late wife's death. My mother was perfect and she didn't deserve to die. Everyone loved her and my dad used to be among. Now all he keeps talking about is getting married. That's a lot of BULL. I feel a tear fall from my face, it still hurts to think about her, and I honestly can't understand how my dad is so okay with moving on. Enough of my sob story. I stand up from my bed and drop my book on my reading table. The one thing I love to do is read and if I don't read, I will literally pull all my hair out. School sucks and I have practically lost all my friends after my mom's death and I am now the school's loner. Don't get me wrong, I could actually try but I chose to be that way. You could say I gave up on life. My mother was the one person I could talk to. I walked into my bathroom and washed my face with water from the tap. I hated mornings because my dad always tormented me. I know that he wants my approval but I won't give it to him. There is no way in hell. He told me that he loved her. Her name is Isabella or something. I really like to block his voice whenever he is talking to me. I know I should give him a break but I won't. I looked at my reflection and frowned. I won't say I am ugly and before I became an outcast, I had my fair amount of admirers. I just lost them all to depression. I lost my best friend and my girlfriend, I really didn't understand why she broke up with me, but she said something along the line '' I have needs and you don't fit in my life anymore ''. I can't blame her. I opened the shower and took off my clothes at the same time. Once in the shower, I close my eyes and sit run my hands through my hair. The tears suddenly start falling and I let them mix with the water from the tap. Shower time is tears time and I do it every day. The tears just keep falling and I wipe them as they continue to fall. I miss my mother so much that it hurts. I fall to my knees and sit on the floor with my knees touching my chest. I am not going to forget my mother the way my stupid father did. I walk down the stairs after my shower and I see my dad in the kitchen. I am not going to deal with him right now. '' Come in here Ashton '' my dad orders me. I sigh and walk into the kitchen '' what now father '' I say dryly. He smiles and ignores my expression '' Please have breakfast with me '' he says. I shake my head '' no can do....I'm already late and I can't waste my time on people who have no feelings '' I know I am being rude but what is the worse he can do. '' You can't talk to me like that....now do what I said and sit down '' he shouts angrily. I sigh and obey him '' are you happy '' He smiles and nods '' very....now have some toasts '' He drops two slices in a plate and places it in front of me. I take a bite and chew it slowly. My eyes never leave him and he looks uncomfortable. After I swallow the bread, I stand up from the chair '' I'm done......see you later jerk '' I say as I run out of the house. I hear him sigh but I ignore him and enter my car. I drive a Honda jeep; it's the only thing that is stable in my life. I get to school in less than thirty minutes and walk into the building. People stare at me as I pass but I ignore them all. I don't care and they should all get lives. Peter my ex-best friend sees me pass by and he doesn't even try to talk to me. No one cares about me and I'm cool with it. I finally reach h the library and the old librarian smiles at me. The library has been my safe haven and I just come here to read. I read mostly fictions, they give me hope that people like that actually exist. Fairy tales make me believe in magic and the raising of the dead. What I would do to see my mother one last time. That is my one wish, I didn't even get to say goodbye and that is the worst thing ever. I have like thirty minutes before class starts so I pick a book from the shelf and take a seat at the far corner of the room. After school, I drive back to my hell. I know my dad will be waiting for me. He rarely goes to work these days and I just wish he'd leave me alone. I get home and park my car in the driveway. I come down from my car and walk into the house. I know my dad is home because his car is in the garage. I ignore the noise coming from the sitting room and run up to my room. I drop my bag pack on the floor and go lie down on my bed with the new book I got from the library. It was a book about a boy who fell in love with a girl who was stuck in a mirror. I know it seems childish but that is what I like to read. I guess you could say I am still a child at heart. I hear a knock on my door and ignore it. I know it's him and he just wants to see how I am doing. It's the same f*****g routine every day. '' I know you are in there ash '' he says. I sigh but ignore him. He takes that as his cue to come in and he enters slowly. He is dressed in a suit and he looks like he went to work today. '' How was school '' he asks. I roll my eyes, so he continues '' I know you said you don't want to have anything to do with Isabella but we just got married '' he tells me like its nothing. I jump up from my bed and look at him with a surprised expression '' what the f**k '' I exclaim. '' Watch your language '' he shouts back. '' Dad you are a real d**k '' I shout and stand up from the bed. I am not going to listen to this anymore. '' Where are you going '' he asks me. I ignore him and wear my sneakers, I run down the stairs and he follows me '' I said where are you going '' he asks angrily. I turn around and as I am about to reply a lady comes out of the kitchen '' honey....what is wrong '' I look at her and grimace, she isn't even as beautiful as my mom and this is the woman he moved=s on with. '' What the hell is she doing here '' I ask him. He frowns '' she is my wife and you will treat her with the respect she deserves '' he walks over to her and wraps his arm around her waist. '' I will never respect the b***h '' I say before walking out of the house. I bang the door loudly and run out of the house, I don't even bother with my car. Where ever I want to go, my legs can take me. I run down the block until I reach a dark alley. I need to cool off or I will really murder somebody. I lean against a wall and take deep breaths. Calm down Ashton, I tell myself as I continue my breathing treatment. How could he marry that slut? It isn't fair, his wife's body hasn't even decayed, and he moved on. My father is a jerk. BRODY'S POV. Where am I? I woke up on this island and I have been stuck here for two weeks, I don't remember where I came from all or who I am. All I know is my name. It's weird that I have been walking around and no one can see me. At first, I think it is a joke but after a week of trying to get everyone's attention, I have given up. I think I am dead or stuck in limbo, which is my only logical reason. I don't want to be stuck; I wanna wake up from this scary nightmare. God, please let me wake up.

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