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"Okay then, I will rest for sometime and you guard me. After that I will start learning the arts." Shiro was by no means wrong since he knew that he had exhausted his mana and it would take him quite a while to regain all of them and that was why he asked the old man to guard him since there were still many beasts in the forest. So it was normal for him to ask for protection till he was able to freely move protect himself again. The old man agreed to him since he didn't want to put his safety at risk. Also he wanted Shiro to be in top form so that he would be able to learn the arts completely and perfectly. If he were to make any mistake in learning that would make him teach wrong moves to the next generation due to which it might become fatal. He immediately went and started resting after sitting under a tree where he was able to get cool breeze. The shade provided by the tree was also wide enough that was making him relaxed. He continued to relax without thinking about the tree. He didn't get even a small bit of doubt about it even though it was a bit weird. All other trees had already lost their leaves and the only thing that was left in them were thorns and spikes but this was one of the very few trees of the forest that was completely covered with leaves. "Huff huff, my energy is stabilizing." Shiro could finally circulate the energy at ease. All his worries had already vanished since he knew the capabilities of the old man. It might have been just a gut feeling, but it was the truth that under his protection nothing could harm him, at least for now. Soon 2 hours passed by and Shiro had completely regained all the mana and other energy. He was now completely ready to learn what the old man was about to teach. "Hmm, looks like you are comfortable now.", The old man asked Shiro right away as soon as he saw him standing up. He immediately replied saying, "Yes, I'm all well now. I think I can start learning now without any more worries." The old man nodded his head and asked him to follow him. Shiro obediently followed the old man who took him near another tree which was very large when compared to the previous one. "Hmm, it's only a bit small from the tree that was there in the DARK FIRE forest.", he immediately said that as soon as he saw he tree. The old man nodded his head again and said, "Indeed, that tree is one of the largest trees in the world!" Shiro stared at him and thought, "How does he know which tree I am talking about? Was he spying on me or did he too go to that forest?" Shiro was shocked by the old man's reply but there was a possibility that he had already visited that forest and that's why he might have had prior knowledge about that. "Oh well, this tree is now your average tree." "Huh? What do you mean by that?" Shiro was confused yet again after listening to his sentence but soon all his doubts cleared when he saw the old man vanishing as soon as he touched the tree. "W-what just happened?" He was stunned for a few moment when he saw the old man disappearing right in front of him. He decided to do the exact same thing what the old man did a few moments ago. He immediately touched the tree too and as soon as he did that he suddenly disappeared the same way as the old man! "Üghh, what just happened...?" He opened his eyes slowly only to close them again due to the blinding light that was being splashed exactly on his face. He somehow managed to open his eyes after blocking the light from entering his eyes by placing his hand exactly in front of him. "W-wow... this...", he was completely mesmerized at the view which he was seeing. There was a huge waterfall from near which a rainbow was formed.  It was the most beautiful sight which Shiro had seen after coming to this world. "No words... I have no words to describe this spectacle..." The old man was smiling while standing beside him. He too was glancing at the waterfall. Shiro too was watching the awesome view when suddenly the old man said something, "You will be training here from now on for exactly 3 years..." 3 years was a lot of time for the humans in which they could do a lot of things and see many amazing moments so one would reject right away but it was different for dragons. They had a long life span so a mere 3 years was like few months to them when compared with humans.  That was why Shiro agreed right away but even if he had such long time, he couldn't possibly sit idly and waste them. He always believed in punctuality and that was what he wanted to do even right now. In fact he wanted to save time and practice even more. That was what he was planning. The old man looked at Shiro's enthusiasm and thought about teaching everything as soon as he could so he immediately said, "Go, change into the training suit that I have kept ready for you in that hut." "Huh? Does that mean you knew that I would be coming here and prepared it before hand?" The old man avoided that question and said, "I will prepare something and be back right away." And immediately after he said that he vanished suddenly without answering the question. "Uhh, I guess I have to go and see the hut once." Immediately after he said that he started to walk towards the hut which was a little bit ahead. "Training suit... What kind of training suit will be there?" To Be Continued...
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