Training Starts

1029 Words
"Uhh, I guess I have to go and see the hut once." Immediately after he said that he started to walk towards the hut which was a little bit ahead. "Training suit... What kind of training suit will be there?" He didn't know that there was something that could his powers. He slowly walked towards the hut and entered it almost instantly when he found nothing but emptiness. "He said there was a training suit here... But it's completely empty here..." He looked here and there to see if the cloth piece was hidden somewhere but he wasn't able to spot it. He gazed at everything even by using his mana sense but still wasn't able to detect any suit within the room. "I guess he was just joking...", was what he said when suddenly the old man banged opened the door. "Haha, I'm sorry, it seems that the suit was stolen away by a beast..." "Huh?", Shiro stared at him as if he was staring at a statue in an awkward way. He knew that the old man was clearly lying to him. "Tsk, fine... just tell me what to do now..." The old man touched his beard and closed his eyes to think something. He then immediately said after 2 minutes that he had to go and meditate under the waterfall for 3 whole hours. "Ha? Are you kidding me? Do you even know from what height the water is falling from?" The velocity of the water was indeed high and with the force that it was falling was enough to crush even a huge tree so if Shiro would have tried to meditate there, he would definitely not come out in a single piece. "Come brat! It's quite easy! You just need to meditate under it. No one told you to fight against it!" Shiro didn't agree even now since he couldn't possibly risk his life which he was given right now. He didn't know what would happen to him if he were to die right now. "Remember one thing Shiro, If a dragon doesn't face difficulties, no matter how many times it evolves, it will still remain an infant!" "Huh?" For some reason his words touched his heart. It was somewhat similar to the saying that was told in Earth - If a man doesn't face difficulties, he would never be able to make his way in the society! It was true after all and it seemed that Shiro understood it perfectly so he decided to take upon the so called hardship that he was mentioning. "Fine then, I will meditate under it but remember old man, I have come here to get stronger... not to die!" "Haha, I will remember that." Immediately after saying that both of the moved out if the house towards the waterfall which was actually called - THE DRAGON FALLS! "So, you go there and start meditating. I will keep an eye on the surrounding till them." Shiro didn't like being ordered but now he had no choice other than listening to his instructions. He was ready to do anything in order to grow stronger and finish the [DIVINE TECHNIQUE] which he wasn't able to complete in his past life. He then immediately rushed and sat exactly under the Dragon's fall and started to circulate the mana inside him when suddenly the old man who shouted, "Are you crazy!!? Why are you circulating the mana in your body!!?" "Huh...?" Shiro wasn't able to understand what the old man told. He was already under a lot of pressure due to the water that was splashing on him at a high speed. On top of that he wasn't able to hear anything due to the sound made by the water fall so he wasn't able to comprehend what he wanted to say. "You need to converge your mana instead of allowing it to freely flow...", he shouted which Shiro heard perfectly. Shiro didn't want to do that since he was comfortable in just allowing the mana to flow freely. "Can't you hear me!? Do you want your body to explode or what!?, he shouted again which made him lose his breath. "Huff huff, if you die right now, the lineage will completely end since I don't think so that anyone else will ever come to this forest anytime sooner..." The old man only cared about the lineage and nothing else. He didn't even care when Shiro was calling him 'Old MAN' instead of 'Old DRAGON'. He thought that he might have been teasing but that was actually Shiro's habit since he used to call elderly people as old man back on earth. "Tsk, he is becoming too emotional..." Shiro didn't want to do what he said but he gave it a try after seeing the old man's expression. "Phew, if I die, I will come and haunt you!" After saying that he started to withdraw all the freely flowing mana and immediately started to accumulate at one common point. He then immediately started to converge all the mana into a small orb. "Ughhh!!!", his body started to react in a strange manner. All the excess mana that used to deplete from him after escaping from his body into the surroundings, started to converge as well. His mana pool had a large capacity which was now successfully being covered by the excess mana. Slowly and steadily the muscles also started to store mana. "Haha, good...", the old man laughed after seeing Shiro do what he said. His body was getting stringer each moment. "This..." But that was not the only reason why the old man said him to converge the mana. The real reason was because the water that was falling upon him from the Ancient Dragon Falls was rich with mana. If Shiro would try to converge the mana then the mana from the water would also go inside him and turn from environmental mana to natural mana that would boost his power by many times. "Awesome! This is freaking good!" And thus started Shiro's training under the supervision of a strange old man. To Be Continued... 
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