2 Years

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"Get your asses on work you punks!" The shop owner was shouting at his workers who were slacking off. There were many people (Dragons) in the street since it was vacation time. Even though it was too hot and warm, for some reason none of them broke any sweat. All they did was buy what they wanted and immediately left the shop and moved forward. Many noble dragons and other warrior dragons who were in the form of human like appearance had also visited the place. It seemed that all of them were walking towards one common place which was a bit ahead from crowded market. It appeared somewhat like an arena which was used for battles. Everyone seemed excited for it. Dragons from different kingdoms had also visited the place since a competition that happened only once in a year was going to take place here and probably that was why many of them were rushing. "Hmm, Sister, hurry! We won't get any seats if we arrive even a little late!", an infant dragon who seemed to be around the age of 13 was calling out to another girl who was roughly around 17 years old. "Yes, I am trying!", she was rushing as fast as she could but that wasn't fast enough. It seemed that the infant was a speed type dragon and she was a strength type. "Huff huff, wait a bit Riri!", the 17 year old girl called out to the infant since she was already tired of running all the way from her home. "You are so slow Sis!!!", she exclaimed. She was too excited to see the tournament between the dragons that would decide the fate of Dragoland. There were basically 3 types of tournament that would be held for a duration of 15 days and that was why it was called the DRAGON CHAMPION TOURNAMENT OF HALF MONTH! The 3 types of tournament was basically for 3 different categories. One was for the schools and academies only in which the younger generation participated to show their powers and talent. Next was for the universities which included all the dragons who were over 17 years and below 24. Even 17 and 24 years students were also considered but there were very few who were of that age. The final type wasn't restricted to anyone or any age limit. It could be participated by all but it was majorly featuring around the dragons that had reached at least level 50. In this world, dragons too had some weird level methods that determined their strengths. An infant dragon that was either born directly from the mother or had hatched from egg had their levels at 5. The same level would start to regress and become zero as soon as they reach the age of 10 after which they have to cultivate again in order to regain the lost 5 levels and continue to grow even stronger. That was quite common but there were a few instances where the level retained as 5 even though they had reached the age of 10. Those dragons could level up quite faster when compared to other dragons and were hence called as gifted or geniuses. "Of course I am slow, I am not a speed type after all!", she said that somehow while panting outrageously. Riri immediately said, "Hmph! Then be here, I'm running off to grab a seat!" She vanished the very next instant after saying that to her elder sister Kirin. "Sigh, what do I do of her...?" She immediately rushed with all her might since she didn't want Riri to offend some strong dragon or any senior since that might have brought a huge calamity upon them. The punishment would be severe too and that was why Kirin tried her best to reach her as soon as possible. 'BAM' "Ouch! That hurt." The same thing happened of what she was afraid of. Riri stumbled upon a rock and bumped into a senior. Kirin saw that and immediately rushed to the place and started begging for forgiveness. "Please, senior please forgive my sister... she wasn't aware. It was a mistake..." Kirin had a busty body on seeing which it would hardly be believable that she was just 17 years old. The old man stared at her cleavage and then said arrogantly, "Such audacity? How dare she bump into me?" The pressure was immense enough to force anyone below level 30 to kneel before him. It was due to that very force that Riri, who was just level 8, became unconscious and Kirin had to kneel in front of him even though she was level 18. It seemed as if the old man was well above level 50 and that was why he was able to do that. "Come babe, sleep with me tonight..." She was a greedy and perverted bastard who had ruined many female dragons. Many other experts were seeing what he intended to do but none of them wanted to waste their energy in fighting him. Also, he was a great asset to the nation that was why sacrificing one female dragon for him was not a big deal was what everyone was thinking. "Come here...", he was salivating like crazy and was intending to taste Kirin right here in front of all. Kirin looked here and there pitifully while trying to ask for help but no one was ready to risk their life in order to fight a level 50+ dragon. "Are all... stone hearted here...?" All she could do was cry since no one was even baiting their eyes towards them anymore. They were ignored as if they were a pebble lying on the road. The old dragon walked closer to Kirin and was about to r**e her when suddenly all the pressure that he was exerting in his surrounding vanished all of a sudden. "Huh? What just happened?", he himself was shocked by the happening. He gazed here and there only to find someone wearing a thick black rob and standing in front of him. "Oh man... I have finally returned after 2 years..." To Be Continued...
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