The Battle

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"Huh? What just happened?", he himself was shocked by the happening. He gazed here and there only to find someone wearing a thick black rob and standing in front of him. "Oh man... I have finally returned after 2 years..." The pressure was cancelled out due to this man who was right now standing in front of him. "W-who are you bastard? How dare you stand in front of me?", the old man shouted since he couldn't possibly let him go without paying for the insult. However that man didn't care for what he said and immediately went and helped the girl who was crying to stand up by lending out his hand. "T-thanks...", Kirin got up and continuously stared at the man who helped her out. Riri too came running towards Kirin and hugged her. Haha, welcome.", he immediately looked at her with a smiling face and then glanced at little Riri. The old man who was standing felt insulted and immediately unleashed his power. "How dare you ignore me!" He looked furious even though he was the one who was wrong. A purple colored Aura started to be liberated from him which covered the entire area. There were many kids and other elders among the citizens standing there on top of which the royal guards were asked to escort the princess of a strong nation. "It's... suffocating!", said the imperial princess who was 18 years old and level 21. Attending level 21 while being so young was considered a great thing because of which her name was widely known because of the great talent she had. But level 21 wasn't much of a great thing in front of the old man who was liberating a large amount of Aura. So she too seemed to be affected. The imperial guards noticed it instantly and were on their way in order to stop him when suddenly the pressure seemed to be decreased. There was a yellow colored light covering all of the dragons present there that was actually protecting all of them from the huge aura that was being emitted from the old dragon. "Sigh, what are you trying to prove by emitting such puny amount of pressure?", said the person who rescued Kirin just a moment ago. "Huh?", the elder looked here and there only to find that no one was being affected by his power. Instead all of them were perfectly fine due to the weird yellow light that was essentially protecting them. He looked at all of them who were laughing while watching him waste his energy since all of them didn't feel even the slightest of pain. "Are you fine?", he asked to Riri who nodded her head while hiding behind Kirin. It seemed as if she was shy to meet him. "Arrgghhh! I'll f*****g kill you!", he dashed in order kill him when the imperial guards caught him. But a bit of the attack which he had laughed reached him which was only enough to remove the robe that he was wearing. The sun light shined brightly on him and he looked handsome. Kirin was totally in awe when she saw him. Many people knew what he had done and thought that he might have been a power elder who was able to stop him easily but when they found out he was roughly around 18-19, all of them were completely shocked. "A kid?", even though he was eighteen years old, he was still an infant in their eyes so all of them were stunned to see an infant defeat an adult. The imperial princess walked towards him in order to thank him. He was damn gorgeous and an excellent beauty whom every male dragon would want to meet with. But he had no intention of talking with her since he didn't care how much of a beauty she was. However she intended to approach him and so did many others. All the women who were standing there also rushed towards him since they had witnessed how amazing he was. But the guards made the way for the princess who walked towards him. He looked at the princess and then looked away as if he was about to leave when suddenly the princess asked, "Wait! Can I get your name?" He turned back immediately after she asked that and said, "You can call me Shiro..." Immediately after saying that he vanished from there. "Shiro...?", Kirin and the princess, both of them said that simultaneously and kept on looking at the blank space that was in front of them. "I hope we meet again, Shiro...", immediately after saying that the princess walked back to the carriage. Her face was quite red for some reason when the king who was sitting in the carriage asked, "Hmm, did you take a liking to that boy?" She nodded her head while her expression was completely filled with shyness. The king was shocked since she rarely said something like this. She had even declined many marriage proposals! "Can I know why is that?", the king asked her to tell the reason. It was indeed weird and the reason ight reveal why she accepted Shiro. "Father, he didn't have any bad intentions..." The king was suddenly shocked when he heard that. He completely trusted her daughter because she had special eyes that could tell whether someone was lying or not or if someone is evil or not. That was the main reason why he trusted her judgement. "Hmm, but isn't he just a commoner?" Usually the royalty and nobles preferred a marriage with the same status or someone famous and since they didn't know Shiro's background nor did they know his family name, they couldn't decide right away. But they could wait for him to make name for himself. "I wonder how strong he was..." She suddenly looked at him and asked, "Father, you too saw him right? Couldn't you see through his level?" He shook his head and denied it since he really couldn't see his levels. "Eh? Even someone like you who is level 87, couldn't see through him..." It was quite a shock since the levels can easily be known if one is weaker than the other but if he meets someone stronger, he cannot possibly tell the levels! TO BE CONTINUED...
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