Entered The Arena

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"Eh? Even someone like you who is level 87, couldn't see through him..." It was quite a shock since the levels can easily be known if one is weaker than the other but if he meets someone stronger, he cannot possibly tell the levels! So it was quite a Shock since such a small boy who was a still considered to be infant couldn’t possibly be higher than level 87. There was a lot of confusion now and the only conclusion that could be drawn was that he had a secret artifact which he was hiding which could actually hid his levels and not anyone else to peek through it. “Oh well, Like looks like I have a lot of work now. I have to find about his backgrounds.”, said the king which looking at the princess who had a flustered expression as if she was anticipating marriage. Shiro joe entered the battle arena which he wanted to see from so long ago. It was understandable since many people had the same dreams but they couldn’t enter the place unless they had passed infant stage because it could have been quite dangerous. “Sir, please place your hand on this crystal...”, there was a crystal ball placed in front of the entrance to determine the age. If anyone was below 30 years and was alone with no company or wasn’t any royalty or noble, he or she wouldn’t be allowed to take a look at the arena. They would prohibit his entry. Shiro wasn’t aware of that and immediately placed his hand on the crystal which clearly showed 18 stars. “Haaa!!? You are just eighteen years old and you want to enter the arena? f**k off kid, this is no place for infants!” The guard wasn’t talking in a proper way and was basically making fun of Shiro. He didn’t mind it though but he really wanted to enter the arena. “Please... I want to take a peek that’s it!” Was what Shiro saying but the guards weren’t ready to bulge even a single bit. “Tsk Damn...”, Shiro was about to give up when suddenly someone spoke for him. “Allow him to enter...”, said someone is quite a dominating tone. “Ha? Who are you to decide that?”, the guard turned towards the left when he said that only to have his jaw dropped. “Y-your highness!!?”, the king of another nation was in the wagon who had a special entry. He had bad mouthed him so he thought his situation won’t be any good but for now the king didn’t even bother listening to his apologies. “So tell me, are you going to allow him or not?”, the king asked again. “But your highness, he doesn’t have any guardian and is just an infant.”, what he said was indeed true which even the king knew but there was something that the guard didn’t know. Despite being an infant he was able to defeat an adult which meant that his strength far surpassed the adults even at this age. “Hmm, I’m his guardian. Is that fine now?”, was what King said immediately after thinking for a bit. All the guards and other elders that had arrived there were completely shocked when they heard his words. Even Shiro who was confused and didn’t know anything about what was going on was shocked when he heard the king agreeing to be his guardian. “So shiro, come here. We will go in the wagon.” Shiro nodded his head and agreed and then immediately vanished from the place where he was standing and appeared out of nowhere in front of the wagon. The door was opened and he immediately went and sat in front of the king and beside the princess. “That you very much for agreeing to become my guardian.”, he didn’t bow or talk with any formality. The king felt that he was indeed different from others who didn’t lower his head just because of status. “Haha, it’s nothing like that. I was merely returning the debt.”, was what the king said. Shiro couldn’t understand by what he meant and then immediately asked, “Debt? Which debt?” The king said, “You protected those two girls and helped in arresting that bastard old dragon right? That was the debt!” This was getting even more confusing for him so he just nodded and didn’t pry anymore. Finally he turned right to look through the window only to find the princess’s face to be red for some reason. “Eh? You are the same girl from earlier... but why is your face red?” She nodded and kept quite for reason u known which confused Shiro yet again. “Are you alright? Do you have fever or something?”, Shiro asked immediately. “Fever? What’s that?”, the girl tilt her head towards the left while asking that. “Huh? You don’t know what a ‘fever’ is?”, Shiro was staring at her weirdly as if he had seen a ghost saying that it was a God. The king too didn’t know about it and so he asked, “What is this so called fever that you are talking about?” Shiro was now even more confused and when thought carefully he was forced to be reminded that he was in DRAGOLAND and not on Earth anymore. “Perhaps the dragons don’t get any fever...”, was what he was thinking. He then immediately looked towards the king and said, “Oh it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.” Then he immediately averted his eyes and started looking outside while the carriage was being driven inside the arena where various wagons were kept. All of them got down of the carriage immediately after which Shiro said, “But where do I go and sit?” Because he hadn’t reserved any seat so others might acquire. The king immediately said, “Don’t worry, we have an extra seat. You can join us.” “Really!!!?”, Rex seemed happy. His eyes were sparkling and he was too excited to see the dragons fight. “Then come! Let’s gooo!!!”, he was being impatient at the same time too. The king looked at his enthusiasm and laughed a bit. Then he asked the princess to guide him since he still had some business left. Both of them walked straight towards the VID area in order to acquire the seats at the earliest. NOTE: VIP = Very important person, but that can’t be used in dragon world. VID = Very Important Dragon. To Be Continued...
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