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The king looked at his enthusiasm and laughed a bit. Then he asked the princess to guide him since he still had some business left. Both of them walked straight towards the VID area in order to acquire the seats at the earliest. Both of them found the seats and sat next to each other while waiting for the king to arrive. The princess peeked at Shiro a bit in order to take a look at him and found that he was extremely enthusiastic about the battles. “I can’t wait anymore!!! When will the battle start!!?”, his excitement knew no bounds and he couldn’t wait either. He knew that it would start soon but how soon was his question. “Well, you need to wait around one more hour I guess until many more dragons arrive at the venue.”, the princess said. What she said sounded reasonable and was completely legit so Shiro has no other choice but to be quiet and wait patiently. He was running his hands again and again which had fallen cold due to excitement. “Shiro, can you tell me how old are you exactly?”, the princess asked. Shiro looked towards her and said, “I’m eighteen...” For some reason her expression changed too and she became a bit happy. “Woah! I’m 18 too!”, was what she said. Then she asked, “You don’t seem to be of this kingdom, from where did you come?” Shiro laughed a bit and said, “Yes, I’m indeed not from this kingdom. I have come from the east...” The princess was expecting a bit more detailed location but she didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable so she refrained from asking again. “Oh ya, I don’t know your name...”, he looked towards her with anticipation. “Hehe, I’m Silvia Golheart, the 1st princess of the Golheart Kingdom which ya a bit towards the north.”, she introduced her self properly. “Oh! Nice to meet you Silvia.”, Shiro smiled and immediately said that. After saying that he saw the king coming towards them. He arrived as early as he could and sat in a seat a bit ahead of both of them. Another king too acquired a seat just next to him and started chatting with him about many things. Shiro and Silvia too talked about many things and were laughing delightfully. “Don’t they look good with each other?”, asked Silvia’s father. The other king nodded his head and agreed to what he said. Then they resumed chatting when suddenly it was announced that the battle will be starting any time soon. Everyone gulped a large amount of saliva and were eagerly waiting for the first battle right now. Initially it was the battle of younger generation. The dragons who were infants and studied in academies were the first to be called. Slowly one by one each team came forward. There was going to be 2 rounds for them. One would be a solo competition to become the strongest and gain the fame to your own self and the other was a team battle where the battle would be with a team of 5 members. Then suddenly Silvia while looking at Shiro asked, “It seems that you are keenly watching the field, are you waiting for someone to appear?” She wasn’t completely wrong since he was indeed waiting for someone to appear. “Well, my siblings...”, was what he said. “Eh!? You have siblings?”, she was shocked. Shiro nodded his head and agreed to what she asked. This confirmed that Shiro was indeed from a noble family or perhaps a rich family which could afford having many kids. Also only rich parents could afford to attend any academy so he was by no means a commoner. As mentioned earlier Shiro had 5 siblings - 2 sisters and 3 brothers. One of the girl was 17 years old, just a year younger than Shiro and the other girl was 15 years old who was the same age as his another younger brother. Basically they were twins but the sister seemed to be elder just by 4 minutes. Other than that the remaining two brothers were 16 and 14 respectively. Regardless of how talented they were, they never had any bad relations with Shiro. Even though they found among themselves all the times as if they were their natural enemy, they would never even dare to speak a single word about fights in from of Shiro. They had deep respect for him even though everyone called him trash. They knew how kind hearted and caring he was. Whenever they used to fight, Shiro’s presence was more than enough to stop them immediately. “Hmm, then tell me, are you stronger than your siblings or are they stronger than you?”, Silvia asked Immediately since she wanted to know more about them. But she thought that it was a foolish question since Shiro was definitely stronger than them without a doubt. However, Shiro’s answer was somewhat different from what she had expected. “Well, if they had fought with me... then I would have lost at least a 100 times.”, he was referring about the past. He didn’t knew how strong they were right now so he couldn’t say about the present. He just said that casually but when Silvia heard that she was completely shocked. “You... you would have lost?”, she could barely even imagine that because even her father wasn’t able to see through him. Also it wasn’t much of a possibility that he was really using an artifact to hide his levels since no one would just use them so early if they were weak. “F-from which kingdom are you from Shiro?”, she wanted a clear straight answer from him. She was already nervous about a kingdom harvesting such geniuses who were powerful enough to blow away an entire dragon army. “Haha, I don’t know if I’m part of that place anymore. But since you are asking let me say...”, Shiro took a deep breathe to start saying when suddenly they announced the start of the match. “Uhh... is it okay if I tell it later?”, Shiro asked Silvia. “Ya ya it’s fine, no issues.”, she nodded her head and immediately agreed to what he said. She took a look at his shabby and tatted clothes again and thought, “Who is he in reality?” To Be Continued...
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