The Phoenix's Feather And Family

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“Ya ya it’s fine, no issues.”, she nodded her head and immediately agreed to what he said. She took a look at his shabby and tatted clothes again and thought, “Who is he in reality?” It was obviously weird to see a commoner having so much power as that of Shiro. Also if he really was a royal or some rich fellow, then there would be no need to disguise or wear such a shabby clothes. She had been thinking this the whole time. But then suddenly she forgot about that when the announcement about the starting of the match was made. "So everyone, let's welcome the team 'Martin - 12th', the students from 'Martino Dragon Academy' who have come all the way from the kingdom of Servo that is 1500 miles away from here." That was a long distance for the dragons who couldn't fly since they had to travel the same way as that of the humans. Everyone clapped for them when they entered while waving their hands at everyone. Shiro was excited to see them battle and was waiting for the other teams to come forward. "Now, let's welcome the team 'Twilights' which is formed by the students of 'Ser Zaffir Academy' which is situated at the kingdom of Belom that lies northwards." Another set of students marched out towards the field that was present in front of them. The students from the Martin academy were wearing a green colored dress code while the other team were assigned brown clothes which had a bit red tint to it. All of them appeared to be of the same age of around 14-15 years old. Shiro's eyes were sparkling and his eagerness was increasing because he wanted the battle to start as soon as possible. "And the match begins!", the announcer announces the beginning of the fight as soon as all of them assumed their positions. "Hyaaaa! Fire Ball!", said a boy wearing the brown clothes. Suddenly a fire ball was formed in his right hand which he threw towards the Martin team when they suddenly combined their strengths to form a barrier. "Wind thrust!", said a boy wearing green clothes after which suddenly the wind took the shape of an arrow and was launched towards the Twilights team who dodged it with ease. Shiro was looking at them battle as if it was his first time seeing dragons battling, that's what the princess felt, but little did she know that it was really his first time seeing dragons battle as humans with limited powers. But then suddenly his expressions changed. He looked shocked when his gazes fell towards the exact opposite side of the stadium. "Father...?", it seemed as if his father, the great king was sitting there along with his mother. "Mother...? Did they also come to see today's match!?", he exclaimed and it was the truth because they too wanted their kids to fight and gain glory for themselves. But that was not the only reason for such a competition. The real purpose was to attain the 'Phoenix Feather', which was one of the rarest material of the world. It was believed that when humans and dragons coexisted, many phoenix too lived with them. While dragons were terrifyingly strong, the humans were terrifyingly intelligent. Both of them were not less than each other when they battled. But due to that there were many casualities and while finding a method to heal themselves, they stumbled upon a phoenix's feather. It's feather could completely heal their wounds and was even capable of regenerating parts too. But this lead to the disadvantage for the phoenix who were now constantly hunted in order to attain their feathers due to which they went into hiding in a secret place that was never ever discovered again. But when they left, some of their feathers had been scattered already. When the world was divided and the dragons were given a completely different world, some of them secretly took many things that were present in human world. Among them were 5 phoenix feathers. After that when the dragons arrived in their new lands they slowly started to get used to it and settled down and had piece until when the phoenix feather surfaced again. But it seemed as if the 5 phoenix feathers were scattered when the war took place among them with the phoenix feather as an aim. So getting a hold on phoenix feather would certainly be wonderful since it can even grant a person immortality if used properly. What that meant was that if the neck of a dragon was cut and he was about to die, the feather could be used in order to reattach it. In that way, the dragon wouldn't die. But the feather too had only limited amount of power since it was no longer attached to the phoenix and it had been ages since it was left behind. That was why it couldn't perform any such large scale healing processes right now. However, still it had extraordinary value which was almost equal to the value to two 'S - Rank' crystal soul cores. That was the main reason because of which there were many more dragons this time when compared to all the times till now. But right now Shiro wasn't thinking anything about the purpose of the battles or the fun or enjoyment. All he was thinking was about his family back at earth which he was missing dearly after looking at his father and mother who were sitting exactly in front of him. They could also see Shiro clearly but couldn't tell that he was Shiro since he wore a rob in order to prevent himself from being noticed so they didn't think much and continued to watch the battles. One by one different team was coming forward and battling each other in order to claim the top spot. "Isn't this amazing Shiro?", the princess asked Shiro with full of excitement and turned her gazes towards her left only to find that Shiro was missing. "Eh...? Where did he go?" To Be Continued...
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