The Second Stage And The Dark Energy

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"Isn't this amazing Shiro?", the princess asked Shiro with full of excitement and turned her gazes towards her left only to find that Shiro was missing. "Eh...? Where did he go?" She kept on searching here and there but couldn't find him anywhere. "That's weird... wasn't he here a moment ago?", she turned back to take look but still she wasn't able to find him. "Hmm... wasn't he excited to watch the battle? Then why would he leave in between?" She wanted to ask her father but he seemed like he was busy while talking to another king so she didn't bother him. "Oh well, I guess he might have remembered something important and maybe that's why he left...", was what she thought. She too started enjoying the battle and forgot about him for the time being since it would be useless to worry. MEANWHILE... "This is not right... why did it have to happen right now?", Shiro was clenching the left side of his chest which was near to his heart. It seemed as if something was bothering him a lot and it was indeed painful to him. He was sweating a lot too which was quite unusual.  "I have to go as far as I can.", was what he said immediately after which he vanished from the place and suddenly arrived near the ruins that were famous at that place. "Yes... there is no one here...", he removed his shirt immediately after looking here and there. "I need to control this power... I didn't expect the second phase to start so early...", this was the main reason why he left the arena. It was indeed true that he was feeling uncomfortable due to the presence of his parents but more than that the power inside him was making him tensed. His body had black strips all over and formed some weird patterns which were similar to a dragon's head. His arms too had the same black markings and his other body parts were no exception. That was the main reason as to why he was wearing the robe and covering himself. He suddenly sat down and started to gather all the mana that was stored inside him. The circulation of mana was quite violent and it was causing a lot of turbulence inside his body because of which he was barely able to control it. "Huff huff, Second stage is much more painful than the first stage.", he was panting heavily while saying this. "I can't just give up yet.", was what he told himself and focused his energy even more. His concentration was on a whole another level. Soon the weird black energy inside his body started to disperse and spread throughout his body. It seemed as if that was the so called second phase that he was talking about. "Huff huff", all this while he kept panting. His body was generating an unusual amount of internal heat which increased his sweating rate. "Master had told me... not to use my powers for 3 years... but it seems like I made a mistake using it." He was talking about the power which he had shown back then when an old geezer was troubling the young infants. He couldn't have possibly turned a blind eye to what was happening and maybe that was why the stage two had started so early. When his stage one was activated, he had destroyed more than half of the entire forest of the DEADLY DOOMES and just by seeing his powers, the old man was completely shocked. Also this so called stages was due to the DIVINE BLACKBERRY fruit which he had swallowed. The blackberry fruit was considered to be one of the most dangerous fruits of the world since it had one of the most dangerous poisons which could kill even the most adult dragons almost instantly. However for some reason it had the opposite effect on Shiro and somehow it enhanced his power by ten folds. Immediately after that since he had begun training, the power got even more refined and had successfully become hundred times of what it initially was. Basically this was the starting point of Shiro's miraculous journey which made him stronger than most other dragon masters or elders in the world and that too when he was so young. But every good thing is followed by a bad thing and the side effects of the berry was soon seen and due to his small vessel capacity, the power was overflowing. Also, his veins would have ruptured but somehow he managed it on his own and stalled for more time which helped him to get stronger. The old geezer had asked him to stay for 3 years, but Shiro found the route quite earlier and even left the forest sooner than what was instructed. "Fuck... the power is running rampant again!", he was shouting to himself. "Uhhh... no man, stop! The city might get destroyed!", he was afraid that he might lose control and destroy everything that would come in his sight. He had lost his consciousness the last time and had almost turned into somewhat like a demon. He didn't want that to happen again. "First of all... I need to stabilize my breathing rate.", after saying this he started breathing slowly and was inhaling and exhaling a large volume of air. His condition was improving thanks to his slow breathing. His heartbeat was also stabilizing and the unknown anger that was growing inside him also got erased. He then started using his mana and tried to subdue the internal energy which appeared like a tyrant. "The f**k! Can't you just shut up and obey me?", he asked to his energy. He concentrated even more and finally somehow he managed to get out of the second stage. "Huff huff, that could really have been dangerous.", he sighed. "Now only one more stage is left... and if I'm not wrong, the old geezer said that it would take place 5 years after the first stage gets over.", he sighed in relief this time because he had a long time to get stronger and probably by that time he would be strong enough to suppress it completely. "This Dark Energy... I will definitely make it mine!" To Be Continued...
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