The Shadow - Part 1

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"This Dark Energy... I will definitely make it mine!"   Shiro didn't want to give up on that miraculous energy since it had already become part of his body. Also the tremendous power that he gained from the dark energy could be used wisely in order to protect many things. Since ancient times it was believed that the Dark Energy was an evil energy which was better to be thrown. That was the main reason why many dragons who had gained some of the dark energy were executed. It was a bad omen after all since even the dragons didn't like the black colors for some reason. Shiro knew about it since the old dragon who was in the Deadly Doomes forest informed him about this after looking at it. But Shiro believed that it would be a waste to leave such a tremendous power. This power was originally generated from Shiro's internal soul which was stimulated due to the poison. That was why he believed it to be his own and wasn't ready to leave it. Also he said that energies or powers aren't evil, the thing that is truly evil is the thinking of a dragon or other races. What he said was exactly correct. There was no classification which divided the dragons into Good or Bad. It was indeed their thoughts that would make them either good or bad. The old dragon agreed to what Shiro said and thus allowed him to cultivate the dark energy. He believed that if it was Shiro then he would be able to master it but according to his knowledge there would be a total of 3 stages before he could actually master it. The Early phase, the Mid phase and the Late phase were the 3 stages out of which Shiro had passed the first phase in which his body was restructured. The second phase had also started now and was nearing end which aimed at reorganizing his internal energy. It was necessary for the internal energy to be modelled properly so that it could be channeled in an exact manner when required. That was the essence of the second stage. He had passed the second stage successfully after which he sighed. It could have really been dangerous if he was near other dragons who could easily feel the fluctuations of his energy. "Now I just need to wait for the third stage...", the third stage was a bit later so he didn't have any worry for the time being. "Hmm, for now I should probably head back...", was what he thought because he didn't want to miss the opportunity of looking at the battles. But more than that he was worried about the princess and the king who might start looking for him after they know that he suddenly left. However, he didn't have any obligations to keep them entertained but he really wanted to watch his siblings match. "Sigh... System, can you hear me?", he asked with calmness. 'DING DONG' ========== [Affirmative] ========== "Then tell me, for how much more time can you keep my powers undiscovered?", Shiro had already transcended Level 120 but since his body was small and hadn't matured yet, he wasn't able to hide all of his powers. He somehow managed to master the art of Concealment but that was only enough to suppress his powers up to the level of 60. He was worried since level 60 was still too high for a young dragon like him and after thinking for a long time he figured out that the system could hide his powers but that was only temporarily. That was why he asked the question in order to know how much more time he had left until his powers will be revealed. 'DING DONG'' ========== [03:00:35:21 ] ========== Shiro took a look at what was shown in the system and nodded his head while saying, "Hmm, so after 3 days during this time the system will no longer be able to hide my powers?" That would be a little problematic to him since he couldn't possibly miss the chance if seeing battles. "Sigh, well I'll think about that later... Now let's head back first.", immediately after saying that he dashed back towards the arena. He was still worried about one thing and that was his parents and family. Since they too had come to the arena there was a chance that he would possibly meet them and he didn't want that. For now he wanted to stay away from them because he still had some more adventures to do and look at the way of living of the dragons. He had also heard about many other extraordinary talents which he wanted to see for himself and other than that he wanted to recruit some dragons in his side for the safety of his kingdom. But the most important thing among these was the task of delivering the complete martial arts to the clan of the old dragon who taught him various things. Shiro had many crystals due to which he would possibly never run out if energy and the abundant mana that he had was also nearly impossible to be depleted. He used that huge mana to his advantage in order to learn martial arts and high tier spells at the same time. Also he had already developed a large number of skills and one among them was 'Teleportation', using which he could teleport instantly to any area which lied within the range of 1,500 metres. "Ya, that's the best way in order to avoid their gazes...", immediately after saying this, he decided to use teleportation since the arena was within his range. "TELEPORT!", he imagined the place where he wanted to go and pictured the exact location. And immediately he was teleported to the area where he wanted. He looked here and there to check if someone had noticed but found that there was no one who saw this happening. "Good...", after saying this he was about to walk towards the seat beside the princess when he suddenly realized that he wasn't wearing the shirt which he had removed earlier. Also, he wasn't wearing the rob due to which the dark lines were clearly seen on his body. "f**k! I didn't notice this...", saying this he immediately hid in the same dark place to where he had teleported before which was actually the shadow part of the building. "TELEPORT!", he immediately went back to the same place from where he had used teleportation and rushed back towards the area where he was present earlier. "Ha! It's good that no one has come here until now...", he said this in relief after finding his shirt and rob lying there. "Now I can finally go back...", he wore them immediately and rushed back in relief after seeing that no one was present there. But then suddenly a shadow appeared out of nowhere which stayed quiet even after Shiro left. To Be Continued...
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