The Shadow - Part 2

1021 Words
It seemed as if someone had been watching at what Shiro was doing all this time. For some reason Shiro couldn't feel the presence of that very being too maybe because his own power was quite unstable at the moment. Shiro rushed back towards the arena without knowing about it and teleported in a same way as earlier and arrived at the arena. "Huff, it's good that I noticed it earlier...", was what he said after sighing in relief. It would have been quite troublesome for him if anyone was to see the Dark marks that ran all over his body except his face. "Now, the princess was...", he looked here and there in order to find the princess who had been sitting at her initial place since earlier. "Hmm, I guess it's best if I return back...", saying this he started walking towards the place. He just appeared out of nowhere probably from her blind spot and sat in his seat. "Eh!?", the princess noticed him the moment she turned her head towards the seat. "Shiro! Where did you disappear so suddenly!?", she asked because she was too surprised to see him back here. Shiro couldn't possibly tell the real reason for his absence so he said, "I had just gone to washroom... haha." "Eh!?", the princess was shocked on hearing that because Shiro had been missing for a whole 3 hours. She couldn't possibly believe that he had been sitting in the washroom all this time! "Tell the truth will ya?", she stared at him while asking this because she thought that he was joking. "I'm telling the truth... I went to washroom but lost my way to return here...", he knew it very well that he was lying but right now he didn't have any other option either. "Oh, so that's what happened...", she lowered her head and thought for a minute and then finally accepted his excuse. "Ya... haha.", he smiled a bit while feigning innocence. 'Well anyway, it's good that you are here, an interesting battle is about to start.", the princess turned towards Shiro and said this while spirit. It seemed as if she herself was enjoying this. "Oh? What battle?", he asked as he wasn't sure if the team battle was still going on or was it the time for individual fights. "Hehe, it's my favorite academy that is going to fight...", was what she answered as she hadn't understood what he exactly asked. "Oh? Your favorite academy's team battle?", he reframed the question and asked again. She nodded her head and said, "Yes..." Shiro finally got the answer and was anticipating the battle too after seeing her so excited. But he was curious at the same time and he wanted to know the name of the academy which she supported and the one which was her favorite. "So... what's the name of the academy?", he asked. She looked towards him with sparkling eyes and said, "The Dragon King Academy!" "Huh...?", Shiro was suddenly shocked when he heard that. Suddenly he too started to anticipate the battle for some reason and that reason was very clear. It was because all of his siblings you to study in that academy so he wanted to see their battles. "How stronger did they become?", was what he said and was eagerly waiting too. The princess saw him and said, "What happened to you suddenly? You look too excited right now!", she smiled a bit when she said that. "Ya...", he replied with his eyes half closed as if he was a bit happy and sad at the same time. She wasn't able to understand him right now so she decided not to say anything else. "Sigh I should...", he was about to say something when suddenly a large amount of energy influx was felt by him. He suddenly turned his head to his right side due to his reflex and it was the same for all the hotshots that had come to the arena. They looked at each other and nodded their heads immediately after which they vanished from the location where they were sitting. Shiro was also about to leave when he saw the princess grabbing his right hand. "Princess...?", he turned back and looked at her while she was trembling. "W-what happened to you?", he asked calmly because she didn't seem to be alright. "This energy... it's weird...", was what she said. Shiro's eyes bulged and his pupils dilated by seeing that she too was able to feel it. After letting the system scan her, he found that she had a gift from one of the ancient dragons due to which she could differentiate between energies and was quite sensitive to them. "Ah, don't worry, nothing will happen.", he tried to console her. But she wasn't ready to let his hand go. Her father, the king, looked towards Shiro and tried to tell with the eye contact that he was required to protect her. Shiro nodded his head immediately after which the king vanished from the place. "Don't worry, as long as I'm with you, nothing will happen...", he said this which was quite reassuring. The princess did feel good after that and her trembling lessened too but she was still quite worried because she knew that her father had gone towards the place. MEANWHILE... "The heck!? What's that big thing? A shadow!?", asked one of the very few masters that had gathered near the town where such energy was being emitted. They were all surprised when they looked at the weird monster which was completely made of shadow and was shadow itself. It had the shape of a huge Toad which seemed quite angry and was smashing everything that was in the area. "Listen everyone, no matter what happens we can't let it escape!", said one of the masters with long black beard. "Yes, I agreed. There are many infants located in that area and the arena is that way too!", said another of them. Everyone looked at each other again and started to get ready to attack them. "Grrrr Kikiki" To Be Continued...
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