The Shadow Beast Controller - Part 1

594 Words
It was a giant beast which was ready to attack at anytime and so were all the experts who had already gathered there. They couldn't possibly back out right now after standing in front of the beast so all of them prepared themselves to attack. "Sword Dimisher!", said one of the experts immediately after which a giant sword appeared out of nowhere. The sword was aimed at the beast since he wanted to finish it as soon as possible but it seemed as if the beast knew what the expert was trying to do so it immediately stretched it's tongue to the farthest area and wrapped it around the expert. "Huh...?", the expert was shocked to see that because the attack came so fast that he didn't get anytime to react. The toad pulled the tongue towards itself after that due to which the expert got pulled too. "Arghhh!", the expert shouted when he entered the toad's mouth which was pitch black. Just by hearing the shout all the remaining members started to tremble because something that could make an expert tremble was quite rare. "Damn!", said another expert who was a master in physical combat. He ran towards the toad while reinforcing his fists and started to hit it with great force but there was no result because he felt as if he was swinging his hands in the wind and empty space. It was obvious that physical attacks wouldn't work on a shadow since it's not materialistic but for some reason, it could attack the them without hesitating. The expert was about to make distance between them but the toad stretched it's tongue again and grabbed the expert and prevented him from escaping. "What the....", even before he could say anything, he was already inside the toad's mouth and ended up in it's stomach. "Masters... I guess we should attack it together and that too using energies and not physical method." Silvia's father who was a king suggested this to which other's agreed and immediately started accumulating their powers. But at the same time the toad was also accumulating a large amount of energy in it's mouth which was slowly converging and getting concentrated. Everyone of them felt this huge surge of energy.  The toad opened it's mouth and fired it in the form of a beam which pierced through all the way and hit all the experts who were right in front of the toad. 'BOOM' The entire place seemed to had been destroyed and all the experts were wounded severely. That included Silvia's father too. Shiro's father wasn't in the place and had somehow dodged it but the toad had fired a second time towards the bunch of masters that were left and all of them were hit. Now the group of masters were divided into two different groups. One of the group was towards the right side of the toad and the other group was towards it's left side. The toad prepared itself for another attack but it got confused because of presence of two groups. So it immediately divided itself into 2 which was quite easily done since it was a shadow and then it aimed at both the places. And finally after aiming it fired the beam towards both the end. "s**t! Is this our end?", they were shocked by it's power and didn't even get time to transform to their original form. 'BAM' . . . Hey all sorry for the short chapter. Next chapter will be big enough and as long as normal ones. THANKS!
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