The Shadow Beast Controller - Part 2

1080 Words
"s**t! Is this our end?", they were shocked by it's power and didn't even get time to transform to their original form. 'BAM' There was a loud sound heard soon after the toad fired the beam which was intended to kill them. "Huh...?", all of them opened their eyes only to find themselves completely fine. "Did the toad miss?", asked one of them but it seemed like that was not the case. They turned their gazes only to find a huge barrier protecting them. The barrier was so strong that the attack couldn't even leave any mark. "Who...? Who casted this barrier?", all the experts were intrigued after seeing it because none of them had ever seen such a perfect barrier. But soon the barrier vanished immediately after which some of the experts who had already reached level 80 and above started their transformation. "Hyaaaa!!!", suddenly their bodies started to grow and their clothes started to become somewhat like wave. It seemed like what they wore was also different as they couldn't possibly wear normal clothes again and again since they would tear off each time they transformed. Scales started growing out and horns were being grown for some of them. Their sizes increased drastically and within a matter of seconds, they had transformed themselves into huge dragons. They had a fierce look in their eyes. Now the toad that had divided itself combined again in order to increase it's size but even after doing that, it was not even half the height of the dragons. For the dragons there are a total of 3 different choices which they can opt for and use based on their moment of needs. One was their normal human form in which they could the total amount of power they had freely. The next for was the ÁRMAMENT' form in which their shape would still remain as humans but they would have scales covering their entire body. It looked like a hybrid between a human and a dragon and was somewhat similar to 'Masked man' or 'Samurai' or 'Power Rangers' from the human world. That was what Shiro understood after spending a lot of time in acquiring knowledge. The Armament mode would allow the dragons to use twice the amount of their original powers which was quite good. The stronger the dragon, the stronger it's armament mode would be but there were other factors to be considered as well. The third and the last mode of transformation which they had was to turn into an actual dragon and acquire their real body. This form gave them ten times their original strength. Right now they could have opted for the armament mode but that would be useless since it couldn't possibly help them defeat the toad. If twice the amount of power was enough then 2 experts could have easily dealt with the beast. There would have been no need for transformation in the first place. That was why transforming into their third and most important form was mandatory as that was the only way left that would enable them to defeat the toad! 'ROAR' A total of 6 dragons emerged which roared loudly. Their roar was more than enough to push the shadow beast back by a few metres! All the six dragons moved with haste towards the beast in order to destroy it completely when suddenly the beast vanished from the location. The experts looked here and there in order to take a look at the beast and find it's location but their attempt led to failure. It was no use since the beast was no longer near them. "Did... did it run away?", some of them said this while sighing in relief. The experts who had transformed themselves finally decided to return back to their original self and immediately did that. The citizens who didn't know of what exactly had happened thought that the experts slayed the beast and started cheering them. The experts too stood proudly as if it was really them who chased the toad away. But little did they know that a great was about to start which could have led to the end of the dragons. MEANWHILE... 'BAM' 'RABIK RABIK' The toad landed suddenly in a barren land. Öh, so you returned?", said someone while standing and hiding in the shadows. The voice seemed to be that of a female. She slowly came forward while wearing a white mask on her face which was some sort of special artifact that was hiding her presence. "You did a good job in killing 2 experts... master will take care of the rest.", was what she said with a calm tone as if the strength of all those experts was very less. She seemed confident and maybe that was why she was having an unwavering voice. 'Let me get some fresh air.', while thinking this she walked a few steps towards her left when suddenly she felt something strange. She turned her head subconsciously only to find someone standing on the high rocks. She wasn't able to see him properly since only his shadow was visible as he was standing right in front of the sun when viewed from her position. "So you were the Shadow Beast Controller...", the person said this with a dominating voice as if he was indeed finding the controller. She immediately got alerted and pulled out her dagger from her sleeves and prepared herself. Her lowered defense was again raised which could have been a nuisance. "Tell me, why did you ask the beast to attack?", he asked. The beast that was resting for a while, suddenly saw a man interrogating the girl with the mask. The moment it noticed, it rushed to attack the man immediately since it felt some omnious energy from him but little did it know that the energy within it and the man was almost similar. The man noticed the beast leaping towards him in order to attack him. "There there little toddy, calm down.", the man glared at the toad after saying this when his eyes started to shine with blue light. 'BAM'   Suddenly a large amount of pressure was applied on the toad due to which it immediately got slammed to the ground. The girl was shocked when she saw that. "Y-you... who are you?", the girl panicked and asked the man. "Oh! Finally ready to speak?", the man grinned while he looked at her. To Be Continued...
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