Meeting With Another Master

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"Y-you... who are you?", the girl panicked and asked the man. "Oh! Finally ready to speak?", the man grinned while he looked at her. She immediately threw a dagger towards him which he dodged easily. She then immediately jumped in order to attack him but he easily dodged by moving towards his right and then grabbed the girl's hand. "Unhand me!", she said by swinging the other dagger. He moved his head a bit back and escaped from the weapon and the immediately he grabbed her other hand and poke some of her vital points. "Eh!?", immediately after doing that he carried her down in his arms and put her down gently "W-what happened to me?", she asked loudly. The man looked at her and said, "Don't worry, I've just pressed some of your acupuncture points... You won't be able to move for a while." She stared at him after hearing that and immediately asked, "You... how do you know about acupuncture?" For some reason it seemed as if the girl knew about this. This was not some random knowledge that could be found just anywhere in the DRAGOLAND. It was an extremely valuable knowledge from Earth from where this man had come. So when she asked this, the man took off the hood that he was wearing which was also covering his face. He was none other than Shiro who was standing there and he seemed to be shocked. "Well, it doesn't matter as how did I know about it. The real question is, how did you know that word?" He basically reversed the question and asked her back because it was definitely something which had made him puzzled. The art of acupuncture was one of the famous chinese arts which took some years to be developed. Even when the total science and the humanity developed, the art of acupuncture didn't lose it's significance. It's knowledge was used in many martial arts and to study human structure even more deeply and that was why it's significance increased instead of decreasing. "Uhh that...", the girl couldn't possibly bargain with Shiro right now because she knew that she had a lower hand against him. "Well...", but she seemed to be hesitant because she couldn't possibly tell everything to some stranger whom she met and that too someone who attacked her. "Sigh... why are you hesitating? Even I know about it so just tell freely!", was what Shiro said and it was the right time to say that. She closed her eyes tightly for a second and then finally said, "M-master told me about it." "Huh? Master?", Shiro was shocked when he heard that word. "So it wasn't you who thought of that word on your own?", he asked. She shook her head somehow and said, "It really was master who taught me this. I couldn't possibly match his knowledge..." Shiro looked at her eyes and concluded that she indeed wasn't lying. "Hmm, then that means that the so called master that she is referring to is from... Earth?", he asked himself. Then he looked towards the girl who seemed to be about the same age as Shiro. He asked, "Let's drop that topic... first of all tell me, why did you ask this beast to attack the town?" The toad was still under heavy pressure and was still being crushed in the ground. She instantly turned her gazes towards the toad and said, "I will tell you everything but first please release the toad!" Shiro immediately replied by saying, "Well well, you are in no situation to bargain with me or have a deal with me..." She immediately shook her head and said, "No! I am not asking for a deal! It's... it's..." she realised that she indeed was asking for a deal which she shouldn't have right now. But that was not her intention at all. She was too unstable right now due to which she couldn't gather the words in right order because of which it seemed as if she was asking for a deal. "Ahahaha, I know, I was just joking.", Shiro laughed. He immediately stopped using the skill which ended the heavy pressure that was acting on the toad. The toad seemed to be barely conscious but wasn't moving as all of it's energy had been drained. "Sigh... now tell, what was your purpose for attacking?", he asked. In the process two dragon masters were killed which was indeed a huge issue. If any more were going to be killed, then the power balance among the nations would get completely unstable which would lead to many more wars. "Well, we were just doing what master ordered us to do.", was what she said. "Master... master... who is your master?", Shiro asked since till now the word 'Master' was what that had been intriguing him. "Where is he?", he posed another question when suddenly he heard a voice from behind. Shiro immediately turned back the moment he heard the voice only to find emptiness. 'Huh...? Was I hallucinating or something', he thought and then turned back again only to find the girl missing too. "What the...", he then turned towards the side where the beast was lying and found that the toad was indeed missing too. "What the heck just happened!?", he asked himself when suddenly he felt a simple and gentle touch in his back. "Huh...?", even before knowing what had happened, he suddenly became immobile. "The f**k!?", he was shocked to see that each part of his body that was movable had been paused. He try to move his body using most of his strength but unfortunately it wasn't working. Then suddenly an old man appeared in front of him while walking slowly. "So, you are the one who had made them immobile? How does it feel to taste your own medicine?", the old man laughed as he said that. "The heck! Who the f**k are you?", he was in a mixed state of confusion and panic. "Me? I am there master...", just after he said that a small toad appeared and the girl too walked past Shiro and went and stood near the old man. "You... are their master!?" To Be Continued...
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