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"You are their master?", he asked again while looking at him. The man seemed to have well built body and was definitely strong. Shiro could feel that easily even while standing far away from him. It was indeed weird that Shiro couldn't detect his presence and even right now he wasn't able to detect him while using his powers. The only way by which he was able to see him was his eyes. The man nodded his head and then asked, "How dare a dragon who is at it's infant stage attacks my disciple?", the man seemed angry and it seemed as if he could attack Shiro at any moment. But Shiro wouldn't be able to block his attacks if he were to be attacked since his whole body seemed to have been shackled.  He was trying again and again in order to free himself but his attempts resulted in failure. "Don't waste your energy, I have used advanced acupuncture techniques, you won't be able to escape from it.", the old man said this quite proudly. "Huh...?", Shiro finally realised that it was his own body whose movements had been restricted from within. "Haha.", the old man was laughing while saying that. "Haha...", Shiro too laughed after him. The old man got confused after looking at him laugh and thought that he had gone crazy. "Haha...", Shiro laughed for some more time and then ceased laughing. "Did you get a shock or what?", the old man asked. "Shock? Nope... it's just that... you will be getting shock right now.", Shiro said this with a grin. The old man failed to understand what he meant and directed his gazes towards Shiro only to find that he was free to move. "The heck!!!", the old man's jaws dropped the moment he saw Shiro walking easily and completely freely. "How... you...", the old man's eyes had bulged to maximum extent. He was staring at Shiro as if he was looking at some new species. "Haha, acupuncture... it's my field after all.", Shiro said this while smirking and proudly. "You... you know what acupuncture is?", the man was still shocked and the surprise that he was receiving kept on increasing. "Of course I know. Didn't I tell that it is my field of expertise?", he smirked with proudness yet again. "C-can you come with me for a minute?", the old man asked Shiro. Shiro nodded his head and agreed to the man. Then both of them walked a bit far as if they wanted to talk something while being alone. The girl and the beast stayed back as they didn't want to bother their master during their talks. While walking both of them went a bit far. "So tell me boy... how did you know about this acupuncture?", the old man asked. Shiro shook his head and said, "First you tell..." The old man stared at him and decided to say. "Well...", but then suddenly he paused in between. He thought that it wouldn't be wise to reveal everything since Shiro could just copy or say the exact thing that the old man would have told. "Actually... I found these things in a book..." Shiro couldn't believe him at all since such a thing couldn't possibly found in any book of this world. "Are you kidding? You think I can't catch you lying?", Shiro stared at him in a weird manner because he was indeed lying. "Uhhh... Fine...", the man finally gave up and thought about telling. "Would you believe if I were to tell you that I am a human?", he asked. He was smiling from inside because he knew that no matter how curious a dragon might be, they couldn't possibly believe something like this. As for the humans dragons had become a fairy tale, for dragons too the humans were nothing more than just a weird story that had been passing since ancient times. "You... you are a human?", Shiro's eyes were completely open as if he were surprised. The old man looked at Shiro only to find that he had a different reaction than what was expected. "Ya...", he replied slowly after looking at Shiro who's mouth was completely open. "No wait... you really are a HUMAN!?", Shiro asked again with a lot of stress on the word 'Human'. "Haha, it might be hard to believe but ya... I am a human.", was what the old man said. Shiro thought for a few minutes and then said slowly, "Then that makes sense..." The old man couldn't hear what he said but regardless of that he wanted to know as how Shiro came to know about 'Acupuncture' which was supposed to be restricted to Earth only. Shiro all of a sudden started to laugh, "Hahaha, hahaha. This is literally ridiculous! Hahaha" "Boy... are you alright...?", the old man asked. "Yes... I am perfectly fine. But this... I never expected to meet a human here!", he said. "Meet here...? What do you mean?", the old man asked. Shiro smirked and asked, "Hmm, would you believe if I were to say that I am from Earth?" "Ha!? What did you just say?", the old man was surrounded with curiosity and surprise. "Haha, it's true, I was a human too who lived on earth...", he smiled and said this. "That's...", the old man wasn't able to believe since Shiro was having a dragon type aura around him because of which he couldn't have been a human. "Don't lie to me. You are clearly giving the aura of a dragon!", the old man got serious all of a sudden. "Huh? Didn't you hear me old man? I said I 'WAS' a human earlier...", Shiro repeated himself. "You were a human...? I didn't understand...", the old man was now even more confused. "Sigh, then listen my story...", after saying this Shiro started to tell everything about what had happened and how he ended up here. It took approximately 10 minutes for the story to be completed and now finally everything was clear to the old man. "I see...", the old man moved his hand around his beard. "I guess both of our cases are quite different.", said the old man. "Different?", Shiro asked. "Yes, it seems as if you were reincarnated here but we were transmigrated here just like that..." "Transmigrated?", he asked. "Ya... when I was on my way towards my home, a black portal suddenly cracked opened and sucked me inside it... and when I opened my eyes, I found myself lying here..." The man completed his part of story which Shiro understood. Then he asked, "Hmm, but why were you attacking the dragons?" "..." "It's because..." To Be Continued...
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