A Plan To Descend

1064 Words
Shiro asked the old man this question as he wasn't aware of the reason. Humans were by no means some stupid creatures. Their intelligence was high enough to categories as one of the most intelligent species just like the dragons so they would never try to do something that would result in harm. There would be some instances when the emotions takes the best out of them due to which they become reckless but that was not the case all the times. "Well the reason is quite simple...", the old man said. Shiro was listening to the old man keenly since he was clueless for the time being. "It all started from the dragons itself...", said the old man. "Huh? The dragons started it?" Shiro was shocked to hear that because that was something that couldn't have been expected. He wasn't able to understand too what the old man meant by this. "Yes... if it weren't for them then we humans wouldn't even bother to do such things...", was what he said. Shiro got a doubt and in order to clarify that he asked immediately, "You said humans... then does that mean that there are others too?" The old man nodded his head and agreed to what Shiro asked. "There are many humans who live here secretly!", the old man exclaimed. "Wow...", this was something that Shiro wasn't aware of and it seemed as if none of the dragons knew about it either. "But how...? Is there a way that connects the human world and the dragon world?", Shiro asked. The old man nodded his head and agreed to what Shiro said but at the same time he was a bit hesitant. He said, "It cannot be called a proper way but... we can consider it as a gate that allowed us to enter here." "A gate?", Shiro asked. "Ya... basically we got sucked inside it and for some reason we all end up in one common place." What the old man said sounded like a mystery since they didn't actually know the actual phenomenon as how the gate actually worked. "Hmm...", Shiro thought for a while about this. 'If I were to figure out what this exactly is then probably I would be able to get back to earth...', was what he was thinking. He was still attached to the life that he was living on Earth and that was why he thought that it would be best if he were to return back to earth. "Can you tell me exactly how man humans have come t this side?", Shiro asked. "Well, when we took a head count yesterday, there were totally 219 experts that had arrived.", was what the old man said. "Huh? What did you say?", Shiro looked at him with shocked eyes when he heard that. "Is... is something wrong master?", he asked. Shiro now understood the reason why the old man was calling him master all of a sudden. He couldn't possibly call the experts with some random names other than 'master'. "Well... among the humans...  all of them who entered this side were actually experts?", he asked. The old man thought for a bit and said, "Y-yes... now that I think about it, all of them are indeed experts..." He hadn't noticed this because of the confusions but right now it was clear that the the gate or the portal was being attracted towards the experts. "What do you think master...? What could be the reason for such a thing to happen?", the old man asked as he wanted to hear Shiro's opinion. "Hmm... the portal or that so called gate must be a form of energy or some kind of substance that gets attracted towards energy.", Shiro said this while thinking a bit more. A substance that get's attracted towards energy source?", the old man questioned with a doubtful tone. "Yes, to be precise, it seems like the portal get's opened exactly where it finds large source of energy which us able to move and is capable to grow." The old man was somewhat understanding what Shiro was saying. "The place which you mentioned where all the experts were being thrown to... does that place also have high energy?", Shiro asked. The old man shook his head and said, "No that place..." He suddenly paused. For a moment he started to think and then said, "The Dark Fire Forest is nearby the place where we were thrown to so perhaps..." The man was going to continue his saying when suddenly he paused after taking a look at Shiro. He could clearly see Shiro's face which had the expression as if he had realised something. 'If I'm not wrong, all the energy cores were from the Dark Fire Forest...", he understood the reason for the portal to appear near that so called area. Since the crystal cores had an abundant amount of energy, the portal appeared at that place. But when Shiro took all the crystals from there and put it inside his system which stored them in another dimension, the entire energy of the surrounding decreased.  However, the old man was already transmigrated to that place due to which the portal had locked the location. Also due to the imbalance caused, the nature tried to bring more energy from the alternate world that co-existed with this world and ended up bringing many more experts. "Now I am able to understand everything... so that's why these all things were happening?", it seemed as if Shiro had figured out the mechanism of the portal by which it worked. He then told the old man about this who was waiting for an explanation. "Oh My God! Master, you are indeed a genius!", he said. Shiro smiled a bit and then started to think a method so that he could fix all this. "If I put some amount of crystals back at that place then perhaps the energy balance might get restored and then..." But the old man paused Shiro even before he could complete saying that. "Huh? What happened?", Shiro asked when he saw the old man trying to tell him something. "Master it's best if we don't restore the energy...", he said. Shiro immediately asked, "Why!?" The old man replied almost instantly by saying, "It's because the dragons are planning to descend to earth!" "Huh...?!" "..." To Be Continued...
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