The Invadous

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Shiro was shocked when he heard that as he couldn't have imagined such a thing even in his wildest dreams. "You are essentially telling me that dragons are trying to go to Earth!?", Shiro was damn shocked. The old man looked towards him and nodded his head as if he was agreeing to what Shiro was saying. "That's f*****g crazy!", he couldn't even believe what the old man said for a while. "Actually, that was the main reason why we decided to attack the dragons who had come near the arena...", was what the old man told. Shiro could now understand everything clearly and what the old man said sounded reasonable too so there was no reason to deny it. "Hmm... so how did you end up knowing about this?", Shiro asked. The old man said, "Even though we are humans, we are quite strong and have powers that can rival even an adult dragon... so we just caught one of the dragons which was sneaking outside one of the city and asked him." Shiro didn't understand what the old man said and had a confused expression all over his face. "Actually, we were buying some food when suddenly this weird dragon tried to steak it from us... we let him go since we didn't want to cause a scene but the same day later, we say him sneaking out of a city where we caught him!" "Ya, that I understood but then how did you specifically ask him about these things?", that was what Shiro's actual doubt was. "Well, he himself blurted out. We only became aware of that only after he told..." "That makes sense...", Shiro was finally satisfied with the old man's explanations. The old man just nodded his head after the explanations when suddenly Shiro asked him even more questions. "So what did you learn from that guy?", he asked. The old man stared at Shiro and then said with a low voice, "THE INVADOUS!" "Huh? The Invadous? What's that?", Shiro had never heard such a name earlier so he was a bit confused. "The Invadous are a group formed by many adult dragons including many young and talented dragons. They are playing the key role of planning the invasion on earth...", was what the man said. "Oh, so they are the master minds behind it?", Shiro asked. The old man nodded his head and agreed to what Shiro was trying to confirm.  "But how would they invade the Earth anyway?", he asked. The old man looked towards him and said, "They have already forged a crystal that has enough energy to breakthrough the the dimensions and forge a portal or a gate. They would eventually enter from that and reach earth." "Oh my God!", Shiro was completely awed by what he was told because it could have essentially led to the destruction of earth or in the worst case both the worlds could get disappeared. In Earth not all were strong. Only 20-30% of the total population actually cultivated out of which 10% would drop out soon because of lack of talent and dedication. Out of the other 10-20%, about 10-15% of them would somehow manage to reach a medium ranking. The remaining 5% were the ones who actually climbed till the apex and became the strongest. But out if that 5%, around 2-3% of those experts had been pulled into this world due to which only a 1-2% remained back on earth. They too might get pulled sometime soon and thus earth would be defenseless. It is indeed true that the earth had progressed quite far when compared to the dragon world. They had many modified weapons and nuclear missiles which was more than enough to match the dragons. But those weapons were also limited and on using them, the adverse effects will be shown on the Earth itself.  So it was basically suiciding for the humans and thus it was the time of a critical danger. "Damn... we must stop them no matter what..." Shiro thought that even if one adult dragon would get into the human world, it would cause disaster! He couldn't possibly let that happen and that was why he decided to stop the Invadous Group no matter what. "So do you know where their base is?", Shiro asked. The old man shook his head and said, "No, we don't have any idea about where they are right now since we didn't find any clues..." Shiro was worried and started to think for a while when suddenly he got a doubt, "If they already have the crystal then why haven't they invaded yet?" The old man said, "It's because they were finding an catalyst that could prevent the humans from entering into their world and would also hasten the process of formation of the portal..." Shiro asked in a confused tone, "Catalyst?" The old man nodded his head and said, "Yes... the phoenix's feather... that is the catalyst..." "Huh...?" Shiro was suddenly shocked yet again and finally understood why many experts had gathered in the arena this time. He had heard some of them talking about it that this time there were double the amount of experts. "So... they are came for the prize?", Shiro was baffled when he heard that. "Yes... many of them are actually part of the Invadous group and that was why we attacked them...", the old man said. "Hmm, I see...", Shiro was now understanding the old man's real purpose. Then the old man said, "We managed to kill two of the experts who were part of Invadous but there were still many more... I don't know why they failed when they could have easily killed 2-3 more..." Shiro immediately averted his eyes since he was the reason why they failed. He was the one who casted the shields or barriers which protected all of the remaining experts. "Anyway, we need your help...", the old man felt a bit weird while asking this because Shiro was actually a dragon. "...", but Shiro wasn't able to answer since he had the memories of this world about his siblings who cherished him a lot and the beauty of this world too. But that didn't mean that he didn't love Earth. In fact he was enchanted by both of them because of which a sense of tension rose for him. Now the only question which ran in his mind was - "What do I do? Should I choose Earth or Dragoland?"   To Be Continued...
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